Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019 Reviews

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If reverse parking is a nightmare for you, here we have the perfect solution to it. The products that will be presented are the best car rearview cameras in 2019. We will look into the cameras’ key features to help you find a perfect car rear view camera that suits your needs, and preference best.

List of  Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2019

10. Panlelo Car Backup Camera

Car Backup cam Back up camera Car Rear View Camera

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First, let us introduce to you the Panlelo car backup camera. This awesome camera is equipped night vision rearview, plus 170-degree angle with the 1080p HD quality. The night vision rear view camera is compatible with a variety of vehicles, cars, motors, trucks, pick up trucks, jeeps, etc. With the reverse lines that this backup camera provides, car parking will be much easier even for an unskilled driver. Moreover, the installation process is very convenient as it doesn’t require you to punch any extra holes for keeping it in place.

The other special point of this waterproof car rear view camera is it is small and not easy to be seen. Besides giving the HD image, capturing images during rainy days or quakeproof moments are also its specialty.

9. TOPTIERPRO TTP-C12B Multi-functional Car Rear View


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Next, we would like to draw your attention to a multifunction camera that can be both the reverse and surveillance camera. This great camera has a small dimension so it can be easily hidden for spying purposes. With a simple and easy step to get its start, this car rear view camera can get ready in just a few moments.

Adding to that, the camera is well known for its durable and excellent quality; it is guaranteed to last a lifetime even if you use it daily. TOPTIERPRO has designed this car back up camera to perfection. Undeniably, due to the precise design of this reverse camera, it is aimed to give you a superb parking experience. And, the price is great.

8. LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear View Camera and Mirror Monitor Kit

Rear View Camera and Mirror Monitor Kit

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Here, we’d like to show you this LeeKooLuu Reverse/Rear-View Camera. This camera offers the 135° viewing angle and the LED light night vision, making parking during the dark no longer a struggle. The display monitor of this product is 4.3 inches, so it can be attached to the car’s dashboard with ease.

The special feature of this reverse camera is it offers the grid lines, which is very helpful for immature drivers. Lastly, you don’t need to be concerned if your camera gets damaged as the camera is waterproof.

7. CAR ROVER Night Vision Car Rear View Camera

CAR ROVER Night Vision Car Rear View Camera

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This is another incredible rear-view camera, CAR ROVER Night Vision Camera. The first special point of this product is it can withstand shocks and water, so it is suitable for use in all weathers. With the special design of night vision, parking at night and dark parking load is no longer a difficult task. Since this reverse camera has the wide view of 170 degrees, it also allows you to see the blind spot.

For your information, this product package of this includes the camera, videos cable, power wire as well as the useful instruction book.

6. isYoung Car Video Recorder Mirror Dash Camera

Mirror Cam with Front and Back Camera

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If you are looking for the best camera for your car that provides HD videos and large memory storage, isYoung 720P HD Car Video Recorder is the right choice. With the screen size of 4.3 inches and angle view of 140 degrees, this car backup camera sure allows you to park your vehicle with ease. Plus, it is one of the best car rear view cameras with G-sensor as well. With the built-in memory given to it, the videos can be recorded and saved for future uses.

Featuring a glass lens that can withstand high temperature, feel free to use this camera in hot weathers. On top of the great points being mentioned earlier, this camera is also equipped with a USB connection, making transferring videos faster and more convenient.

5. Esky EC170-08 Waterproof Night Vision HD Camera

Waterproof Night Vision HD

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Here comes another waterproof reverse camera for your car, Esky EC170-08 Waterproof Night Vision. This sleek camera is made by the top quality material such as stainless steel. For the beauty of the camera, it also has a smooth, polish surface. If you are worried about the installing process, worry no more, this product has received many good feedbacks on its convenient operation and installation.

With this product, any issue related to reverse parking will be eliminated. This waterproof car rear view camera always guarantees hi-definition colored and clear image. For your information, the camera comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and another 12-month replacement warranty.

4. Yanees Waterproof Car Rear View Universal Backup Camera

Waterproof Car Rear View Universal Backup Camera

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Yanees Waterproof Car Rear View Universal Backup Camera is the expert in assisting you with safe and easy parking. Installing this camera is very convenient as it offers you the choice between flush and bracket mountings. So, you don’t need to punch any extra hole during the installation.

The special feature of this camera is, unlike the other cameras that may become foggy during rainy weathers, this car backup camera only offers the crystal clear view 365 days a year. On a side note, the package of this product includes camera power line and RCA cable.

