Top 10 Best Handheld Air Conditioners and Mini Coolers in 2018

Electronics & Computers / Thursday, June 21st, 2018

We’ve all lived with air coolers and swamp coolers, especially for those who live in hot and dry environments. We sweat to allow induced evaporation on your skin, which cools our body down. Air coolers work in the same way – they force air through a wet pad to consume heat energy for evaporation, and as a result, cooling the air down. This is a simple yet magnificent piece of human invention.

We all have lived with those portable blade-spinning battery fans we bought from drug stores. You can’t underestimate these little machines – they are survival necessities when it gets too hot to bear. Here is a list of selected best handheld air conditioners for this upcoming summer.

List of Top 10 Best Handheld Air Conditioners & Mini Cooler in 2018 Reviews

10. Dealglad Portable USB Rechargeable Desk Hand-held

12. Dealglad® Portable USB Rechargeable Desk Hand-held Mini Cooli Bladeless Cooler Air Conditioner Cooling Fan (Purple)

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This Dealglad just might be the smartest piece of tech in your home that you can carry around to anywhere you go. Fashion Rechargeable mini Fan which is built-in Lithium battery comes with USB cable. This all adds up to saving energy. The air handheld fan unit is able to decrease by 3-5 degrees with unique double cooling modes of fan and air-conditioning.

A drop of essential oil or perfume to sponge will make you feel cool and relaxed. As the fan is lightweight, you may find it more convenient to operate and carry to your summer trip. It is guaranteed to be life lasting.

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9. CestMall 3 Speeds Portable Rechargeable Fan

10. CestMall 3 Speeds Portable Multi-functional Mini Rechargeable Fan Powered by 18650 Li-ion Battery (included) & USB Charging (PLS Avoid Overcharging) for Outdoor Travel with String (Black)

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This portable fan has a foldable design making it compact and very easy to carry along. It uses 8 D batteries that can last up to an impressive 72 hours on a full charge. The kit also comes with a wall adapter that can be very useful when the batteries are running low.

It has a good and high airflow as it has 3 speeds. It’s perfect for camping or any outdoor activity since the battery lasts a long time. The price runs a little higher than other models, but the powerful performance makes it worth it. If the item you receive is not as the same as the picture, you may contact the manufacturer.

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8. iwish The fifth generation Hand Held Air Conditioner

9. iwish The fifth generation Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Hand Held Air Conditioner Summer Cooler Fan Black

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iwish The fifth generation, Hand Held Air Conditioner is one of the most powerful fans on market, with a vortex-like design that circulates a huge volume of air at high velocities. With unique double cooling modes of fan and air-conditioning, this fan is able to decrease by 3-5 degrees. The convenience of portability is the most appreciated as it is a lightweight design.

Like other handheld air conditioners, this one is a longlasting one and its lifespan is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The quality is 100% high standard with ABS plastic which makes this one the most reliable handheld fan.

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7. iEGrow Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

8. iEGrow Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan with Personal Cooling Humidifier(Blue)

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This iEgrow fan has quite a powerful performance for a compact design. It has a 360-degree adjustable air direction and also has adjustable speeds, low and high. The OPOLAR includes a rechargeable lithium battery as well as a USB cable. On a full charge, the battery can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. The 4.3 fan blades give it a great rotating speed of 2200RPM producing a steady airflow.

The misting function can mist your sky to avoid for creating dead skin cells in summer.  You just have to soak the sponge into the water for less than 2 minutes. Then you have a misting handheld portable fan ready to go through your hot summer day.

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6. Small Personal Fan Handheld Air Conditioner

6. Small Personal Fan with 6000mAh Power Bank, Mini Battery Rechargeable USB Fan with Portable Phone Charger Handheld Air Conditioner Summer Cooler Bladeless No Leaf Fan (Black)

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A special combination of fan and power bank in one unit by Skyocean up-to-date technology ease modern life for sport enthusiastic who needs fresh air during running, camping, and other sports. This handheld fan is the most convenient one for you as it produces low noise on a hot summer midnight. You don’t have to worry about draining the battery on this device and your other devices as it also functions as a power bank.

If you are looking for such powerful portable fan with great functions, Skyocean power bank fan can solve all these problems in one shot. The manufacturer has studied nearly all the personal fan and power bank you can buy on market carefully looked through all users’ reviews and complaints and developed their own Skyocean BOX FAN with PORTABLE CHARGER.

