Top 10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men in 2020 For Hair Loss Treatment

Health & Beauty / Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Men lose their hair for a variety of reasons. Some experience male pattern baldness because of their family history. Genetics play a huge role in the growth cycle of hair. As growth cycles shorten, hair follicles on the scalp begin to get smaller and smaller until eventually the hairs they are producing get too fine and begin breaking off. Read on to find out the best hair growth products for men in 2020.

Eventually, these follicles close completely and stop producing any new hair at all. In other instances, men will start to notice hair loss because of lifestyle and environmental factors. For example, being overly stressed for extended periods of time can cause for a man’s hair to start falling out in clumps. And if a man isn’t getting proper vitamins and nutrients to nourish his hair, the strands could possibly grow increasingly weaker until they start breaking off and thinning out. Luckily, there are many hair growth products for men on the market today which can help men in these situations to grow their hair back.

Reviews of Top 10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men in 2020:

10.  Grow New Hair Treatment:


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This Grow New Hair Treatment from Just Natural Hair Care comes in a 2 oz. bottle and is an oil-based product. Men simply rub a small amount into their scalp and hair with their fingertips, and the all natural ingredients begin repairing hair follicles right away.

  • All natural extracts: This product uses pumpkin seed, flaxseed, chia seed, apricot kernel, and jojoba oils, along with many more natural ingredients, to nourish the scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.
  • Help grow strong hair: The natural oils in this product don’t just encourage hair growth, they also help nourish the hair men already have by providing essential omegas and moisturizing each hair.
  • Free from harmful ingredients: This product contains no chemicals, parabens, chloride, sulfates, or silicone, so it is a perfect solution for sensitive scalps.
  • Color-safe: This product works safely on color treated hair without interfering with the hair growth process.


  • Leaves hair greasy: Because this is an oil-based product, it may leave some hair types feeling and looking greasy after use. This hair growth treatment was meant to be left in after application, so plan accordingly and use it on days at home if encountering this issue.

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9.  Ultrax Labs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Hair Loss Maxx:


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This hair loss treatment for men from Ultrax Labs is a keratin supplement in the form of a tablet. It is meant to be taken twice a day by mouth and comes with a month supply of 60 tablets. These supplements work to replenish hair’s natural keratin supplies for stronger strands that won’t break off.


  • Contains solubilized keratin: Natural hair contains keratin, so the solubilized kertain in these tablets help men’s hair grow by providing the base ingredient for shiny and thick hair.
  • Over 20 healthy ingredients: These tablets are produced with a variety of natural vitamins, herbs, and minerals that were chosen specifically to encourage scalp circulation and promote hair growth.
  • Zero side effects: This product is completely safe and has zero reported side effects, unlike many other hair regrowth tablets on the market. It is the perfect product option for men cautious of topical chemical treatments.


  • Slower results: Since this product is taken orally instead of applied directly to the scalp, it may take a little longer to build up in the system and begin yielding noticeable results.

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8.  Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men, 6 Month Supply:


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This hair loss treatment for men from the company Kirkland Signature is a topical solution and comes with a six month supply. Each month, a 2 oz. the bottle will be used by applying the solution to the scalp. The bottles can be sprayed onto the scalp, but the solution works more effectively if applied to the fingertips and massaged into the scalp directly.


  • Applies to the scalp, not hair: This product is meant to be applied directly to the scalp twice a day, not rubbed into existing hair. Because of this, hair won’t appear greasy or oily like it might with other topical solutions. Hair can be styled as usual after product application and absorption.
  • Extra strength: This is an extra strength treatment, so it should work better and faster than other options on the market. Noticeable results should occur just a couple weeks after beginning the treatment.


  • Vertex-only product: This formula was only designed to be effective on the vertex, or the area of the scalp on the top of the head. If losing hair in other areas, this product may not work.
  • Not for severe hair loss: This product is formulated to help with mild to moderate hair loss only. Men with sever hair loss should look for a different product.

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7.  PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo:


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This hair regrowth product is a one of a kind organic shampoo formulated with plant stem cells. The rare stem cells from Switzerland help to combat hair loss in an innovative and effective new way by encouraging cells that regrow to be stronger than ever. This shampoo has a mild formula which is gentle on the scalp, making it a perfect option for men who want to steer clear of topical chemical treatments while getting the same results.


