Top 5 Best Wooden Step Stools in 2020 Reviews

Home & Kitchen / Friday, January 3rd, 2020

There are certain things that we call are very trivial unless we find ourselves in circumstances when only that thing can help us out. One such thing is a wooden step stool. We need a step stool for many reasons in our home. The importance of a step stool is increased when you are not that much tall.

So to reach out and get things done you need a wooden stool that is hard enough to sustain your weight. It should also be safe to avoid any miserable incidents. A wooden step stool is better than a step stool made up of metal as it will not have any sharp piercing edges and also it will not catch rust.

5 Best Wooden Step Stools in 2020:

5. Kings Brand Large Cherry Finish Wood Step Stool

Kings Brand Large Cherry Finish Wood Step Stool

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Would you not be amazed if I tell you that you can have a wooden step stool with a storage compartment? Yes, that’s true! The Kings Brand step stool is very sturdy and also had a storage compartment. This step stool has a very good finish the one that will suit your bedroom and offers durable wood construction. This step stool is very simple to assemble and attractive design. The size of the top panel is 18” W × 9.25” D and the size of the storage space is 15.75” W × 7.25” D × 13.125” H. You can expect a high level of safety and durability from this step stool.

4. Growing up green bamboo step stool

Growing up green bamboo step stool

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This is one of the lightest and strong step stool available in the market. This step stool can handle a load of 200lb and is just 1lb in weight. If you’ve small children at your home and think of getting a step stool that can be used by them also then this is the best choice. Due to the stiff, gripping bulbs at the bottom of the step stool, it provides great grip. Made from Pesticide free and sustainable bamboo this step stool is fully eco-friendly. The design is very sleek and there are no sharp edges that can hurt you. This stool is 7 inches tall and 14 inches wide which is enough to do every good purpose. You can wash this step stool with mild soap. The price is reasonable and it also comes with an attractive packing.

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3. eHemco Hardwood Footstool in Natural

eHemco Hardwood Footstool in Natural

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If you want a foot stool that is light in color then you would surely like this one. Made from solid rubber wood from Thailand this foot stool is very tough and sustains the heavy load. The light color makes it look very attractive. You can choose from 3 finishes made available by the manufacturer. Natural, Expresso and Grey finish. This step stool comes fully assembled so you can just take it out of the box and use it. The dimensions of this stool are 13 × 13 × 12.8 inches. For more safety, you can add anti-slip pads to ensure more safety. The surface provides enough roughness to balance about 210 lb weight.

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2. AceHome Small Wooden Step Stool

AceHome Small Wooden Step Stool

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This is a made in USA very light weight product. This step stool is made up of pine wood. To make it stronger and durable wooden screws are used. This step stool is made unfinished which is an advantage because it will not slip on a smooth surface. Each stool has its own personal look and grain. You like the stool but think that the color should have been different then no worries. You can stain the stool or paint it with your favorite color. The dimensions of this stool are 13-1/8 length × 8-1/2 width × 5-3/8 inches height. A fine work of craftsmanship this stool is best for adults and children alike.

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1. Blue Circle Handcrafted 100% Solid Wood Step Stool

Blue Circle Handcrafted 100% Solid Wood Step Stool

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This is the best handcrafted wooden step stool you can ever get. Made from 100% durable pine wood the stool is very light weight (only 4 pounds) so that you can carry it with you. The stool is a very strong and it can bear easily a weight up to 300 pounds. The surface of this stool is very smooth and the stool is fully sanded. This makes the stool very attractive. There are no sharp edges in the stool and great efforts are taken on finishing. The round indents are safe for children. The dimensions are 13” wide × 9” deep × 6” high. There are no screws on the exterior part of this stool. This is a build to last, made in USA product.

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