Top 7 Best Fingerprint Scanners in 2020

Electronics & Computers / Wednesday, January 1st, 2020

Sometimes, digit passwords cannot fully protect valuable information on your devices from hackers. That is why there is really is a need for a new kind of security and identity confirmation. That is when biometric systems come into play.

Recently, biometric systems such as fingerprint readers have become the new definition of high-level security. They can greatly increase the security of your electronic devices as well as personal computers and data better than ever. To keep you up to date, we would like to introduce the top 7 best fingerprint scanners in 2020.

List of Top 7 Best Fingerprint Scanners in 2020

7. Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader

Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7/8/10. Fingerprint Scanners

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First, on the list, we are looking at the Verifi P5100 fingerprint reader. This fingerprint scanner is very compatible with any device that runs window 7, 8, 10. It even works with windows HELLO. To make sure that your fingerprint is in good hands, it has included Roboform free edition password manager into this fingerprint reader.

In addition to being friendly and responsive, this is one of those fingerprint scanner locks that looks very neat!
The touch sensor was made from the large silicon (non-optical) that gives an easy read to your fingerprint, and it was fully covered by an all-metal housing for a great protection to the product.

Set up is fairly easy. Scanning in a bunch of fingerprints takes only a few minutes. And, the best thing is all you need is one touch to get the door/device unlocked. This thing sure works every time without a hitch!

6. Futronic FS88H FIPS201/PIV USB 2.0

Futronic FS88H FIPS201PIV USB

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You know your money is well-spent when you get the fingerprint scanner that is certified by FBI and US General Services Administration. As a high profile fingerprint scanner, Futronic is equipped with many great functions such as Live Finger Detection (LFD) and Infra-red illumination, providing the best extra level of security for your computers or devices. Its optics are so precise that, with the help of the Infra-red illumination, this biometric scanner can read through even wet, dry, blurred, and other problematic fingers. And, it is fairly easy to set up.

Last but not least, this item works perfectly fine with USB 2.0 or any plug and play device. This fingerprint scanner is guaranteed to works spot on every time!

5. Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader

Verifi P2000 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader

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Standing at the top 5th here is another great product from Verifi! Most of these biometric scanner brand models are built to work with almost any electronic device. It works best for users who run Windows 7, 8, 10, and window Hello, except Windows XP and Windows Vista. And, this fingerprint reader is known to work every time on the first attempt.

With Roboform free edition password manager, you can login into your applications and favorite websites with your fingerprint. The same as other models from Verifi, this one also has the innovative silicon slide sensor and all-metal housing for the whole body. Plus, the construction is nice, heavy, and from metal.

If you are not familiarized with the product, don’t worry; a CD will be included with the purchase to help you with Quick Start Guide. For smooth installations, please disable antivirus programs when installing. Follow the provided instructions, and you will be able to see superb, reliable results from this biometric scanner!

4. Thumbprint Security USB Reader

Thumbprint Security USB Reader

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Here is an oldie but definitely a goodie! The Thumbprint Security USB Reader is one the best fingerprint scanner locks that have earned their place as number 4 on our list. We are really impressed by how inexpensive yet efficient this small item is! This model of fingerprint scanners can work smoothly with the old supporting system such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. It also supports a variety of languages such as English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc.

Coming in with just 30g (exclude cable), you can have this small, sleek and stylish tool with you everywhere as its size is just 22cm x13.5cm x 5cm. The sticky material on the back (anti-slip coating) keeps it from moving. Set up takes only minutes. This product also includes software, which supports to encrypt of Windows Login, Screen Saver Lock, Password bank, and more. Plus, what a great fingerprint scanner that comes with great responsibility! 1 Year warranty for you!

3. IDOL Touch Mini Fingerprint Reader

IDOL Touch Mini Fingerprint Reader

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They can hack your password, but they cannot hack your fingerprint! This IDOL Touch Mini Finger will make sure that unauthorized user will never get a chance to use your laptop or desktop. Built to support the latest Windows 10 Hello, this one will automatically pair itself with Microsoft Windows sign-in settings without any installation for new supporting software.