  • Integrated stem cells: PhytoWorx uses plant stem cells from Switzerland in their shampoo, which help to stimulate natural hair growth without unnecessary chemicals.
  • Essential oils: This shampoo is formulated with high quality and organic tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary oils which help to nourish the scalp and strengthen hair to defend from breakage and further loss.
  • Sulfate free: This shampoo is free from sulfates, so it won’t build up on the scalp and clog the hair follicles, which can cause difficulties in hair regrowth over time.


  • Greasy hair: All of the oils in this shampoo may leave hair feeling greasy or waxy after washing it.

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6.  Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo:


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This hair regrowth shampoo from the company Ultrax Labs uses caffeine to stimulate the scalp and was top rated in 2015 for hair regrowth solutions. The invigorating caffeine paired with other anti-inflammatory ingredients targets the scalp for improved follicle health.


  • Caffeine compounds: This shampoo is formulated with caffeine compounds, which stimulates hair regrowth by invigorating the hair follicles as well as blocking the DHT that could be causing hair loss in the first place.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Ultrax Labs takes the risk out of buying this product with a satisfaction guarantee. There’s no harm in trying out this shampoo.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Certain elements of this shampoo, such as the Ketoconazole, have anti-inflammatory properties that are significant in maintaining scalp health.


  • No difference in existing hair: This shampoo is formulated to stimulate hair regrowth where loss has occurred, but may not be effective in improving quality or texture of existing hair.

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5.  BioFushion – Hair Loss Shampoo for Men & Women:


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This 8 oz. bottle of Hair Loss Shampoo for Men & Woman is produced by the company Biofusion. It can be used to regrow new hair, as well as repair and strengthen damaged or thinning hair that is already present. It contains no harmful chemicals and is a great option for sensitive scalps that need to be repaired.


  • Vitamins and nutrients: This shampoo uses vitamins and nutrients to stimulate hair growth. Because of this, men can be assured that they are regrowing healthy and strong hair that will look and feel its best.
  • Repairs existing hairs: This shampoo not only promotes the growth of new hair, it also improves the hair that already exists. It leaves hair feeling softer than ever by enriching each strand with vitamins necessary for the health and strength.
  • All natural ingredients: Biofusion shampoo uses all natural ingredients and is completely free of parabens and chemicals. The ingredients include tea oil, rosemary, mulberry, and biotin. All of these ingredients make hair healthy, shiny, and strong.


  • Long wait time: In some occasions, it may take up to a couple months to begin seeing results with this shampoo. This can be frustrating, but customers should be patient as eventual results are worth it and guaranteed.

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4.  HairAnew Unique Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin:


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This product from the company Naturenetics is a daily vitamin formulated specifically to address the vitamin deficiencies that so often cause hair loss in men. These tablets encourage healthy cell reproduction and nourish the hair that already exists, as well as encouraging new hair to grow where it has been falling out.


  • Improves hair health and more: The vitamins in these tablets work to soften and strengthen hair as well as improve the health of skin and nails.
  • 11 unique ingredients: 11 different ingredients in these tablets each target specific vitamin deficiencies that could be causing hair loss or breakage, leaving hair regrowth and existing hair healthier and stronger than ever before.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Naturenetics offers a money back guaranteed for anyone who doesn’t experience results using their product, taking the risk out of purchase.


  • Slow growth results: While this product quickly leaves existing hair feeling stronger, shinier, and healthier, it may take longer to actually stimulate regrowth.

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3.  PURA d’Or Anti-Hair Loss Premium Organic Argon Oil Shampoo:

The Best Hair growth Products for Men

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This shampoo from the company PURA d’Or comes in 16 oz. bottle and uses certified organic ingredients to promote hair health and regrowth. This formula works not only on hairs but also on the scalp, attacking the hair loss problem from root to tip.


  • All natural organic ingredients: This shampoo uses all certified organic and natural ingredients like pumpkin seed, nettle, black cumin, and more. These ingredients are known to make hair healthier and fight breaking and shedding. The shampoo is also chemical and paraben free.
  • Promotes cell growth: The ingredients in this shampoo promote cell growth in the scalp, leaving follicles healthier than ever and able to grow stronger hair.
  • Gentle but effective formula: This shampoo is formulated to be gentle enough for all hair types while remaining as effective and the top-selling chemical products on the market.


  • Difficult to lather: This shampoo doesn’t produce as rich of a lather as chemical shampoos might, so it can be difficult to work with certain hair types.

