Top 8 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2018 Reviews

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There are many ways of saving the space of your living room, and that also includes mounting your TV onto the wall. We understand how risky it can be to put expensive things (like a TV) on the wall. That is why we are here to help you on this matter by helping you to choose from the best TV Wall Mounts on the market.

After hours of research and testing, we have looked at a dozen of well-reviewed, and top-rated TV wall mounts on the market today. Here we are with our picks of the top 8 best TV wall mounts in 2018. Let’s dive in, shall we?

List of Top 8 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2018

Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount Bracket for 20-65” TVs up to VESA 400 and 115lbs, Mounts to Two 16
ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 37-70 inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TVs w/VESA patterns up to 600 x 400-16
$79.99$99.99 (20% off)
VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 23
Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket for most 26-55 Inch LED, LCD, OLED and Plasma Flat Screen TV, with Full Motion Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, up to VESA 400x400mm and 99 LBS with Tilting
PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual Articulating Arm for most 37-70 Inch LED, LCD, OLED, Flat Screen,Plasma TVs up to 132lbs VESA 600 with Tilt, Swivel and Rotation HDMI Cable
$45.99$99.99 (54% off)
VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount for most 25
VideoSecu TV Wall Mount Monitor Bracket with Full Motion Articulating Tilt Arm 15

8. Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount

Cheetah Mounts APDAM3B Dual Articulating Arm TV Wall Mount

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Let’s start this list with something not just good but great! Here, you are looking at the Cheetah TV wall mount that is designed for any 20 to 65″ TVs. It comes with hole patterns up to VESA 400x400mm (16×16”) and can lift up to the maximum weight of 115lbs. The extension of this wall mount is 14″ with only 2.7″ when it is collapsed. And, With the 130° Swivel and 10° Tilt function, you can watch your TV from every angle of your room. Great range of motion indeed!

After mounting it to the wall, you can make another 3° Rotation Adjustment. Whether it is wood or masonry surface, this one will make sure that your TV will never fall to the ground. Last but not least, it does not come alone, a 10′ Twisted Veins HDMI Cable, a 6″ 3 Axis Magnetic Bubble Level, all the necessary hardware, and screws, as well as easy-to-follow instructions will also be included in the package. Therefore, installation is a snap. This is one of the universal TV wall mounts offered at a good price!

7. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

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This TV wall mount can hold just about any size or any type of TVs you wish to mount on your wall. This is one of the sturdiest and strongest TV wall mounts you could ever find. With the ability to fit the size of TV from 37″ to 70″ easily, and lift up to 132lbs, your TV is in good hands. You can pull it back into the wall to 2.6″ and get it out to 16″ not to mention the 15-degree tilting for a better adjustment.

Comes with all hardware included in the package, this TV wall mount is super easy to be installed; within just 30 minutes (on the 16″ wooden or concrete wall). Plus, this TV mount is tested to hold 4 times the weight they’re rated to. How awesome!

And, if you’re ever bothered by window glares, this guy comes with 15-degree tilt capability, making adjustments super easy. Best yet, the customer service of Echogear is very diligent. They are willing to pick up calls even on weekends. And, with the company’s 5-year warranty for all Echogear products, there’s just nothing to lose!

6. VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount

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Looking for a low profile TV mount with great quality? We have got one just for you! Perfectly fit with TV size from 23″ to 75” and VESA from 200×100 to 600×400 (mounting hole pattern up to 24″ Horizontal by 16″ Vertical). This wall mount is capable of 15-degree of tilting forward or backward from the wall with just one-touch. With dual steel frames, this solid and sturdy wall mount can hold up to 165lbs and can fit to the maximum of 24″ studs. And, installation is a breeze.

The package also includes a 10ft HDMI cable, Bonus 6″ 3-axis Magnetic Bubble level, and standard hardware. With this insane offer, we are sure you don’t want to miss out on this one!

5. Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

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Cheetah brand is back at it again with an ever greater product! It is designed to fit in all the typical TV sizes ranging from 20” to -75” and big brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia, JVC etc, A number of positive reviews of this TV wall mount is overwhelming. This one can tilt up to 10-degree for a better positioning and with APTMM2B. This is one of the best universal TV wall mounts that can definitely easily fit into your wall with only 1.3”.

The adjustable pull tabs will allow the TV mount to make 3-degree rotation adaptation, and the easy lift and lock attachment. Twisted Veins 10ft HDMI cable and a 6″ 3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level are included for you in the package as well.

4. Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket

Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket

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Despite having a limited weighing capacity of just 99lbs, this one still finds its way to be the customers’ favorite. You can see this TV mount with any TV from 26 to 55 inches and it also works fine with max VESA of 400 x 400mm/mounting hole spacing. To cope with glares, this TV wall mount can tilt the TV with 5-degree upward and 15-degree downward along with 15.8” forward and 3.6” backward. It can swivel TV left or right according to the position of your seat.

