Top 10 Best Chalkboards in 2019 Reviews

Office / Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Whether you are a teacher, an office worker, or just an individual, you may have to work on a chalkboard at times. It could be for drawing diagrams to explain something, writing notes as reminders, or doing some artistic works. If you are looking for a quality chalkboard where you can write anything effortlessly and it lasts a lifetime, we have the list of top 10 best chalkboards in 2019 for you to choose from. It will no more be tiresome for you to find the best chalkboard to buy that has all the required properties.

List of The Top 10 Best Chalkboards in 2019

10. Vintage Framed Slate Kitchen Chalkboard

Vintage Framed Slate Kitchen Chalkboard Chalkboards

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This chalkboard has natural slate stone and it is suitable for vintage décor. The surface is textured and its dimensions are 14 x 10 inches. You can write on both the sides and it comes with the 7-piece mounting kit to fit any place. It has a thick wooden frame and it is quite sturdy. It is suitable with chalk markers and you can erase them with a wet cloth. It is also good with regular chalk and can be placed for decorations, showing menus, drawing signs and much more.

Features –

  • It is an unfurnished natural slate with a unique texture and vintage look.
  • There is a solid wooden frame with rustic pine for better durability.
  • It is compatible with natural chalks and chalk markers.

9. Chalk Board with Oak Style Frame

Chalk Board with Oak Style Frame

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This is a well-furnished chalkboard and it is suitable for drawing effortlessly. There is oak-style frame and the overall over is classic. The contrast of the black background to white or colored foreground is better than most of the chalkboards and hence, the writing or design will be more vibrant and bright. The surface can be wiped completely clean like a new board with a cloth. The mounting kits are included in the package. The dimensions are 17 x 23 inches.

Features –

  • The chalkboard is ideal for drawing as the overall look of the board is elegant.
  • The black contrast ratio is high to make your writing and drawing highlight more.
  • The size is ideal for using it anywhere and the frame is thin to make the surface attract all the attention.

8. Plaid Enterprises Chalkboard

Plaid Enterprises Chalkboard

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It is a perfect home décor as it has an unfurnished wood frame. It is suitable for embellishment, ink-covered and stained paintings. It is made in China and you have to season the board before use. It is not ideal for chalk markers. The dimensions are 8.5 x 10.5 inches.

Features –

  • It is tailor-made for artistic and it will look great as a home décor with interesting painting.
  • It is very sturdy and can survive accident drops. You can use multiple of them on the wall of your stairs instead of photo frames.

7. The Board Dudes Chalk Boards Wood Frame

The Board Dudes Chalk Boards Wood Frame

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It is an awesome plain chalkboard that will highlight your writing and drawing. It is considered perfect for decorations. The frame has oak style and the contrast of the black surface is overwhelming. You can easily clean the board with a cloth without leaving stains. The dimensions are 23 x 35 inches.

Features –

  • It looks smooth and generally used for decoration as it is tailor-made for white and colored chalk markers.
  • The black surface is easily cleanable completely and it highlights the text due to high contrast ratio.

6. U Brands Chalkboard

U Brands Chalkboard

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This is a good-quality chalkboard which is highly durable and you can erase everything neatly without leaving beings stains. The black surface highlights white and colored chalk writing boldly. It has an oak wood frame and it is suitable with liquid chalk markers and the mounting process is easy and effortless. The dimensions are 23 x 17 inches.

Features –

  • It is a medium-sized chalkboard and it has versatile uses.
  • It can be hung vertically and horizontally. It does not leave a stain after erasing.
  • It is scratch-resistant and has a universal mounting system.

5. Quartet Chalkboard

Quartet Chalkboard

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This chalkboard has a wide frame and it is made up of wood with a contemporary finish. The design is more like a photo frame and hence, it is best for design and décor. It is mainly used for personal use to write reminder points and to-do things. The product is quite sturdy and comes with Z-bracket hardware. The dimensions are 8.5 x 11 inches.

Features –

  • It is a medium-sized chalkboard which is perfect for artistic work and personal use.
  • The quality of the chalkboard is great and the frame is wide for a classic look.
  • You can use it in landscape and portrait position comfortably.

4. COMIX ChalkBoard Blackboard

COMIX ChalkBoard Blackboard

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This chalkboard has dimensions are 24 x 36 inches. It is a well-furnished blackboard with wood frame. The surface is very smooth and easy for cleaning and writing. The frame is thick and can protect the board during accidental drops. The wall mount items are included in the package and it highlights white and colored text equally. It comes with 3 years warranty.

Features –

  • The wood frame is thick and strong and prevents the chalkboard from breaking during sudden drops.
  • The look is neat and smooth and it is easy to erase and one can use white or color chalks.
  • COMIX is a popular brand worldwide and you get 3 years of warranty.

3. Small Wood A-Frame Chalkboard

Small Wood A-Frame Chalkboard

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This is a unique A-frame chalkboard which is generally used for marketing purpose. It has a rustic white chalkboard and it is double-sided. It has great stability and the dimensions are 10.25 x 15 x 9.5 inches. The board is eye-catching, easily erasable, the dark finish highlight the texts brightly. It is a perfect signage for weddings as well.

Features –

  • It has unique A-frame style for using in the restaurant, wedding, or any store.
  • It has a rustic design with white-wash finish and dark surface to highlight the text and design.
  • It has double sides for writing and provides great stability for outdoor usage.

2. Black Magnetic Chalk Board

Black Magnetic Chalk Board

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This is a magnetic chalkboard and it has a high-grade aluminum frame. It is very dry to erase the writings and drawing effortlessly due to a vinyl surface. It is scratch-resistant and it comes with mount wall kits, and chalk tray. You can use it for landscape and portrait position. You can add flashcards and other attractive things on the magnetic pin board. The dimensions are 32 x 44 inches and there are various colors and sizes available.

Features –

  • The magnetic board serves the purpose of chalkboard and pin board perfectly.
  • It includes a chalkboard that slides into the board swiftly.
  • It is very easy to erase the surface and it looks great in landscape and portrait mode.

1. Creative Hobbies Synthetic Chalkboard

Creative Hobbies Synthetic Chalkboard

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This is a set of 6 small-sized and double-sided chalkboards. The dimensions are 4 x 6 inches. It has a wooden frame which is completely unfurnished and they enhance the look of the chalkboard. The slate is imported and the quality is great. You can use this set for trendy design on the wall or mini menus.

Features –

  • You get 6 small chalkboards at the expense one large chalkboard.
  • The build quality is superb and the unfurnished wood frame makes it look cooler.
  • It can be used to decorate your wall like you do with photo frames.

All these top 10 best chalkboards in 2019 are extremely good in quality and different boards are great for different purpose like artistic drawing, decoration texts, casual use and likewise. Make sure you take the size into consideration before making the purchase.

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