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2.  Men’s Rogaine Foam, Three Month Supply:


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Perhaps the most well-known hair regrowth product, this three month supply of Rogaine is formulated specifically to stimulate follicle health, starting at the root of the hair and allowing for new growth. It is a topical product in foam form and is to be applied directly to the scalp.


  • Dries quickly: This foam product applies easily to the scalp, and it dries quicker than other topical treatments as it absorbs into scalp and follicles. This prevents the unnecessary greasy feeling afterward.
  • Clinically proven: In a four-month clinical study, Men’s Rogaine Foam proved to work better than the placebo at promoting new hair regrowth. This should reassure men that the product works effectively.
  • Combats hereditary hair loss: This product doesn’t just solve hair problems associated with vitamin definiteness or stress. It also combats hair loss or male pattern baldness that is hereditary.
  • FDA approved: Men’s Rogaine Foam is the first hair regrowth treatment to be approved by the FDA, assuring a high quality, safe, and reliable product.


  • Not effective on receding hairlines: This product was not formulated to be effective on the front of the scalp, so it should not be used to combat a receding hairline. This product was meant to be effective on the vertex of the scalp.
  • Possible scalp irritation: Because this formula is so strong and does contain chemical ingredients, it may be harsh on certain skin types. Watch out for any scalp irritation and discomfort.

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1.  Hair Growth Essentials: #1 Rated Hair Loss Supplement for Women and Men:


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This product from Hair Growth Essentials is a dietary supplement that comes in tablet form. It is to be taken by mouth once a day and each bottle come with a 90 day supply. These tablets are formulated to make new hair grow in stronger than ever and begin working from the inside of the scalp outwards to ensure healthy from root to tip.


  • 29 stimulating ingredients: This product has fewer fillers than most, and uses 29 ingredients each chosen specifically for their hair regrowing properties. This high concentration of vitamins and essential nutrients ensure that hair will feel its best as it regrows,
  • Works rapidly and effectively: The vitamins in these tablets are highly concentrated, so they begin working quicker and more effectively than other brands. Noticeable results can be expected shortly after beginning to supplement.
  • Guaranteed to work: Hair Growth Essentials guarantees that their product will work or customers can get their money back. There is no risk involved for customers who want to give this product a shot.
  • All natural: This product has no filler, binders, or artificial ingredients that may be harmful to hair regrowth or health, and the facilitates where the tablets are produced follow strict quality guidelines.


  • Large tablets: Because of the high concentration of each vitamin in these tablets, the pill size is rather large. This could possibly make the tablets more difficult to swallow daily.

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What Are Hair Growth Products For Men?

These are products designed specifically to stimulate hair regrowth in balding areas. Some are shampoos formulated with essential oils and keratin in the ingredients, which make hair healthy and resistant to breaking and thinning. Some are tablets which contain the proper vitamins to nourish hair back to a healthier state and promote newer, healthier hair to grow where the balding has occurred. And some are topical scalp treatments that include the medicine Minoxidil. Minoxidil absorbs into the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles to begin growing new hair as well as to prevent any further hair loss from occurring. These results will only last for as long as the medicine is being used. With so many choices, choosing the best method can prove to be overwhelming. Below, we have listed the 10 best hair growth products for men currently on the market and reviewed each one. There is definitely a product out there for everyone regardless of the cause of hair loss and whether or not a chemical or medicated treatment is needed.

Whether experiencing hair loss due to genetics, stress, vitamin deficiencies, male pattern baldness, or any other reason, the above ten hair loss treatments for men can help men take control over their lives and confidence once again while regrowing and maintaining healthy hair. No matter what the cause of hair loss may be, balding can be an embarrassing and troublesome issue. Each product listed in this review has its own unique properties, so there truly is something that will work for everyone, regardless of the type of hair loss, budget, skin type, and needs. Men can depend on these high-quality products, as they are the ten best hair growth products for men in 2020.

Also, see Best Hair Growth Products for Women.

13 Replies to “Top 10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men in 2020 For Hair Loss Treatment”

  1. Male pattern baldness is an affliction, experienced to some degree, by more than 50{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} of men over 50 years of age. Hair loss can be detrimental to the confidence of any man. Researchers and scientists have been conducting research since time immortal to find a cure for baldness.

    Thorough research over past several decades has revealed the root cause of male pattern baldness (MPB). Thankfully, there have been many successful approaches to treat and cure MPB.