Interestingly, similarly to Echogear TV wall mounts, this one from Mounting Dream is also tested to load up to 4 times of 99 lbs of weight! And, don’t worry about getting the assembly done; this Mounting Dream TV wall mount is very easy to set up with all accessories are included to assist your assembling. It also comes with 6 HDMI, and torpedo level as gifts. The greatest thing about this TV wall mount is its 10-year product warranty!

3. TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual Articulating Arm

TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion

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A special dedication to big TV owners! This is a durable wall mount that is suitable and reasonably-priced for any TV from 37″ – 70″ flat-panel TVs with the maximum weigh up to 120lbs. This one is also compatible with any size of VESA as well. For greater details on this product, let’s go through the adjustable optimal viewing.

Its post-installation level adjustment will allow the TV to level perfectly. With +5°/-15° Tilt and +/-3°rotation, you can rest assured that no matter which angle you’re at, the screen will follow you. Another special feature about this one is dual articulating arms that can retract 2.8″ from the wall as well as extend itself to a maximum of 16″ for space-saving purposes while providing a neat appearance to your house.

Don’t worry about extra accessories, 6ft HDMI cable, 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, and 5 piece packs of cable ties are all included in the package. And oh, 5-year warranty for you as well! Enjoy!

2. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

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Let’s meet our number 2 on the list first before moving on to the best one that we have. Built with heavy guage steel, it can hold up to 88lbs. Suitable with any size of VESA (mounting hole pattern) 400x400mm/400x300mm/400x200mm/300x300mm/300x200mm/200x200mm/200x100mm/100x100mm (16″x16″/16″x12″/16″x8″/12″x12″/12″x8″/8″x8″/8″x4″/4″x4″).

The well-built model of TV wall mount from VideoDecu can retract to 2.2″ for space saving and extend up to 20″ from the wall. You can tilt +15°/-5°, along with 180-degree swivel. 10ft HDMI cable, 6″ 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble Level, and standard hardware for installing are well-packed to ensure that, whatever you need is in one package. And, if you happen to be new to TV wall mounts, this is the perfect choice for you.

1. VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu TV Wall Mounts

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Let’s see what our number 1 on the list can offer. Indeed, VideoSecu is taking the lead in this TV accessories and parts industry. Considering its small size that allows this TV wall mount to have limited capacity, this small size TV wall mount is well matched with VESA 75x75mm (3″x3″) or 100x100mm (4″x4″) without adapters, and 200×200 (8 “x 8 “),200x100mm (8 “x 4 “) with 4 extra plate adapters.

With some post-installation level adjustment, you will be able to adjust your TV to the perfect level. The +/-5 degrees’ tilt gives a great adjustment to your own preference with 360-degree rotation. It can retract up to 2.4″ to save more space and 180-degree swivel along with 15” extending from the wall. For small TV owners, you should put this VideoSecu TV Wall Mount into consideration.


The list is stuffed with many great TV wall mounts for you to choose your ideal mount. Most of them are universal TV wall mounts, suitable for all kinds, sizes, and brands of TV. Now you have the best products to consider instead of going around searching for one. We hope that what we have presented here will guide you to the right item. Plus, all of these goodies are available alone, and you can purchase them anytime. Happy shopping!

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  1. Old Version of this article
    One of the most enjoyable ways to unwind at the end of a busy day is by watching your favorite shows or movies. Did you know, however, that the way your television is set up can actually affect your viewing experience? Homeowners who have yet to set up their flat screen televisions can choose between the table top stand or TV wall mount. At first glance, it might seem easy to just use the stand included, but in the long run, mounting the unit on the wall can be more beneficial for certain reasons. Therefore, if you think TV wall mount is the best choice for you, you can select one among the top ten high-quality TV wall mounts recommended below!

    List of Best TV Wall Mounts in 2017

    10. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

    This VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount can nicely be compatible with VESA 200x200mm/200×100/100×100, and it comes with 4 removable mount adapters. Also, it can extend the VESA to 400×400 400×300 400×200 300×300 300×200. Built by heavy gauge steel construction, this TV wall mount helps provide safety loading up to 88lbs display. Plus, with the high-tech look mount, it offers 15 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward tilt, 180 degrees of swivel and extension up to 20 inches for viewing angle and TV placement adjustment. In short, we can also say it is an inexpensive and very well built product that is able to work wonderfully!

