Top 10 Best On-Camera LED Lights in 2019 Reviews

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Photography without lighting is unimaginable. But the surrounding lighting condition will not always be in your favor and hence, you should have on-camera LED lights. These on-camera LED lights instantly light you the subject and help you capture stunning shots. On-camera LED lights have become an essential camera accessory and they are particularly important at night to get photos like it is daytime. The following is the list of the top 10 best on camera Led lights in 2019.

List of the Top 10 Best On-Camera LED Lights in 2019

10. LimoStudio LED Light for Digital DSLR Camera

LimoStudio LED Light for Digital DSLR Camera

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It is a set of 160 LED continuous light which is very bright and there are various color filters to take photos with different color shades. It comes with premium carry case and battery charger. The brightness intensity is 1500 Lux and it is a 120-degree angled lighting setup. You can be mounted it on camera perfectly and it is completely waterproof. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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Features –

  • The lighting angle is quite large and the brightness is very high.
  • It is lightweight and relatively medium in size and the color shades are added advantage.
  • It balances the light temperature for indoor and outdoor shooting.

9. Neewer Dimmable LED Video

Neewer Dimmable LED Video

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It uses the popular IC technology and has premium-quality LED lights and there is front protector to keep the LED bulbs safe. The power consumption is quite low and the output is awesome. The brightness of the light is adjustable and it requires 3 AAA batteries. It is perfect for all camcorder DV of various brands.

Features –

  • The brightness is quite high and temperature adjustment is quite impressive.
  • You can adjust the brightness with the knob provided. The battery backup is quite high for video recording.
  • The power consumption is low and it is quite compact and disturbs light amply.

8. NEEWER CN-160 Dimmable LED Light

NEEWER CN-160 Dimmable LED Light

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This is one of the bestselling and best-rated LED lights and there are 160 LED lights for optimal diffuse and bright illumination. There are 2 filters and it creates diffuse effect and spotlight effect. The intensity of the brightness can be changed for perfect shots. It can be installed on DSLR, DC, and DV. The illumination power is 900 Lux.

Features –

  • It is a professional LED light and there are two different diffusers and effects.
  • You can control the light intensity and reduce the light temperature.
  • It can be mounted on DSLR as well as on a tripod for better photography.

7. VILTROX L132T LED Video Light

VILTROX L132T LED Video Light

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You can quickly change the color and temperature to suit your photography style and take a perfect shot. The lighting condition feels very natural and it is ultra-thin to use with any model of photography.  If you are using it indoors, you can plug it in with AC adapter. You can also use a Lithium battery. The product has got several certifications for its quality. The maximum brightness is 835 Lux.

Features –

  • The light is highly efficient as far as brightness intensity goes and it also conserves energy.
  • You have the option to change the temperature and brightness.
  • It is ideal for handheld camera, tripod, DSLR and DV camera.
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6. SAMTIAN LED Video Light


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There are 160 LED bulbs and the battery are included and they are rechargeable. The light provides quite a wide angle and the brightness is very high. You can adjust color and temperature. There are two color filters and you get 90-day money-back guarantee. It can also be used with AA battery instead of Li-ion battery. The maximum brightness is 950 lm.

Features –

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry and the brightness is adjustable from 10% to 100%.
  • There is warm and cool colors adjustment and you can use Lithium and AA battery.
  • The brightness is high and suitable for all the different models of DSLR cameras.

5. Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED Light

Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED Light

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There are as many as 280 LED beads and the illumination range is quite high. There will be two color filers and it looks elegant, small and lightweight. There is a soft diffuser to deal with harsh light. There are two different knobs for white and yellow color and you can change 6 different levels. It fits all the industrial standards and it comes with a swivel adapter for easy rotation.

Features –

  • It is very compact and lightweight and you can mount it on your camera as well as on tripod.
  • There are two different color filters and it has 280 LED bulbs with elegant overall structure.
  • It fits all the industrial standards and you can change 6 different brightness controls.

4. YONGNUO YN216 LED Video Camera Light

YONGNUO YN216 LED Video Camera Light

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It is composed of 216 LED lights of high-quality and hence, it is useful in shooting video. It is extra-large in size and you can put it on camera top or tripod. There are two ways to power it depending on where you are using it. If you are indoors, you can use AC adaptor or else, but AA battery. There are four color and temperature plates to suit perfect photos for different environments.

Features –

  • It has one of the highest numbers of LED lights and they are of premium quality.
  • The color temperature is good and there are 4 color filters and temperature controls.
  • The dual mode of operation is quite handy and saves battery and energy every time you use it.
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3. Godox On Camera LED Panel light

Godox On Camera LED Panel light

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It is a very lightweight LED light and it is portable with interlock design. There are different light brightness settings and it is power conserver. It requires 4 AA batteries and there are 64 LED lights. It has been designed to fit in all the different types of cameras and camcorders. The maximum brightness is 260 Lux and the size of the LED light is very compact.

Features –

  • It is very lightweight and has a size that can fit in pockets easily.
  • There is interlock design to put t on the top of the camera.
  • It consumes low power and produces consistently good brightness.

2. Commlite LED Video Light

Commlite LED Video Light

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This light is quite versatile and can be used for the camera as well as the smartphone. It is flexible and you can turn 360 degrees to project light at any angle. There are three different filters available for color shades and it is made up of 50 LED bulbs. You can change the brightness up to 8 different levels. The temperature adjusts itself and it has the size of two credit cards. It provides up to 6680 Lux and in one charge, it gives 18 hours of backup.

Features –

  • There are 3 different light color and 8 brightness adjustments.
  • The battery backup is extra-long and it is very lightweight and very thin.
  • It can be mounted easily on top of camera or phone conveniently.

1. Aputure Amaran LED Mini Light

Aputure Amaran LED Mini Light - On-Camera LED Lights

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It is the best-rated on camera LED light in 2019 on Amazon and its popularity is due to its pocket size. Therefore, it is lightweight and there are 9 SMD bulbs. It is quite flexible and hence, can be used in multiple operations. The efficiency is quite high and it requires Lithium battery to operate. Its brightness is adjustable and it is slick to fit in anywhere.

Features –

  • It is the smallest and thinner LED light on the list with the highest rating.
  • The brightness is adjustable and it is quite lightweight.
  • It is very flexible and has high efficiency in output.
  • It is essential for taking sharp images whether it is macro photography or distant shots.

All of these above-mentioned top 10 best on camera Led lights in 2019 are extremely good and bright. Before you can buy, do check out certain parameters like product dimensions, weight, brightness intensity and other features to suit your requirements.

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