Top 20 Best EDC Knives in 2019

Home & Kitchen

EDC knives are every day carried pocket knives which can be used as a tool rather than a weapon. However, during an emergency, they can be used for self-defense to some extent. These knives are foldable, and you can use them to cut fruit, tags, strings, packages, envelopes and likewise. The blades are sharp enough, […]

March 6, 2019

Top 10 Best Bread Knives in 2019 Reviews

Home & Kitchen

For those who love to eat freshly sliced bread, a high-performance bread knife comes in handy. The best bread knives that will not disappoint should be made of food-grade and durable materials that make it safe for human use and should be easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, a knife that features serrated cutting edge […]

February 16, 2019

Top 5 Best Plastic Knives in 2019 Reviews

Home & Kitchen

Whoever has worked in the kitchen must have experienced once a sharp instant cut with their knife while cutting vegetables or fruits. Getting wounded with a knife while working in the kitchen is very common and happens with even the most experienced and professional cooks, therefore, being attentive and taking precautions are the only criteria […]

February 14, 2019

Top 10 Best Professional Chef Knives in 2019

Home & Kitchen

Do you have many difficulties in choosing a good professional chef knife because the previous knives make you stereotype the next one? We are aware of this common problem, and we have tried hard to look for you the best professional chef knives. The ten knives have some similar and different characters, and it is […]

February 13, 2019

Top 10 Best Throwing Knives in 2019 Reviews

Home & Kitchen

Knife throwing is a popular sport in the world. Many people keep it as a hobby as it does not involve a huge investment. All it requires are skills, practice, and a good throwing knife. If you are looking forward to buying an excellent throwing knife, the following is the list of top 10 best […]

February 12, 2019