Top 10 Best Leather Sewing Machines in 2019 Reviews

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Using a leather sewing machine is an absolute must if you wish to craft a product from leather material. The leather is sticky and also difficult to penetrate. That’s simply impossible with a regular sewing machine. Leather sewing machines look like any other machine, but they are sturdier. The feeding mechanism is different and you can sew several layers of the material. Moreover, the arm is cylindrical and it comes with rotary blades, making it easy to sew harnesses or saddles.

Top 10 Best Leather Sewing Machines in 2019 on Amazon

Here’s making it easier for you to choose the best leather sewing machine, with top picks from

10. Juki DDL 8700, Industrial Straight Stitching Machine

Juki DDL 8700, Industrial Straight Stitching Machine

Features and Pros

  • It’s an industrial machine, suitable for both light as well as medium weight sewing
  • It can sew multiple fabric layers
  • Maximum speed is 5500 stitches a minute, with maximum length being 5 mm
  • Motor is strong and has 110V rating
  • Not much noise and vibration
  • Comfortable for use, fast and efficient machine


  • Cannot sew very heavy materials
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9. Janome Sewist 500, 25 Built-In Stitches, Hard Case

Janome Sewist 500, 25 Built-In Stitches, Hard Case

Features and Pros

  • 25 stitches, including automatic buttonholes, stretch stitches and utility stitches
  • Automatic and fast threading
  • Pressure adjustment on pressure foot
  • Maximum length for stitching is 4mm and for width 5 mm
  • Stitches length dial can be sued for adjustment
  • Easy to sew cuffs, collars etc. with the free arm
  • Hard case for protection
  • Accessories like bobbins, felt, button zipper, along with blind hem foot
  • High-pressure foot levers enable easy to use when handling bulky fabrics


  • Some sections are plastic and need to be handled with care
  • Motor makes a loud noise while operating
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8. Singer 4423, Heavy Duty, Extra High-Speed Machine

Singer 4423, Heavy Duty, Extra High-Speed Machine

Features and Pros

  • Comes with 23 inbuilt stitches, including 12 of which are decorative, 4 stretch, 6 basic, 1 buttonhole
  • Strong motor enabling 1100 stitches a minute
  • Sturdy material, with heavy duty stainless steel
  • Fabric feeding is smooth
  • Bobbin comes with clear viewing cover
  • Automatic threader
  • Comes with a unique assistant app, with tutorials and FAQs
  • Accessories include bobbins, quilt guide, foot control, etc
  • 25-year warranty


  • Has to be used properly, or else it could be frustrating
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7. Brother CS 6000i, 60 Stitch, Computerized Machine Wide Table

Brother CS 6000i, 60 Stitch, Computerized Machine Wide Table

Features and Pros

  • It is portable, computerized and easy to use
  • There are 60 stitches inbuilt with 7 styles of buttonholes
  • Stitch selection can be done touching a button, with selections displayed on LCD screen
  • Speed slide enables adjustment of speeds
  • Simple threading with numbered diagrams available
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Large work area with big table, offering flexibility
  • Accessories include bobbin, needle sets, seam ripper, screwdriver etc
  • 25-year warranty


  • It is very light and needs careful handling
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6. Janome HD 1000 Heavy Duty with 14 Built-In Stitch

Janome HD 00 Heavy Duty with 14 Built-In Stitch

Features and Pros

  • Interior and exteriors made with Cast Aluminum
  • 4 step buttonhole, 14 inbuilt stitches
  • Adjustment dial features for setting stitch length, allowing stress-free work on heavy fabrics
  • Inbuilt threader
  • Feed dogs can be lowered
  • Darning and buttonhole stitching is easy with drop feed
  • Free arm is removable, making it easy for sleeve stitching
  • Good feeding system
  • Hardcover for protection when not in use


  • The shuttle case is vertically aligned and might get misaligned at times
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5. Reliable 4000SW, Single Needle, Walking Foot Machine

