Top 10 Best Wireless Wall Switches in 2019 Reviews

Electronics & Computers / Thursday, February 7th, 2019

The concept of home automation and the smart house is fasting becoming a trend across the world. The use of wires is reducing and there are wireless wall switches available in the market so that you can control them with a remote just like you do for your TV. Your walls will look cooler due to the absence of wire casings and there will be no mess ugliness of wires taking up unnecessary spaces. The following are the top 10 best wireless wall switches in 2019 you should buy if you want your house to be modern and convenient.

List of The Top 10 Best Wireless Wall Switches in 2019:

SK-8 Wireless DIY 3-Way On Off Anywhere Lighting Home Control Wall Switch Set - No neutral wire required
$38.95 (1% off)
SWE Inc 82000 AutoChron Wall Switch Timer 6
$14.63$29.95 (51% off)
GE Wireless Remote Wall Switch Control, No Wiring Needed, 1 Grounded Outlet, White Paddle, Plug-in, Up to 100ft Range, Ideal for Indoor Lamps, Small Appliances, and Seasonal Lighting, 18279, Other
$17.01$29.99 (43% off)
SkylinkHome TB-318 Wireless Stick-on or Wall Mounted Battery Operated Anywhere Wall Light Switch Remote Transmitter
Insteon Mini Remote 4-Scene Keypad, Wireless Wall Switch, Place Anywhere, Controls for On/Off and Dimming, Rechargeable Battery, Uses Superior Mesh Wireless Technology for Unbeatable Reliability - Better than Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave
Smart Light Switch,Wi-Fi Switch In-wall Wireless Switch Compatible With Amazon Alexa,Remote Control Your Fixtures From Anywhere,Timing Function,Overload Protection,No Hub Required
$22.95$49.99 (54% off)
X10 3 Unit Slimline Wireless Wall Switch + Dimming
Wifi Smart Wall Light Switch,Wireless Remote Control Lighting On/Off From Anywhere,Work With Alexa / Google Assistant ,support Android and IOS APP, 15A (15A QI808, White)
Smart Light Switch, WiFi Wall Wireless Touch Switch Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Remote Control Lights and Appliances Timing Function, Overload Protection, No Hub Required
$20.95$36.99 (43% off)
RV LIGHTING Eco-LED Wireless Wall Switch & LED Controller with Quick Connectors, for Simple 12V DC installations
$33.22$34.99 (5% off)

10. SK-8 Wireless DIY Wireless Wall Switch

SK-8 Wireless DIY Wireless Wall Switch

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This wireless wall switch is very easy to install and you do not need an electrician to do it. You can mount it anywhere on your wall you want to and the operation range is 500 feet. It does not require any neutral wire. It is ideal for staircase where you can switch on and off light from either ends. You can expand it further by buying SkylinkNet internet hub and control the operation from anywhere in the world.

Features –

  • It has a 3-way advantage which is convenient to switch on and off from either end.
  • You do not require neutral line and you can mount it anywhere as per your wish.
  • It is expandable in future to turn your wired home into a smart home with internet hub.

9. SWE Autochron Wireless Wall Timer Switch

SWE Autochron Wireless Wall Timer Switch

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This wireless wall switch is programmable and it will automatically turn lights and fans on and off as per the timer you will set. It is a must-have for saving energy and you have options for daily, weekly or selective day settings. There are LCD display and quartz clock and you can also measure room temperature.

Features –

  • It is the modern timer switch that will help you to save a lot of electricity by turning off the lights at a specific time.
  • It is programmable in terms of daily, weekly and selective days.
  • You can measure room temperature and the LCD display makes it smart and convenient.

8. GE Remote Wall Switch Light Control

GE Remote Wall Switch Light Control

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GE is one of the most popular brands in electric and electronics parts and appliances. This product features under Amazon’s Choice in remote light switch category. This is a remote controlled wireless wall switch and it is compatible with LED, CFL, and even incandescent lights. It comes with mounting bracket and can be placed anywhere. You can even control small appliances. The remote operation is suitable for a distance of 100 feet.

Features –

  • It can work with all the modern lights and even in small appliances.
  • The can be mounted anywhere on the wall with the mounting bracket provided.
  • There will be no interference if you use multiple products in the same or different rooms.