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5. Wooboo Mini Handheld Air Conditioner

5. Wooboo Mini Handheld Portable Bladeless Rechargeable Air Conditioner Cooling Fan with Stand and 1400mAh 5V Mini USB Charging Cable(Blue)

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Based on customer review, the Wooboo struck the best balance between performance and price. It does not outshine the other fans in any one category, but it is the only one to be solid in every category. It is one of the quietest fans you will find on market and its performance on short-range air velocity and lightweight design. It is the strongest and the most enduring portable fan with the consistently reasonable price so that it is a great value—a major reason this to pick one and bring along during summer.

The dimensions are 113 millimeters length, 65 millimeters width, and 3.6 millimeters height. This mini handheld air conditioner’s life expectancy is guaranteed by Wooboo.

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4. WoneNice Portable Small Fan & Mini-air Conditioner

4. WoneNice Portable Small Fan & Mini-air Conditioner, Runs On Batteries Or USB--Blue

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WoneNice is a famous brand for small fan and mini air conditioner. This small fan is able to cool air up to 30F. It works best with AA batteries which are able to run 5 hours portable operation as it can be used outdoors. This revolutionary evaporative cooling fan is the closest thing to a hand held mini air conditioner. The air conditioner is built in evaporative cooling technology. You can just add water to soak the cooling filter. Ambient air is forced through the wet cooling filter and starts cooling down.

It works best in dry and hot climates. You can literally take it anywhere you go. Cooling filter life expectancy is 1 year with patent-pending provided by the manufacturer.

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3. O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan

3. O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Grey

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The O2COOL Personal Necklace fan is an ideal necklace fan for cooling on the go. The fan comes in a variety of colors to coordinate with your favorite workout clothes or outfits. There are many colors provided with a cool breeze and misting all in the palm of your hand as well as a necklace and clip fan for hands-free cooling. It is built in a powerful one speed motor with internal 2.5-inch fan blade with color coordinated break-away lanyard.

The fans can be carried in your purse or pocket as it is a compact design which makes it easy for travel. You can bring it to your camping and sports events. It is operated 2 AA-Cell batteries as it also works well with Polaroid AA Batteries.

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2. Wooboo Mini Cooli HandHeld Air Conditioner

2. Wooboo Mini Cooli Portable USB Rechargeable HandHeld Air Conditioner Summer Cooler Fan,Batteries Powered No Leaf Fan for Kids (Purple)

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This handheld air conditioner is a lightweight fan with the water-cooled sponge. It is built in rechargeable lithium with USB cable. With unique double cooling modes of fan and air-conditioning, a temperature is able to decrease by 3-5 degrees.  This fan is an anti-dust design which is a good partner of summer outdoor activities, tourism, leisure, and business. The air conditioner is made of ABS plastic so that it is more convenient to operate and clean with its unique long-lasting lifetime.

You have to soak the sponge for 1-2 minutes. It works for 5-6 hours straight on a single charge to save your money from buying the compact battery. The dimensions are 113-millimeter length, 65-millimeter width and 3.6-millimeter height.

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1. ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan Handheld

1. ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan Handheld USB Rechargeable Bladeless Air Conditioner Mute Electric Built-in Li-ion Battery Powered Desk Cooling Fan H-F015Pink

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The best portable air conditioner of the year goes to ThreeH Portable Mini Personal Fan Handheld which is a rechargeable portable mini air conditioner.  The cooling effect is considerable with freezing the sponge after water absorption. Not only was it used as an ordinary fan, but also was used as an air conditioning cooling. The refreshing air conditioner cooling system brings the best quality to this portable fan. With built-in rechargeable battery, it saves your money. This portable air conditioner is built in unique dual-mode of the fan and air-conditioning refrigeration, which can effectively cool down 3-5 degrees.

This product is made ABS plastic with the sponge humidity to avoid flowing into the machine which could cause damage. The dimensions are 115 millimeters width, 66 millimeters length, and 35-millimeter height. The weight is only 103 grams. These make it even more convenient to bring along wherever you go.

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Handheld Air Conditioner is not your normal small fan. It is your own portable mini air conditioner that provides you with a continuous stream of cool air that’s perfect whether you’re at home or on the go. The humidifying effect of the mini air conditioner also helps with breathing problems and provides essential moisture to the skin. You might consider getting your very own handheld air conditioner from the top 10 products above.

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