Reliable 4000SW, Single Needle, Walking Foot Machine

Features and Pros

  • It comes with a high speed of 2000 RPM, with a big capacity of its hook part.
  • The foot lift has a size of 14 mm and is suitable for all users
  • Accessories are drawer, a toolkit, thread stand
  • It comes with single row, feed dog
  • All parts of the sewing machine are tested/seen prior to shipping
  • Good value for money


  • It has to be manually lubricated
  • Machine not very well balanced, so high speed is not recommended
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4. Consew 206RB 5, Triple Feed, Heavy Duty Single Needle

ew 206RB 5, Triple Feed, Heavy Duty Single Needle

Features and Pros

  • It can sew both lightweight and heavyweight materials, such as vinyl, canvas or leather etc.
  • You can use it for sewing tarpaulins or sails and umbrellas and so on.
  • A large bobbin enables longer stitches.
  • The pressure foot lifter is 14 mm in height and makes sewing easier
  • Offers a safe use with a safety clutch coming with push buttons arrangement
  • Forward/Reverse stitches are adjustable for the same length
  • Center foot is movable, up or down, enabling positive stitching for different material thicknesses
  • Accessories are interchangeable with other Consew models
  • Walking foot enhances an even feeding
  • Good for regulating pattern, due to use of locking stitch regulator


  • It is a little expensive.
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3. Singer 9960, Quantum Stylist 600 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer 9960, Quantum Stylist 600 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

It is a high-tech sewing machine using latest smart technology. It comes with an advisor and offers stress-free operations.

Features and Pros

  • Enhanced button hole features, with 13 buttonhole styles, fully automatic
  • It comes with 600 stitches, built in along with reference charts
  • There is an extension table offering a bigger working area, useful for quilts, etc.
  • Simplified threading systems, taking just about a minute
  • Bobbin loads at the top, making it easier for insertion
  • Easy to stitch buttonholes without distortion of fabric
  • Smart technology. Comes with advisor for digital information, offering details on stitch width, settings, recommendations for presser foot, all shown on an LCD screen


  • The automatic system could fail due to improper setting up
  • Thread cutter is mediocre
  • It is noisy when stitching zigzag stitches.
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2. Sailrite Heavy Duty Ultrafeed, LSZ 1, Basic Walking Foot Sewing Machine

Leather Sewing Machines 2019

It’s our second pick among the top, heavy duty sewing machines. It is created with sturdy materials and comes with a wooden base. The power offered by the machine is twice that of the conventional system.

Features and Pros

  • It has a Patented, Posi pin clutch system, enabling excellent power transference from balance wheel to the needle.
  • The presser foot is wide and comes with piping tunnel
  • Recommended stitch length is 6 mm for straight forms and 5 mm for zigzag stitching
  • It comes with thread stand, electronic foot controls.
  • 4 bobbins, a machine oil, toolkit etc. are offered as accessories
  • There is a 2-year warranty
  • It comes with a limited warranty of 2 years
  • The machine is sturdy and well built and it works efficiently.


  • At times, the bobbin thread gets stuck, but this is only a minor and rare issue.
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1. Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, with 18 Built-In Stitches + Hard Case

Janome HD3000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine, with 18 Built-In Stitches + Hard Case

It is our top pick and comes made of aluminum, with all internal sections in metal and externally covered partially in plastic. It’s a mechanical machine and comes with a free arm for automatic winding of the bobbin. A cover protects the sewing machine.

Features and Pros

  • Made of aluminum, with internal sections in metal and some portions covered in plastic.
  • Strong motor with inbuilt needle threader
  • Adjustment for foot pressure
  • Enables 18 stitches
  • Single step button hole
  • Thread adjustment with tension enabled.
  • It is also lightweight and can handle slippery materials effectively.
  • It is also very silent when used.


  • The handwheel is initially stiff
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