Top 10 Best Chainsaw Sharpeners in 2020 Reviews

Tools & Garden / Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

Like all other cutting tools, even the chainsaws become blunt after being used heavily. A blunt chainsaw can actually create several problems. Firstly, you will not get the sharp and efficient cut that you are used to. And secondly, it will cause your chain saw to overheat thereby shortening its lifetime. Hence, it is always better to sharpen the chain once in a while for better performance. But to do that, you will require one of the best chainsaw Sharpeners and buy one is not as easy as it may sound.

Here is a list of the Best Chainsaw Sharpeners of 2020

10. Oregon 30846 12-Volt Sure Sharp Chain Saw Sharpener


Oregon is really popular name amongst all the chainsaw users. They manufacture some of the best chainsaw sharpeners. This sharpener is actually a very special one since you can use it in your workshop to sharpen the chain and you can also carry it with you into the woods to sharpen the chain on spot. It runs on a 12V battery and is super easy to use.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Easily portable and you can use it on spot to sharpen the chain.
  • Works on a 12V battery.
  • Comes with two sharpening stones.
  • Can be adjusted easily for ensuring the perfect cut for your chainsaw.


  • The rotating shaft gets jammed sometimes.
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9. Garrett Wade Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

Garrett Wade Quick Feed Chain Sharpener

This Garret Wade quick feed chain sharpener offers you quick and most efficient service. This Italian made chainsaw sharpener can sharpen a standard 20inch chain within just twelve minutes. Hence, you can be sure about its superior performance.


  •  Very easy to use! All you need to do is to just clamp it in your workbench, in order to get started.
  •  Has the ability to sharpen a 20inch change in just 12 minutes.
  •  The sharpener is Italian made.
  •  Comes with a 3.2mm grind wheel.


  •  The electric cord that comes with it is very small.
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8. Oregon 620-120 Hydraulic Assist Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 620

This Oregon chain sharpener is one of the finest tools that you will ever come across. It allows you to sharpen the chain of different profiles. Plus, you can adjust the angle and depth as per your choice while its hands-free vise makes sure that you get the work done with utmost safety.


  •   Sharpens chains of various pitch profiles
  •  Comes with three grinding wheels of different sizes; a dressing brick and quick check template for grinding
  •  Equipped with a hands-free vise for faster and safer operation
  •  You can adjust plate and down angle as per your convenience.
  •  The vise is self centred and its handle position can be customized.


  • The plastic knobs are of poor quality.
  • The hydraulic fluid may leak if the sharpener is not adjusted properly.
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7. Oregon 410-120 Bench or Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

Oregon 410-120 Bench

The best thing about this product is that it can be mounted on the wall. Of course, you can mount it anywhere on the wall of your workshop for better and more efficient usage. Moreover, the chainsaw sharpener sharpens chains of different pitch profiles and it is extremely light in weight which increases its efficiency.


  •  The sharpener usually comes with a dressing brick, three grinding wheels of different sizes and a quick guide for grinding.
  •  It can sharpen chains belonging to different pitch profiles.
  •  Very light in weight.
  •  The down angle and top plate can be adjusted as per your convenience.
  •  You can mount it on the wall.
  •  The chainsaw sharpener is equipped with a wheel wear indicator.


  •  It is too complicated to assemble.
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6. Oregon 5/32-Inch Chain Saw Sharpening Kit

Oregon 5/32-Inch Chain

Oregon chain sharpening kit is widely used by the chainsaw users across the world. The process is very easy and there is no complication in it. Plus, you can carry it around yourself in your bag. No electricity, batteries or complicated assembly is required. If you have workshop skills then it is very easy for you to use.


  •   Very easy to use
  •  Comes with a flat file, round file, 2 wooden file handles and an assembled file frame
  •  You can sharpen chains of different pitches with it.
  •   No assembly, electricity or batteries are required.


  •  Even though there is no complicated process involved in it, but without proper knowledge of using workshop tools it can be very tough to sharpen the chain properly.
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5. Oregon 551462 Hydraulic Assist Chain Grinder

Oregon 551462

Like every other Oregon product, this chain sharpener also assures you of superior performance and efficiency. It is also equipped with a hands-free vise operation which ensures you about faster, better and more effective grinding. Also, it has a built-in self-lockout feature for replacing the wheel easily.


  •  Hands-free vise operation for much quicker and more efficient sharpening
  •  Very light in weight
  •  Has a self-lockout feature for replacing the wheels easily.
  • The vise is self-centred.
  •  The top-plate angle can be adjusted as per your ease.


  •  The power cord could have been made little longer.
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4. Ironton Chain Saw Sharpener – 12 Volt

Ironton Chain Saw Sharpener

Here, is another battery operated portable chain sharpener in our list. It is very easy to use and it delivers you with a perfectly sharpened chainsaw. Moreover, you can sharpen it using a car battery or any ATV as well as UTV battery.


  •  The sharpener can be powered by ATV, UTV or Car battery while using it in the remote locations.
  •  Its unique design offers better and quicker sharpening operation.
  •  The grindstones can be replaced easily.


  •  The grind stones do not last much longer.
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3. Oregon 511AX Saw Chain Bench Grinder/Sharpener

Oregon 511AX Saw

Oregon 511AX saw chain sharpener has been around for quite some and it is undoubtedly very popular among the chainsaw users. It is very convenient to use; light in weight and most importantly, self adjusts the grind angle perfectly in relation to the pitch of your chain.


  •  Comes with most unique electrical as well as motor specifications
  •  Sharpens chains of different pitches
  •  Self adjusts the grind angle as per the pitch of the chain
  •  You will get three different grind wheels, dressing brick and a quick template for grinding.


  •  The vise is little fragile.
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2. Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain Sharpener 7/32

Husqvarna Sharpforce Chain Sharpener

This chainsaw sharpener has been widely voted as one of the best chain sharpeners by many users. There is difficult assembly included in it; you can just use it mechanically without any complications.


  •  No battery or electricity is required.
  • There is no complicated assembly.
  • It comes with a factory warranty.


  •   Consumes a lot of time to sharpen the chain
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1. Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

Buffalo Tools Chainsaw Sharpeners

Considering everything, this electric chain sharpener is actually the best one that you can own. It is efficient, easy to use and highly effective. If you really want to keep the top chain of your chainsaw in good condition then this is the best thing that you can own.


  •  Keep your chainsaw in top condition with this sharpener from Buffalo Tools.
  •  You can mount it to the bench, vise as well as on the wall.
  •  It works very well with every chain design.
  •  4200RPM speed makes the sharpening process really fast.


  •  It consumes a lot of power.
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Now, your job of cutting becomes way easier with the help of the best chainsaw sharpeners.

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