7. SkylinkHome TB-318 Wireless Stick-on

SkylinkHome TB-318 Wireless Stick-on

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This is a 3-way lighting switch and can be used for stairwells, entrances, garages or anywhere. You can install it yourself and it is battery operated. The receiver can capture signal from 500 feet away. The design is super sleek and it is flat so that it does not stick out too much.

Features –

  • It is convenient to switch on or off from both ends.
  • The switch sits perfectly well on the wall as it is slim and slick.
  • You can control brightness level with the remote provided.

6. Insteon Mini Remote 4-Scene Keypad

Insteon Mini Remote 4-Scene Keypad

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This is a switchboard with 4 switches and it comes with a remote control. The signals can pass through solid objects and it can be used for lights, fans, and small appliances. The design is sleek and it is very easy to install and setup. You can mount the remote on the wall so that you can use it as a keypad.

Features –

  • The remote lets you control multiple lights in one room or the entire home.
  • You remote can be used independently or as a keypad on the wall.
  • You can also change the light brightness levels. There is also an 8-switch wall mount board.

5. GRESATEK Smart Light Switch

GRESATEK Smart Light Switch

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This is a touch sensitive smart light switch and it is compatible with home smart appliance and voice controlled. It has a flat surface, safety LED light, and you can control it with Android smartphones and iPhones. You can schedule the timings for the switch to turn on and off at specific times.

Features –

  • You can control your switches from any place with internet on.
  • You can control multiple switches and set schedule for different light settings.
  • It is very easy to install and its app lets your smartphone control it effortlessly.

4. X10 Slimline Wireless Wall Switch

X10 Slimline Wireless Wall Switch

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This is a set of 4 programmable buttons and they can be used to control 4 different lights or appliances. The design is elegant and it is very slim to sit on a wall almost unnoticed. You can easily replace your wired switchboard with it instead of buying one by one.

Features –

  • It is a good-looking switchboard with 4 switches just like it should be in a room.
  • It is very slim and does not take space or look weird.
  • It is scratch-proof and comes with an indicator to locate it easily and know there is no load-shedding.

3. Qipexeii Wifi Smart Wall Light Switch

Qipexeii Wifi Smart Wall Light Switch

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It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home and hence, you can control it with voice commands. You can also control it from your smartphone with Wi-Fi by downloading the app from the Google or Apple play store. It has tempered glass touch panel and it is safe, waterproof and even fireproof.

Features –

  • This is a WiFi-enabled and voice control enabled switch.
  • It is also a touch switch and it is easily locatable in the dark.
  • It is moisture, water and fire protected.

2. KYGNE Smart Light Switch

KYGNE Smart Light Switch

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This is the most advanced wireless wall switch on the list. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The touch control is super sensitive and has a lifetime of 20 million touches. It comes with LED indicator so that you can find the switchboard in the dark. The product is highly durable and it is compatible with voice control and smart home appliances. You can set the time for the switch to turn on and off. Most importantly, you can control the switch using your smartphone or tablet from any place in the world thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. The product has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Features –

  • You can control the switch with your tablet or smartphone from anywhere.
  • The lifetime of the switch is extremely high. You can locate the switchboard at night for its LED indicator.
  • It is compatible with smart home appliances like Alexa and Google Home.

1. RV Lighting Eco-LED Wireless Wall Switch

RV Lighting Eco-LED Wireless Wall Switch

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This wireless wall switch lets you dim your LED lights up to 7 levels. It has auto programmable memories to remember your settings. The bezel-less switch comes with RF mini-controller and one remote can be used to pair with 3 different controllers. The distance of controlling operation is 32 feet.

Features –

  • The switchboard has an ergonomic design and digital switches.
  • You can dim LED lights to 7 different levels. You can save your dim level for the next time.
  • You can use one remote to control 3 different RF controllers.
  • You can buy any of these top 10 best wireless wall switches in 2019 to get rid of the wires and conveniently turn on and off your lights and other electric appliances

sitting far away from the switchboard. Before buying, make sure the technology fulfills your requirement such as some are remote controlled, others are WiFi-based and likewise.

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