Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Kids in 2020 Reviews

Kids & Baby / Sunday, December 29th, 2019

A good start to getting your kid to like sports is to get him/her a great pair of running shoes. With a vast amount of running shoes available on the market, it can be a tough challenge to pick the right pair of running shoes for kids that your kid loves. However, as parents, you should trust your intuition on this, as you already know your kid’s shoe size and their liking.

List of Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Kids in 2020

In order to help you with your decision, we have put together a list of the top 10 best running shoes for kids in 2020 below. At least a few of these picks will certainly meet your kids’ and your preference and needs.

10. Under Armour Girls’ Pre-School Assert 6 Running Shoes

Under Armour Girls - best Running Shoes for Kids

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First off, let us introduce to you a lovely pair of kids running shoes from Under Armour. Made of the rubber sole, light, and supportive foam as well as 2 soft layers of breathable mesh, these are durable and comfortable running shoes for girls.

This pair also features leather overlays, designed for stability that locks in your midfoot. Interestingly, these shoes have the antimicrobial treatment applied to it, minimizing the chance of getting an odor that causes bacteria, infections, and fungus.

These well-made kids shoes are ultra lightweight, allowing the child to move actively and freely. They can be tied close, either loosely or tightly, according to your preference. These kid shoes might be a little tight at first, but they will grate over time. And, all the color options that feature blue and pink are bright and fun colors for the adorable girls out there!

9. Hawkwell Casual Breathable Lace-up Running Shoes

Hawkwell Casual Breathable Lace-up Running Shoes(Little Kid/Big Kid)

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Next, this is another pair of adorable little running shoes. Comes in different colors, prints, and patterns, these Hawkwell shoes are suitable for both boys and girls. For construction, this pair has mesh material and Phylon sole. The mesh material and phylon sole do contribute to the shoes’ breathability, lightweight, and flexibility. With a simple yet stylish design, the shoes match with any outfit, and they can be worn to various occasions.

And, they are so soft, guaranteed to provide a comfortable wear at all time. One last but not least thing that impresses us about these shoes is the super affordable price!

8. Under Armour Boys’ Grade School Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

Under Armour Boys' Grade School Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

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We have already introduced to you the Under Armour’s kids running shoes already. However, that is a girl version while this one is a boy version.

This pair has very similar features as the previous one, yet it seems to be more popular. Therefore, to avoid repetition, we will only talk about its main points. Those include the rubber sole, light supportive foam, and mesh construction. These factors contribute to the lightweight, flexibility, and breathability of these shoes.

Indeed, these kids sneakers also have antimicrobial treatment, preventing bacteria, odor, and fungi from growing. Designed for boys, this kids shoe can withstand rough outdoor plays. If you would like sports shoes with the quality of a Nike but don’t want to spend a fortune, you should totally check this one out.

7. New Balance Kids’ 680 V3 Running Shoe

New Balance Kids' 680 V3 Running Shoe

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What about the reputable brand, New Balance, this time? From its look, we can already tell that this pair of kids running shoes is a heavy duty one! They are made of 75% leather, 25% mesh, rubber sole, and absorb midsole. Such a sturdy and top quality construction can provide flexibility and comfort to users at all time. The leather material also lets you clean and wipe dirt off these shoes easily. These shoes give a nice fit, so they never slip up or down.

Comes in a bold tri-color blocking design, your daughter or son would love to rock this pair. Best yet, podiatrists even recommend this pair for kids with growing feet. Plus, the price tag is great.

6. Hawkwell Breathable Lace-up Running Shoes

Hawkwell Breathable Lace-up Running Shoes

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If the previous Hawkwell running shoes for kids do not suit your liking, we have one more recommendation from that brand from you. Comes in appealing patterns, vibrant colors, and neutral colors, this is a great pair of running shoes for boys and girls made of mesh and phylon sole. These materials along with the simple design make these kid shoes breathable, flexible, lightweight, soft and, most importantly, comfy.

