Top 10 Best Food Scales in 2020 Reviews

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For cooking the best meal and preparing the tastiest cakes and bread, it is essential to have the proper and accurate amount of ingredients in your bowl. Especially when it comes to baking, calculating the right amount of ingredients by your own is quite tricky. So, food scales were introduced and invented for the measuring of food item like flour, sugar, salt, etc. in an accurate number so that there are no chances of faults while preparing any item. A food scale ensures the each ingredient is in perfect amount and weight so that everyone can achieve great results without any flaws. Without it, you may not feel that it is that important, but you start using it, then you will feel the difference. This item is a must for the people who love cooking and baking and expect it the results to be perfect.

There are a lot of options for you if you are thinking about buying one. There are different varieties and types of food scales available in the market and the online market too. So here I present you the list of top 10 food scales which are very famous among the different kitchen scales in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Food Scales in 2020:

10.Duronic KS100RD red Portable Design Digital Display try/Bowl Kitchen Scales.

Duronic KS100RD Red Portable

One of the most compact and easy to use the product of Duronic is sure to impress you by its quality and precision. If you are looking for a small easy to use food tray/bowl scale, then this is made for you.


  • It’s weighing a range of 1g-5kg.
  • This product is completely equipped with four high precision sensors.
  • It has LCD digital display.
  • It is a long lasting product.
  • Looking with great features and is simple.


  • The design and look are not that great.
  • No auto-off mechanism.
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9.Duronic KS1007 Compact Slim Design Digital Display 5Kg Kitchen scale.

Duronic KS1007 Compact Slim

Duronic produces an excellent range of kitchen scale which is very famous for its customers. You can measure liquid ingredients without any problems. The total weight of this item is 231g.


  • It provides very accurate measurement due to its four high precision sensors.
  • It can measure in increments of 1ml/1g/0.1oz/0.1fl.oz.
  • It has a very slim figure and a stainless steel surface in the platform which makes it look durable.
  • It is easy to store and also have bright LCD so that you can easily see your measurements.
  • It can measure maximum up to 5kg making it an excellent postal scale and also there is a tare function in this product so that you can return the measurement to zero so that you can measure multiple times in one go.


  • No automatic switch off function.
  • It won’t work correctly for a long time.
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8. AMIR Digital Pro Pocket Scales

Amir Digital Pro Pocket Scales

This product looks perfect due to the use of its quality materials as AMIR make sure that only the best materials are used in the making of this kitchen scale. It has 6 unit conversion facility for easy use.


  • It has a stainless steel platform which gives it an intense look.
  • This product provides accurate measurements up to a large weight range of 3000g/0.1g.
  • The PCS function allows you to weight and count the pieces of small screws and pins.
  • It also has other smart button functions which are very reliable.
  • It is very compact and is easy to carry.
  • The LCD screen is also evident providing you your desired measurements.


  • It gets somewhat inaccurate after few months.
  • It comes with a warranty of 1 year only.
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7. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Food Scale

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

Etekcity produces the best food scale you can know about, and even this product does the best for you without creating many hassles.


  • It has an ultra slim figure, and the platform is 30% larger than the platforms of other scales which are sure to attract many customers.
  • The weighting range of this product is maximum up to 5kg/11lb and minimum up to 1g/0.1oz.
  • It has high precision strain gauge sensors which give correct measurements all the time.
  • The display LCD is also good, and it also has a natural tear function and comes with two years free replacement warranty.


  • Sensors won’t work properly after a few weeks.
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6. Salter Disc Electronic Kitchen Scale.

Salter Lime Green

One of the well-known electronic kitchen scale producing company, it does it work quite nicely. Providing us with one the finest kitchen scales we can use.


  • This product is designed very finely and also has stainless steel platform which makes cleaning easier.
  • It has the tare function enabling you to measure multiple items in a single stretch.
  • There is also an aquatic feature which helps in measuring liquid quantities.
  • The LCD is easy to read, and you can swap from metric to imperial or vice versa any time.
  • The weighing range is from 1g-5000g.


  • The edges are not perfect.
  • Takes time to give a final readout.
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5. Accuweight Digital Kitchen Cooking Scale.

Accuweight Digital Multifunction

Provides a good set of digital food scale and is one of the favorites of the customers. A finished black color of this set gives a luxurious look to it. The total weight of this item is 535 g.


  • It has a weighing range of 0.1g-5kg.
  • The advanced sensors give the accurate readings of your ingredients.
  • Covered with a durable tempered glass, makes it look good and healthy.
  • It comes with the tare function.
  • It has energy saving ability, auto off technology.


  • Many people may not find the back red LED well to read.
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4. 1byone Professional Touch Digital Food Scale.

1byone Food Scale

Giving you the accuracy you always wanted, the 1byone food scale is sure to surprise you with the best product in its range. It is light and easy to carry with the overall weight of 320 grams.


  • It has four high precision sensors.
  • It is effortless to use and has touch-sensitive buttons.
  • It provides you accurate measurements from 0.17oz to 11.6lbs.
  • It has a compact design and is easy to store.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • It gives only one year warranty.
  • But it won’t work properly for too long.
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3. Amir digital food scales

AMIR Digital Food Scales

Another model of Amir which is good enough to be counted in one of the best digital kitchen scales. This energy saving product is one of the pride this company is liked a lot by its customer.


  • It can measure highest up to 5000g and minimum of 0.01oz which is quite impressive.
  • It comes in two design, silver and silver with a black border which makes it look stunning.
  • It has easy to read LCD.
  • It has a slim and compact design.
  • It comes with tare function for measurement convenience.
  • It also comes with low battery indication and also the auto off functions for easy use.


  • Sometimes the tar won’t work correctly.
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2. Amir Digital Kitchen Disc Scale


It is straightforward and easy to use a product by Amir which scores the top 3 kitchen scale of 2020. It looks a little different than the other models of Amir but works more correctly than the others.


  • One of the most accurate kitchen scales.
  • It has a slim and compact design which makes it easier to use and store.
  • It has easy read LCD for the correct readings of yours.
  • Four high precision sensors for the perfect sensitive measurements
  • It has a weighing range of 1g-5000g.
  • It comes with add and weigh ‘zero’ function and thus allowing multiple measurements.


  • It comes with an only one-year replacement warranty.
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1. Smart weight Culinary Kitchen scale.

Smart Weigh Culinary Kitchen Scale

One of the best kitchen scales you can use in your search for the best ones. Providing you the most accurate measurements, this product lasts very long and is sure to meet all your expectations.


  • It has clear color and easy to wipe stainless steel platform is sure to attract you.
  • Ingredients can be measured in a variety of units like grams, kilograms, fluid ounces, ounces, and pounds also.
  • It comes with two platforms, the larger one having an incredible weighing range of 1g-10kg and the second one of 1g-300g.
  • It is easy to store.
  • Two years of warranty.


  • It is more costly than the others.
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You can decide that which one is made for you by reading the above list. Each one of them is an excellent kitchen scale, but it ultimately depends on you and your necessity that which can be the one for you. A good kitchen scale is not only a requirement for cooking but also for many other purposes, be wise enough to choose the best for you.

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