Quick Set-up and guides for fingerprint reader best practices will be included in the package. Plus, the price tag is very acceptable!

2. Digital Persona U.are.u 4500 Reader 70″ Cable

U.are.u 4500 Reader 70 Cable

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We are excited to introduce to you another top-rated fingerprint scanner made by 2 best inventors of fingerprint scanner locks, named Digital Persona and U.are.U. The collaboration between U.are.U and DigitalPersona has given customers one of the greatest fingerprint scanners in the market today. Without further delay, let’s get into greater details on this product.

For the Pixel resolution, this one has 512 dpi (average x, y over the scan area), and the scan capture area is 14.6 mm (nom. width at center) 18.1 mm (nom. length) with reader size approximately about 65 mm x 36 mm x 15.56 mm, and last but not least the 8-bit grayscale (256 levels of gray).

Moreover, it has the Blue soft LED light that fits into any environment and adapts quickly to low light environments. This light will not bother your eyes. Suitable for boosting your Desktop PC security, Mobile PCs, or any Custom applications! With such features and compact size, this is a fingerprint scanner that is ideal for almost anywhere – indoor, home or office uses. And, if you are ever skeptical about the use with USB, don’t be.

The rugged construction of high-quality metal casing for resisting unintentional movement makes this a sturdy fingerprint reader. This model is compatible with USB 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 in full speed. We are sure you don’t want to miss out on this one!

1. BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader

BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader

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Let’s get the ultimate list of the top 7 best fingerprint scanners in 2020 done with the BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader. Specially designed for the latest Windows Hello, BIO-key will protect your authentication that you use to logon any applications and websites perfectly and in the highest security possible.

This fingerprint reader is also compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. One of the most special features of this product is the Ecole, which means this product includes a 3-foot micro USB cable. For commercial use, this biometric scanner is highly durable.

With BIO-key, you can rest assured that your trust is in good hands, and not a single unauthorized user will lay their hands on your confidential information in your electronic devices. On top of that, this security hub allows a device to be attached to workstation or docking station easily. Look for something inexpensive yet effective, and convenient? Look no further than the BIO-key EcoID Compact Fingerprint Reader.


Provided above is the top 7 best fingerprint scanners in 2020. Hopefully, the list that we just went through will give you some clues on what brand you should choose and which fingerprint scanner is best for your needs. The list is highly based on customer recommendation and the current best-selling products on the market.

Plus, all of these fingerprint scanner locks are all available online, so you can get them anytime. Time to say goodbye to password hassles; grab one of these time-savers!

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  1. Old Version of this article

    Quite many individuals are familiar with fingerprint recognition. The primary purpose of this technology is identity confirmation and security. Fingerprint readers, among other biometric systems, help increase the security of electronic devices, including PCs, company computers, as well as the valuable data we’ve got on our devices. Nowadays, laptops often come included with inbuilt fingerprint scanners. But, not all of them come with this technology incorporated.

    List of Top 10 Best Fingerprint Scanners in 2017

    10. Futronic FS88H FIPS201/PIV

    This scanner has been certified by FBI to comply with the PIV Image Quality Specification for Single-Finger Reader. As such, it meets the US FIPS201 standards for verification of personal identification. The Futronic FS88H makes use of a precise optical system (500 dpi) and advanced CMOS sensor technology to meet such rigorous requirements.

    The scanning window is constructed out of crown glass which is able to resist scratches, among other stress. In turn, that ensures long-term, heavy-duty usage. You’re certain to appreciate the inclusion of the exclusive Live Finger Detection Feature on this device. Also, it’s considerably lightweight, weighing in at just 150 grams. For its price, this scanner would be a fantastic steal!