    Today, the market is filed with numerous products claiming to regrow your lost hair and prevent further hair loss. It is however, very important to choose a correct hair growth treatment that is both effective and safe.
    We have conducted a thorough research of the market and uncovered the top 10 products that are safe and effective to regrow hair and prevent further hair loss.

    1. What’s the best men’s hair growth product on the market for 2017 that will grow hair guarantee proof that it will work on men’s head all over a men’s head front, sides, top, and back of men’s head. Please respond back and let me know. Thanks

  2. Hair loss is no joke. People suffering from hairless often loose their self confidence. However, with the help of modern medicine, it is now possible to fight back. We hope that one of these products helps you in not only preventing hair loss but also to regrow your lost hair. So, what are you waiting for? Get one of these products and bid baldness adieu!!

    Here are the top 10 list of my recommended product:

    10. Mens Minoxidil 2{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} Regular Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment

    Coming in at number 10 is a topical solution of 2{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} minoxidil. Minoxidil promotes the blood flow in the roots of the hair and promotes the regrowth of new and shiny strands of hair. Applied twice a day, the solution does have some good results. The formula is unscented and does not leave any residue so that you can confidently wear it while you are out and about as well.

    9. Regenepure – Precision 5{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} Minoxidil Spray

    This great product from Regenpure is very convenient to apply. Packing in the goodness of the clinically proven Minoxidil, the unique formulation in a spray foam gives you a great convenience of application. The product contain an extra strength dose of minoxidil at 5{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} to have the maximum effectiveness. With the unique spray applicator, you can direct the fine mist of the solution directly to the affected are to have a maximum coverage without wastage. This product is great if you have small bald spot or thinning on the crown.

    8. Ultrax Labs Hair Rush DHT Blocking Hair Loss Maxx

    The most unique ingredient in this tablet formulation is solubilized keratin. It is a breakthrough supplement proven to help reduce hair loss and promote regrowth. The tablets also contains a blend of 23 essential vitamins essential for micro-circulation of blood within the roots of the hair. The product is suitable for both men and women and has been shown to effectively combat the balding.

    7. Research Verified Hair Growth Support

    Coming in at number 7 is the tablet formulation from Research Verified. This tablet formulation contains a mixture of multi-vitamin blends and trusted compounds known to promote hair growth and prevent future hair fall. The product is manufactured in US FDA certified labs ensuring high quality. Containing active ingredients such as Saw Palmetto and Ginkgo biloba, help promote natural and lustrous hair regrowth.

    6. Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment

    Rogaine is one go the first companies to introduce 5{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} topical minoxidil for hair growth. The trusted brans contains a 5{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} high strength formulation which is available as a topical solution and in a foam formulation to extend penetration with the scalp and yield best results.

    5. Ultrax Labs Hair Lush

    A unique formulation by Ultrax is the Hair Lush. Formulated in a serum form containing caffeine, immediately adds volume to hair. It also contains a proprietary blend of ingredients which are known to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The leave in caffeine formulations are known to improve the health of hair and Hair lush performs up to expectations.

    4. PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

    Coming in at the fourth position is the all-natural, plant based organic shampoo from PhytoWorx. The shampoo is formulated with plant stem cells to promote hair growth and tackle DHT. Rare plant cells from the plant Malus domestica, along with various essential oils, promote a healthy roots. The shampoo formulation is very easy to use and is completely hassle free. If you are looking for an all-natural formulation, this is one of the best.

    3. Biotopic Natural Hair Regrowth formula

    Coming in at number 3 is this great product from the trusted name of Biotopic. The main advantage of their product is the fact that this contains only natural ingredients. Formulated with biting, Caffeine and Saw Palmetto, it reduces the hair loss and promotes volume and adds bounce and shine to the existing hair. The product is formulated into a neat spray formulation which is easy to apply and target to the affected area. With a once in a day application, it is easy to stick to the routine. The results wit this formulation are really amazing. If you suffer from MPB especially in the crown region, this product is for you.

    2. Root Recovery Hair and Scalp Treatment

    The second spot on the list goes to an awesome product from root recovery. The unique formulation is formulated with a blend of all-natural 14 DHT blockers which antagonize the functions of the detrimental hormone DHT. It is formulated in a unique serum form to make it easy to be absorbed in the scalp. The treatment serum also contains a number of other ingredients having a myriad of properties from anti inflammatory to anti-dandruff for an effective and complete hair hair regimen.

