Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks in 2019 Reviews

Health & Beauty / Tuesday, May 14th, 2019

Sleeping masks are for applying over your eyes to shield from light during the times you want to sleep. Those who don’t want their eyes to be exposed to light at night find sleeping masks very useful. However, it’s not easy to find the right masks for your needs. To help you pick up the right sleeping mask, we had listed down the top 10 best sleeping masks in 2019.

List of Top 10 Best Sleeping Masks in 2019

10. 100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask-P&J Health

100% Natural Silk Sleep Mask-P&J Health

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P&J Health sleep mask is made of 100% natural silk, making it a smooth and breathable mask. And, it also has an anti-bacterial function, too. It is mite and fading resistant as well. Furthermore, it can block lights from lamps or morning sun completely. And, this mask is lightweight, so you won’t feel a thing when having this mask on.

Note: After using this sleeping mask, you can hand-wash it, but please do not dry it with a hairdryer.

9. Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

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Sleep Master allows you to enjoy a healthy and nice sleep everywhere and every time. Not only for using it at home, but you can also use it when you are traveling, riding on the bus or car, taking a short nap or during your flight. This product is a high quality breathable cool satin sleeping eyes cover. Not to mention that the mask is extremely lightweight yet it fits your head perfectly with a soft, flexible and not perishable feel.

The mask is made of cotton, no latex, on the inside, which makes it very easy for you to hand wash it. The comfortable synthetic fabric is hot and cold that can warm your eyes up when you are sleeping.

8. Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

Kimkoo Silk Sleep Mask

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Another product on the list, the KimKoo Silk sleep mask, is super soft sleeping mask set that comes with a flexible strap & eyes sleeping cover with the earplug. Why is KimKoo Silk sleep mask great? Kimkoo Silk sleep mask is flexible. The Velcro strap will comfortably surround your head and the earplug will cover your ears. You can enjoy listening to music that the person who sleeps next to you will not be affected. This is one of the best sleep masks for blocking out light, made of natural mulberry silk that is not heavy for your eyes. It is capable of curing insomnia, dry eyes, and headache.

Kimkoo Silk sleep mask is an all in one sleep mask that combines light elimination and sound reduction at the same times which you can enjoy your deep and restful sleep. This product is best for men, women, and child and, it also can be a gift for someone or family on the special occasions, too.

7. UNIMI Upgraded Contoured 3D Eye Mask Eye Cover

Sleep Mask Eye Mask for Sleeping

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UNIMI Upgraded Contoured 3D Eye Mask Eye Cover is designed to help those who have sleeping difficulties. This product is a light-blocking fabric that covers the eyes while being held in place by an elastic band. Night shift workers, students, travelers all might need this to help them fall asleep fast. It is one of the best sleep masks for traveling which has a wider eye space than most masks on the market. And, it will never hurt your face or eyeballs. The strap and headband is comfortable and adjustable. This eye mask will surely help you stay fresh and relaxed.

6. Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Black Sleep Mask with Moldex Ear Plugs

Comfortable Black Sleep Mask

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The Bliss BTBO1 is designed to fit your face and every size of heads. This mask can help you with a relaxation with no eyes pressure and stress relief. It also doesn’t smudge your make up. People who work the night shift can use these eyes mask to help sleep during daylight hours and help to fall asleep faster. You can also use this make this mask for meditating, a quick nap, or travels, too.

5. LIANSING Sleep Mask, 3 Pack Lightweight & Comfortable Super Soft

Sleep Mask, 3 Pack Lightweight & Comfortable Super Soft Large Adjustable

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LIANSINg Sleep Mask is designed with more space than most sleeping masks. It will not touch your eyelids, make your eyes more relaxed, and allow eyes movement as well. With this one, when you block out both light and noise, your chances of falling asleep will be faster. It is made of lightweight and breathable material. And, comes in a pack of 3, you can use this package for a very long time.

4. UtechSmart Deep Rest Sleep Eye Mask

UtechSmart Deep Rest Contoured Sleep Eye Mask Cover

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This eye mask is also included with ear plugs that will distract the noise so you can enjoy the sleep. Sleep masks allow you to sleep better anywhere and any time such as: on an airplane, bus, car or train. It will never fall off from your head and face even when you move a lot while you sleep. The Velcro straps are very handy to use. The mask is guaranteed to be comfortable and lightweight. Plus, the carry pouch is easy to keep and carry with.

3. Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask

Jersey Slumber 100% Silk Sleep Mask for A Full Night's Sleep

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Another suggestion from us, the Jersey Slumber sleep mask, is a natural 100% silk mask that can block out the light while you are sleeping. It is a silk sleep mask that will improve your sleep and make your eyes fully rested at the same time. The mask also allows you to blink your eyes. And, its soft, elastic strap will always will you comfort. Plus, if you are an insomnia sufferer, this mask is a great option for you, too.

2. Sleep Mask KAMOSSA Star Cute Contoured 3D Eye Mask

Sleep Mask for Woman & Man Sleeping Masks

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The KAMOSSA star cute contoured 3D eye mask will make you feel relaxed after using it. It is fade, mite, and bacterial resistant. The material used is breathable, and durable. The mask comes an ideal size for face, so it feels light and comfortable. It blocks the light or sun very well (99%). And, it provides a snug fit, so you don’t have to worry about it slip off from your head while you are sleeping. Plus, the adorable star patterns will never fail to delight you.

1. ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold

Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold

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Say goodbye to sleepless nights with these top-reviewed sleep mask, especially this top 1 eye mask here. For the best and last product on the list, ALASKA BEAR® Natural silk sleep mask, it is made of 100% natural silk material on both sides. The silk is very smooth and comfortable for the eyes, dry eyes, dizziness, and help you sleep early. And, silk will never produce any negative skin reaction to all sorts of skin type. Plus, this mask is suitable for all – women, men, and kids.

The attached Velcro straps are adjustable, and very comfortable even for side sleepers. The earplugs can come in very handy during long flights. This mask is comfortable and perfectly contoured to hug your face without leaving marks even whenever you move or interrupt your sleep.


Provided above is a whole range of the best sleeping masks available today – from the most basic ones to those that can be heated or cooled. A sleeping mask doesn’t cost a fortune, yet it can do you so much good. Why not try out a few and see if they could help you improve your sleep? Grab one, and see for yourself if it helps.

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    Using the best sleeping masks will make you fall asleep just like a baby. The mask will block out all the lights and enables you to fall asleep without much struggle. We have the best sleep masks that will total block out light and create the environment you require to rest.

    Get that uninterrupted and sweet sleep without much struggle by using these sleep masks. These sleep masks were designed to fit you, and they are durable, lightweight and comfortable when worn. Grab yours now and enjoy the uninterrupted sleep.

    10. Air Travel Sleep Eye Mask

    These masks are stretchable, and they will show any mark when you wear them. It can block out light and create the conducive environment to sleep. They are soft and comfortable to wear. It comes in four pieces, they are cute fashion and features print four designs. When you have a headache or want to block morning light, these sleeping masks will do you wonders.

    9. 3D Sleep Mask

    This sleep mask is made of high-quality material, and that is why the sleep kit comes with a 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} lifetime guarantee. They’re extremely comfortable when worn these eye covers were designed with a 3D shape and supreme softness for your comfort. It is the ultimate package, and you will get the 3D sleep mask, ear plugs, six sleep aid eBook and a travel bag. It will give you a natural sleep and because the sleep kit was created to assist you in getting great sleep that is 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} natural.

    8. Sleeping Eye Mask

    This sleep mask was created to hide all annoying brightness which help you to fall asleep faster and , rapid eye movement sleep faster in any position. It features handcrafted gel insert for cool and warm therapy to let you to tap the body’s natural healing process, and this will help you to relieve more than 90{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} of everyday stress without harmful medications or drugs. It has flexible soft nose cushion that will enable us to choose how much light to block based on your personalized comfort level.

    7. TravelSnugs EyeSnug

    These are the best quality sleep masks that have lightweight, soft materials and cushioned mold to ensure the most comfortable fit possible and you can hardly feel it. They will block out all light, and it is proven to make you fall into a deeper more natural sleep. It features a contoured 3D design to allow for rapid eye movement for the deepest sleep possible. It comes with a pack of two, and they are a deal for both travel and home use.

    6. Master Sleep Mask

    This sleep mask features eliminate total light  as well as built-in sound muffling. It is a very high-quality flexible sleep mask. It has cool breathable fabric and soft and fit comfortably  that make a relaxing effect. It is light and easy to carry, and you can use them anytime and anywhere. It is hygienic, washable and durable. It is user-friendly, and it will allow you to be happy with natural and healthy sleep.

    5. Premium Sleep Mask

    The premium sleep mask can defeat insomnia and enables you to sleep like a kid. It is offering max eye coverage which leads to completely dark that will allow you to sleep soundly. It features a 3D contour shape to let you open your both eyes. The thin memory foam layer is very soft, and life and its elastic Velcro strap allow you to adjust the mask that you can sleep soundly.

    4. BLACK Satin Travel Mask

    This mask is soft and comfortable. It can block out light and helps you to relax and fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed. It is versatile and durable, and it is unisex. It has an adjustable strap to give you the perfect fit all night long. It is ideal for side sleepers and perfect for yoga medication or migraines. It is a natural drug-free alternative to sleeping pills.

    3. Sleep Mask Purefly

    If you want a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, this is your best companion. It is super lightweight o make you enjoy a comfortable, undisturbed sleep anytime and anywhere. You could barely feel that you’re wearing it when you went to sleep. It features an elastic design that can be adjusted effectively to relieve pressure. It has an adjustable head strap that fits around the back of the head to hold the mask in place.

    2. Patented Sleep Mask

    You can now pull out this incredibly comfortable , lightweight sleep masks anywhere in bed, on a flight, while go camping, on a trip, and enjoy deep, restful sleep, and uninterrupted. It will block out light and enables you to sleep completely in darkness longer. You will wake up looking refreshed. It will uniquely contour to your face and the eyelids for max sleeping comfort, and you will look and feel energetic,  well rested and refreshed.

    1. Natural silk sleeps mask – The Best of Sleeping Masks in 2017

    This is a sleep aid and eye relaxer that is made of 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} top quality natural mulberry silk. It offers a breathable, cool relaxation you want. It has gentle, easy to adjust headband that won’t tangle hair and the plastic adjuster stays at the back of your head. It has fully adjustable strap making this mask ideal to be used by both men and women. You will get the benefits of total blackout whether at home, on a plane, or in a hotel it will keep you feeling rested and refreshed.

    If you want to enjoy yourself whether at home or in a hotel, this is the best sleeping mask that you should own. They will enjoy the benefit of total blackout, and you will immediately fall asleep like a baby. They have a breathable fabric material, and they are lightweight such you won’t notice that you are wearing them when you are in sleep. Order them now and feel rested and refreshed.

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