    9. SecuGen Hamster Plus Scanner

    It’s an advanced version of the original Hamster. It’s clearly an improvement when compared to the original Hamster. The SecuGen Hamster Plus comes loaded with tools and features to help address your security concerns. At just 2. 8 inches tall, you’ll appreciate how compact and lightweight this model is. In turn, that makes an excellently portable fingerprint scanner. It barely matters whether you intend to take advantage of this scanner for personal device security or a large network setting. The Hamster Plus is a system that will provide a significant added layer of protection.

    The integrated Smart-Capture technology enables the scanner to take fingerprint images even when in bright areas. That includes even when in direct sunlight. The technology is able to adjust the sensor’s brightness automatically. That will also be advantageous when scanning difficult-to-read fingerprints. Thanks to the quick setup on any Windows-based PC, Hamster Plus offers top-notch security with extra convenience.

    8. UPEK Eikon Fingerprint Reader, Digital Privacy Manager

    When it comes down to biometric security solutions, UPEK was among the leading brands, for both logical and physical access control. Their fingerprint scanners are often integrated into Sony Vaio and Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. You’ll also find them in various notebooks of Dell, Acer, and Asus. The UPEK Eikon Fingerprint Reader, in particular, doesn’t disappoint. This reader boasts an appealing design which is relatively small when compared to most other fingerprint scanners.

    It features a swipe TCS4C sensor, implying that you’ll have to swipe the finger over this reader’s sensor. The device is designed for single-user applications. It’s compatible with MS Windows 7, XP, CE, Linux, and Mac OS X. It offers a significant deal of value regarding functionality and compatibility, all for a reasonable price!

    7. U.are.U. 4500 Digital Persona Fingerprint Scanner

    This scanner has been created to work with Digital Persona’s software suite. You can customize this software suite to your liking, thanks to the included software development kit. The U.are.U. 4500 is designed with much focus on enterprises and small businesses which want security across their network of computers. But, it doesn’t imply that you can’t use the same device for a single computer. You can, but there’ll be a considerably wasted potential.

    You’ll appreciate the blue LED which provides for a refined look of the entire scanner. A red LED flash is an indication of a successful fingerprint scan. Along the scanner, you’ll get several novel security features which are definite to pique your interest. Are you seeking a biometric security system for a secure enterprise network? Or, are you looking to improve efficiency in your small business? Then, you’ll want to check out this top-notch security device here.

    6. OEM USB Security Biometric Fingerprint Reader

    It’s among the ultimate options when it comes down to PC security. This system comes included with a USB cable, the USB Flash Drive, and a CD which has the software. All of your valuable data will be encrypted. After then, only your thumb will have access to that data. But, you can store ten different fingerprints in one scanner. Also, you can password-protect your data. It’s a multi-lingual tool which supports multiple, different languages, including German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and more! This security system is compatible with nearly all Windows OSs.

    5. Verifi P5100 Metal Fingerprint Reader, Premium

    Here’s a biometric security solution which works well for single users, as well as for a whole network of users. This gadget incorporates multiple valuable features into a compact, yet appealing form factor. Among its most attractive features is the remarkable number of users which can be entered. With appropriate software, the manufacturer asserts that the P5100 can identify over 1 million user entries.

    This scanner’s high sensitivity allowed for application of a thick protective coating to the sensor. That enhances the longevity and durability of the sensor, which is among the key aspects of a fingerprint scanner. This device is particularly light, weighing in at just 111 grams. As well, the dimensions barely leave much that we’d complain about. We back the Verifi P5100 is an outstanding way to bolster your computer’s security.

    4. Eikon Mini Fingerprint Scanner, for Microsoft Windows

    The Eikon Mini Fingerprint Scanner arrives in quite a minimal, yet sturdy packaging that’s incredibly easy to open. It retails at an affordable price. We’d be correct to consider it as just the perfect method to log into your device(s) without needing to carry any extra cables. Thankfully, it’s compatible with Windows 9. 1 and 10. Also, you won’t be required to download and additional software or driver to get things running.