    1. Lipogaine for Men

    This innovative product uses the active ingredient called Minoxidil. Lipogain uses the trusted hair growth promotor Minoxidil in a special delivery system. The minoxidil from lipogain is absorbed very efficiently into the scalp thanks to the new and improved Liposomal system. The product is also fortified with biotin, the most important vitamin for hair growth promotion. It also contains some herbal extracts promoting hair growth as well.

  3. You can, though, reduce hair. To begin with, to be able to understand the growth procedure, you’ve got to know precisely what hair is. You ought not to acquire synthetic hair if you’re planning on using heat, as it is very important made from microfibers and can’t take heat whatsoever.

    A common way epilate hair is by way of waxing. It is normally recommended that you clean your hair on account of your hair type and should you do that every day, then you must locate a suitable shampoo and balsam, especially in summer. Whenever you have long, powerful and healthier hair, you’ve got to make certain it stays that manner.

    Hair demands sulfur for normal increase and appearance. Hair development prices These two different kinds of hair grow at various rates. Inducing an entirely new hair is not the same challenge, she stated, adding that studies to try doing just that in people aren’t far off.

    Utilize caution when utilizing a compost tumbler, however, because hair does not appear to compost completely in them. Hair exists in a number of textures. Cutting the hair also might be an indication of mourning. Human hair is among those important things that form the idea of beauty. Human facial hair grows faster than every other hair physically.

  4. Your hair should have vitamins A, B, C, and E so as to raise and stay healthy. You will maintain your hair provided that you continue the usage of these medications.

    There are lots of diverse methods of getting your hair back and acquire your self-confidence back in the procedure. Be gentle as you rinse your hair. After that, you can rinse your hair thoroughly beneath the shower. Most importantly, you have to learn how to watch over your hair and select the perfect hair regrowth treatment which is best for you. Because of this, after your hair has regrown as a result of the Bhringraj hair oil, it will be strong enough to remain healthy for longer. An excessive amount of hair on the body may be the good source of embarrassment for men.

    A month or two after the shedding stops, you should start to observe some regrowth. Under these sorts of circumstances, hair regrowth might become difficult. As an immediate result, you’re going to be in a position to stimulate wholesome hair regrowth and avoid hair loss.

  5. Even when you’re losing hair, it doesn’t mean it will happen forever. The hair will expand back but this is only going to happen in case you have the most suitable therapy. Use the large toothed comb if you have curly hair.

    If you believe you are beginning to lose your hair at an abnormal speed, you ought to start taking preventive measures so as to make sure that it remains from getting worse. Hair only grows about half an inch a month, therefore it takes some time to find those eight-12 inches required to donate. Falling hair is a somewhat common ailment which affects a massive amount of people.

    Hair loss does not opt for a particular gender or age. It is a very distressing occurrence for both men and women. It is a common problem that everyone faces today. There are many causes for hair loss which have been discovered by different medical research studies.

    The source of hair loss for women really isn’t the same from the usual causes of men. It is one of the most common problems experienced by men and women all over the world. In reality, it is wholly different that hair loss for women is rare though it is not common.

  6. Never forget to clean your hair regularly and make sure it remains healthy. Take great care of your hair and it is going to stay healthful and shiny! In the event, the hair starts to acquire dry during the procedure, then wet it with water, but ensure that it isn’t dripping. Additionally, there are many ways you may try to get large, curly hair.

    As soon as your hair was straightened or curled, the last step is to utilize Redken All Soft hair serum. Coloring one’s hair has turned into a type of beauty ritual. It works nicely with dry hair. The best method to take care of dry and rough hair is by employing herbal products that have no side results and supply treatment for dry hair without the usage of chemicals.

    Hair can’t be repaired after it’s damaged. It keeps hair healthful and strong. Which means, this kind of hair are drier when compared with straight hair. In regards to selecting the ideal hair coloring products for ethnic ladies, it’s important to start looking for products which will serve your specific needs.

    Basically, additionally, it depends on upon hair type. Hair One is a cheaper alternate to WEN. If you’re worried about your youngster’s rough, kinky hair, then conduct checkout this conditioner.

  7. Biotopic is the best I wonder why it’s not here.. I think I heard Dr. OZ say it has the right combination of ingredients for hair growth like caffeine, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, keratin, Vitamin C …..

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