    9. Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

    Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B TV Wall Mount is essentially designed to fit all 32-65″ TVs sold today. This mount works with many displays 20-75″ as well. Specifically, the APTMM2B fits TVs with mounting holes as close as 4″x4″ or as wide as 23. 6″x15. 7″ (VESA 100x100mm to 600x400mm). This product comes perfectly with good solid and heavy duty construction for ensuring that it would be very durable and long lasting of use. Get your TV set with this one on a wall and then it will surely look very nice and reliable!

    8. Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket

    Mounting Dream MD2380 TV Wall Mount Bracket is very compatible with most of the 26-55″ TVs sold today. Also, it fits TVs with mounting holes as close as 3″X3″ or as wide as 16″x16″. Specifically, it fits VESA 75X75mm, 100X100mm, 200X100mm, 200X150mm, 200X200mm, 300X200mm, 300X300mm, 400X200mm, 400X300mm, 400X400mm. Constructed with heavy duty steel materials with durable powder coated finish, this mount is 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} welded by an automatic robot. And the advanced welding technology makes the mount sturdy and ensures mounted TV stable and secure, supporting TV weight up to 99 lbs.

    7. VideoSecu Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount

    VideoSecu Articulating TV LCD Monitor Wall Mount is pretty compatible with TV or monitor with VESA 100, VESA 75 mounting hole pattern (these are square or rectangular patterns between 3 and 4 inches per side on the rear of your display), maximum loading capacity 44 lbs. This dual link arm wall mount gives you 15″ extension from the wall with maximum flexibility. Also, you can fold it close to your wall for a low-profile appearance. Plus, with post-installation level adjustment, it perfectly works to ensure perfect level!

    6. Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount

    Mount Factory Full Motion Articulating Wall Mount is universally manufactured to be suitable for most LED, LCD, Plasma TVs and other flat panel displays from 40″ to 70″. Also, it is basically designed to use the standard VESA patterns installed in almost all flat screen TVs with a range of 200mm x 200mm up to 400mm x 600mm. In addition, the TV can rotate up to 160 degrees left or right and the tilt can be set from +8 to -5 degrees to find your ideal settings. Typically, with convenient openings in the arms and back plate, they provide space to pass cables and wires through for a clean and uncluttered look.

    5. ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

    ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket is a great product since the quality of its materials is high so that it will give you a lot of confidence that your TV will be in good hands while it is up on the wall. Also, it mechanically does everything you want it to do, with a full-motion movement that allows the TV to be positioned in a wide range of viewing areas and to be angled down enough to be more couch-friendly. Especially, the movement is very fluid and though it moves easily, it holds its position very well once you move it.

    4. VideoSecu Tilt Swivel TV Wall Mount

    VideoSecu Tilt Swivel TV Wall Mount is greatly constructed with solid heavy duty steel, and it can support most 32″ – 65″ flat screen TV with mounting hole pattern up to 24 inch wide and 16 inch high (VESA 600×400 600×300 600×200 500×300 400×400 400×300 400×200 300×300 300×200 200×200 200x100mm). With dual arm design, it is also able to allow forward or backward tilt, 160 degrees side-to-side swivel and extends the flat panel screen up to 16″ from wall to achieve vast range of viewing angles. Additionally, security screws will lock the TV bracket to the wall mount from the bottom firmly.

    3. Husky Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount

    Husky Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount is made of heavy-duty steel construction for an easy installation. This unit can be secured to a single stud or concrete/brick wall with included lag bolts. With the TV screw sets provided, they are of standard size and they would fit the majority of TVs. To maintain a clear view for your flat screen TV from any position in the room you need a full motion TV wall mount, this mount features up and down tilt, swivel function for a full range of motion. This one comes with all the bolts to mount it to the wall, as well as a variety of bolts to mount it to different brands of TVs.

    2. Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount

    Mount-It! LCD TV Wall Mount is unbelievably well built and amazingly easy to install. For its installation, it can surprisingly be taken only 45 minutes and it is also included the tools needed for the job. This mount fits the majority of displays in the 27-55″ size range. Specifically, it fits VESA 75×75, 100×100, 200×100, and 200×200. When the extension arms are added to the mount, it can even fit VESA 300×300 and the common VESA 400x 400pattern. The product will definitely make your TV more and more interesting. Highly recommended!

    1. VonHaus Ultra Slim – Best of TV Wall Mounts in 2017

    VonHaus Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount is one of the sturdiest and slimmest TV brackets. This unit is designed to be the most compatible with flat screen LED, LCD and Plasma style TV’s between 15″ to 42″. Also, this bracket is a universal model and designed to fit all of the major manufacturer models. This TV wall mount measures only 27mm from the wall so that it is as subtle as you can get when wall mounting your television flat against the wall. Plus, this TV bracket also comes with an incorporated spirit level for the extra convenience when wall mounting your TV. Very beneficial and functional product!

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