The neutral colors can go with any outfit and occasion. And, with a non-marking outsole, these kids running shoes are certainly suitable for school wear. One of the coolest running shoes for kids offered at a great price!

5. Nike Big Kid’s Tanjun Running Shoe

Nike Big Kid's Tanjun Running Shoe, Black/White

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If you’re in the mood to splurge, feast your eyes on this pair of running shoes for kids from Nike. Available in various colors and styles in shades of grey, black, blue, and pink, this is a pair for both boys and girls. They are extremely lightweight. They feature mesh material, a rubber sole, and lace-up closure. The fabric lining promotes the breathability of these running shoes while the cushioned foam midsole and outsole help absorb impacting shock.

These Nike kicks are guaranteed to give your daughter or son an all-day-long comfort! When a pair of shoes is not just trendy, but also comfortable, they really shouldn’t be missed out on!

4. New Balance Kids’ 680 V3 Running Sneaker

New Balance Kids' 680 V3 Running Sneaker

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We are back at it again with New Balance because this brand has so much to offer. And, shoes from New Balance are reasonably-priced, too, among all the top shoe brands on the market today. Made of 75% leather and 25% mesh, rubber sole, and absorb midsole, this is a superb pair of running shoes for boys and girls that have high durability, lightweight, flexibility, and of course, ultimate comfort!

These NB kicks are known to be one of the greatest sneakers for wide footed kids. The longer Velcro strap gives this sneaker an added convenience. And, this pair is also known to be the right choice for children who are rough on shoes. Without the need to tie the laces, these kids sneakers are very easy to put on and take off. Plus, since these running shoes are from NB, you have all the credibility you need!

3. Under Armour Boys’ Pre-School Assert 6 Running Shoes

Under Armour Boys' Pre-School Assert 6 Running Shoes

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Once again, this is another brand that we just can’t stop talking about when it comes to running shoes for kids. These Under Armour running shoes are made of leather, rubber sole, and supportive foam between 2 soft layers of breathable mesh, making it a durable and comfortable pair.

The shaft measure approximately low-top from the arch. And, the shoes use stretch bungee laces and Velcro closure for convenience in putting the shoes on and taking them off. These are definitely nice looking sneakers that can hold up for a very long time!

2. ASICS Kids’ Gel-Contend 4 GS Running Shoe

ASICS Kids' Gel-Contend 4 GS Running Shoe

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Here, we are looking at a pair of running shoes for kids of a kind of eclectic look. These are ASICS Kids’ Gel-Contend 4 GS Running Shoes that are crafted with rubber sole and Rearfoot gel cushioning system. This system has a purpose of attenuating shock during impact phase. The system also promotes a smooth transition to mid-stance.

With the reinforced stitched toecap, these are kids sneakers of exceptional durability. This pair is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for!

1. Nike Kids Flex 2015 Rn (PS) Running Shoe

Nike Kids Flex 2015 Rn (PS) Running Shoe

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Lastly, the very best, highest top-rated running shoes for kids are these ones from Nike! For materials used, it is made of mesh, rubber sole, and soft Phylon midsole core. This soft Phylon midsole core is designed for cushioning just right where you need it the most. These shoes are very lightweight, and you need to lace them up to secure. On a positive side, this kids sneaker also leaves a little extra room for the kid to grow into. After all, Nike never disappoints!


We just finished introducing to you the top 10 best running shoes for kids in 2020. All these junior running shoes have been tested and well-reviewed to be the leading items among their competitors. Have you laid your eyes on any of them?

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  1. old version of this article
    When you buy shoes, you have to make a wise decision and buy shoes that last. I visited a friend one time, and luckily, they told me that they were going to attend some sports that his kid was performing in school. Having no other business to carry out, I decided to give them company. In fact, that was my best way I would have spent my time out on that weekend.And I have chosen top 10 Best Running Shoes for Kids in 2017 for you.