    Originally, this scanner was manufactured by AuthenTec, a firm that was later bought by Apple. As such, the Eikon Mini’s sensor makes use of the innovative AuthenTec True-Print technology. Think about why Apple decided to purchase AuthenTec, and you’ll realize what value you’ll acquire from the Eikon Min Fingerprint Scanner!

    3. Verifi P2000 Metal Fingerprint Reader, Premium

    This model boasts a slick aesthetic and features strong technical specifications. It makes use of impressive Authentec’s True-Print technology. This feature enables the Verifi P2000 to scan even past the layer of a finger’s dead skin to the living skin. In turn, that produces a more reliable image. It won’t matter whether the finger’s surface is rough.

    This device, with a 500 dpi, can take incredibly detailed images of the fingerprints. More detailed images translate to better security. Although it’ll work well for one computer with the simplified plug-and-play technology, the manufacturer avails software solutions suitable for larger implementations. The P2000 showcases top-end features and reliable design. Also, expect remarkable durability with this model.

    2. Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

    What makes this reader outstanding? Four key factors make this reader an awesome option when it comes to fingerprint scanners. First, it’s pretty convenient! Also, it’s quite simple to set the system up. Besides being appreciably compact, this model comes included with a comfortable mouse which requires two Alkaline AA batteries to run.

    The thumb buttons are ergonomic. Upon installing the included software, you’ll be able to customize the thumb buttons to work with multiple functions. The only downside we’d point out with the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader is that it works with Internet Explorer alone. It might not be compatible with most other browsers. But, bottom line, this product is a handy scanner that’s reasonably priced.

    1. Thumbprint Security USB-Reader – Best Fingerprint Scanners in 2017

    Topping our list is the Thumbprint Security USB-Reader. We’d best describe this gadget using two terms: convenience and security. Yes, this scanner might not be suitable for larger, professional network security. But, it boasts features which are well suited for individual users. It’s incredibly compact enough to fit in a pocket comfortably. You can thus take it with you wherever you’re going. However, bear in mind that this device will only work with a PC that runs Windows 7, 8, XP or Vista, and has a USB port.

    The Thumbprint Security USB-Reader is able to produce a top-quality image of fingerprints. The 508-dpi resolution provides enough detail to ensure that the system identifies your fingerprints as unique, locking out unregistered fingerprints. This reader’s lightweight size gives you an excellently portable security solution, but at an extremely affordable price.

    Selecting a Reliable Fingerprint Scanner

    The job done by fingerprint scanners is quite simple. They capture a top quality fingerprint image before passing it onto the software. In case the image isn’t great as required, then the software won’t process it. That’s regardless of how good the included software is. For that reason, it’s critical that you select the right scanner for your projects. But, how does one define the best fingerprint scanner? It’s among the questions asked most often by users.

    We’d want to assume that you’re concerned with your computer’s security, right? If so, then you ought to consider getting a good fingerprint scanner. It’ll provide the convenient, secure protection you require. Taking a look at the market today, you’ll notice that there are multiple, different models and brands of fingerprint scanners. Often, these readers are quite similar regarding technical specifications.

    Among the most important things you’ll want to consider when purchasing a fingerprint reader are the weight and size. You’d obviously not want something that takes up lots of valuable desk space right next to your sleek PC. Below, we feature the top 10 best fingerprint scanners in 2017 reviews. They should primarily serve as a reliable guide to help you make a wise decision when shopping for your next fingerprint scanner. These reviews on our site are entirely factual, unbiased, and honest.

    The cost of a fingerprint scanner is a crucial consideration. Most biometric projects tend to fail because of poor cost consideration. The best scanner isn’t necessarily the costliest one. That, however, doesn’t imply that you go for the incredibly cheap models. A particular scanner may fall within your budget. But, in case it doesn’t meet your other requirements, then it’ll be a purchase that wasn’t worthwhile. Also, consider the fact that fingerprint scanners can be used for multiple purposes. So, while reviewing the cost, ensure that the scanner you intend to purchase suits your preferences and will meet your needs. Good luck!

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