    We arrived at school, and the races that were scheduled licked off. Coincident, my neighbor’s son was also in the same school because I saw him on the running lanes. This was indeed a race of the week. The race started off, and the kids had not yet finished the race before my friend’s son dropping out of the race. On being asked what was wrong, he just raised his shoe up and showed us how the soul had been smuggled out of the shoe. I remembered my neighbor’s father sending me to buy for the kid a running shoe because I had some knowledge of shoes. I narrated my ordeal to my friend on the best shoes he would decide to buy and some are these;

    List of Best Running Shoes for Kids in 2017

    10. NB Youth Lace-Up Running Shoe

    If you are an athlete and have been dreaming of great achievements, try on these shoes and your youthful life will be changed once and for all because you will be a star in just one race. The designers of this shoes do not need to spend a lot of money on celebrity endorsements so that their shoes are well sold out there, they better use that time to do research and development sp that they bring you better-refined shoes.

    9. ASICS GEL-Venture 5

    Our company is here to introduce a shoe that will provide you with a rugged trail-Specific outsole that is out to give you the best comfort that you need. The shoe can be used in a variety of places and even if an adventure arises, you will be sure that you have a shoe that will take you places with only one thought. Buy these shoes and the will give you a sound mind in a sound body.

    8. New Balance KV697 Youth Running Shoe

    When you realize that it is time to get up and be on the move, think of wearing these great shoes, and they will carry you to a king. Buy these shoes and give them as a present to your little one and he will be happiest of the kids in the neighborhood. They have been designed with an easy hook and loop entry that will be easy for your child to use.

    7. Saucony Boys’ Cohesion Running Shoe

    You might confuse and think that this is a dad’s shoe, but this is a toddler sneaker that has been made for the little feet. The advantage of this shoe is that t is lightweight and flexible. This is an indication that it will give the traction and durability that your boy needs just to get up and go. The upper side has been fitted with mesh and leather materials so that it gives you that enhanced breathability that you need.

    6. ASICS Gel Contend 3 Running Shoe

    These are shoes that have a long history of the industry. They are shoes that are founded on the principle that the best way to create a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness. With that idea in the mind, then we have tried as much as we can’t make shoes that are going to offer you comfort like no other.

    5. ASICS Contend Running Shoe

    This is a shoe that has been fitted with a removable and long lasting insole that is easier to clean all the time. It is also lightweight and breathable hence will not be a bother to you as you walk to school or as you carry out your exercise. It has been given an excellent construction that makes it unique in style. When you have worn them on your feet, you will realize that they will fit well and will not bulge or be buggy as you walk.

    4. Saucony Boys Baby Ride Sneaker

    A name that is used to make a shoe is very important. What am I saying? A brand name is very important. Our shoes have been in the industry for a long time hence is the perfect one for you. We offer a wide range of walking shoes because our top goal is to develop our creativity in shoes that will enable you to maximize your performance.

    3. New Balance KJ690Y -Best Running Shoes for Kids

    Encourage you, little kid, to reach their high-speed potentials by buying them by buying them these shoes. Our shoes combine breathable mesh with synthetic overlays so that they provide you with structural support. We can’t forget to give you a tip about our durable rubber outsole that will provide you with a onetime traction.

    2. New Balance Lace-Up Running Shoe

    These are shoes that are fast, fun and fashionable. They have been designed with a reflective cushioning that will take your kids from their playground to their piano lessons that have already started. Remember that the outsole has been non-marked and therefore, it is ready for gym class, or if you want, you can use them for your everyday wear.

    1. New Balance Hook-and-Loop Running Shoe

    This is a shoe that will offer you a combination of cushioning and enhanced stability when you have them on your feet. Don’t just go for any shoe but choose a shoe that will last forever. It has been modeled after its grown-up counterpart that sold highly in the market and because we want to take off all the generation, forms the small kids to the adults.

    Give your kid a chance to be the best when it comes to running or moving from one place to another by buying him any of the above shoes. They have been carefully designed and made, they take care of the feet and give you leg that extra energy that you need to move from one speed to another. What you require to do right now is just to make an order, and we drop it off soon. But if you are near our stores, take time off and visit our stores and get the best deal on these shoes.

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