3. Esky 170° Viewing Angle Universal Car License Plate Frame Camera

Plate Frame Mount Rear View Camera

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Next, it is another awesome waterproof camera, Esky 170° Viewing Angle camera. This product can be mounted to the license plate frame so you don’t need to punch the holes. On top of being a stylish product, the lens of this reverse camera is very durable, too. With the red LED lights included, the night vision of this camera is greatly enhanced, now you can park your car safely even in the darkness.

Moreover, this car backup camera is suitable for use in all weathers since it is produced by the highest quality materials.

2. Chuanganzho Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car

Backup Camera and Monitor Kit For Car-Car Rear View Cameras

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This is another great helper which can help you to park the park safely even during bad weathers. This backup camera and monitor kit for Car is a waterproof camera that always provides crystal-clear images.

Moreover, if you used to have difficulty in seeing blind spots, this camera will offer the wide angle view, allowing you to see everything at the back. The important point of this product is it has 7 infrared lights for night vision, so it can assist your parking very well.

1.Esky EC135-05 Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle Camera

Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car

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The wait is over, here comes the top product on the list today. With the 135 degree that this camera provides, driving and parking become super easy. On top of that, the resolution that this camera provides is 628 x 586 pixels, so we bet you will get only the best high-quality images. The special point of this product is it has the built-in LED lights.

These lights can enhance the safety as well as the parking performance in the dark. Last but not least, the company of this product will offer the 30-day money back guarantee and the special 12-month replacement warranty.

After delving into these best car rearview cameras in 2019, have any of them caught your attention? We believe that none of these picks will ever disappoint yours. For a safe parking experience and an easier, more effective lifestyle, get one of these rear view cameras for your car today.

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  1. Old version of this article


    There are different models of car rear view cameras available on the today’s market. Some brands utilize Bluetooth connection to relay videos to the person behind the wheel, while some use the wired connection. If you have a car without a rearview backup camera fitted, you are fortunate that now there are several rear view camera models available at moderate prices and you must not buy them from a car dealer, for there are aftermarket models which are sold with transmitters and displays, and which you can easily install on your car using a simple drill or driver. To make it easier for you to get the best quality, here are the top 10 best car rearview cameras in 2017 reviews, from which you can have your choice. Read on to discover.

    10. Pyle PLCM-7200 Backup Camera

    This back-up and rearview camera model feature a swivel angle, night vision capability, easy to adjust the camera, grid lines, and 7-inch 800 by 480 LCD display screen. You can easily clip this monitor car rearview mirror, which becomes a monitor whenever you are reversing. Its resolution is 360-TV lines while the camera has the IP68-rating. Despite being some bluish tint during the night, you can adjust the replacement camera easily with lenses which can tilt. A Visual-Assist program is another included feature for parking.

    9. Alpine HCE-C155 Rear-View Camera

    It is a universal model of the backup camera featuring standard RCA connector, 190-degree horizontal view, wide angle view, and a 150-degree vertical-view. It is a great choice for dark, low lit tight places, and functions even better when it’s daytime. It features automatic imaging, the mirror-image output which uses a quarter-type color CMOS image sensor, meaning it balances and adjusts the image automatically. It is a multi-view 640 by 480-pixel camera ideal for reversing, parking, and/or backing up thanks to its grid lines, and you can switch it on/off anytime. It features its own quality camera bracket and is backed up by a one-year warranty.

    8. Esky EC170-06 HD-Color CCD Vehicle/ Car Rear View Camera

    Probably, the Esky-EC170-06 is the smallest model of car rearview camera available today. Moreover, it is one among the more affordably priced models, and it comes with all the vital features save for an LCD display. In the package are the camera, user manual, and cables. It has a great viewing angle limited to 170-degrees, with its video feed offering a 480p resolution. This model can also support NTSC video format. It is fully water resistant.

    7. Buyer T475 Rear-View Camera

    It is a waterproof model featuring a 1.8mm/ 170-degree angle, a colored display, and both day and/or night vision. It is easily installable on any type of vehicle and function under just about all outdoor conditions. It comes equipped with an effective CMD sensor, 420 TV lines, 628 by 586 pixels display resolution, and is both IP67-rated and IP68-rated. It further features automatic white balancing and is sold as a complete unit with its own power cable, six-meter video cable, monitor, and camera.

    6. Falcon Zero F360-HD Rear-View Camera

    This Falcon Zero F360 is among the best quality backup rearview camera models you can find, for it comes loaded with a DVR-accident video recorder, a 32GB SD-card, and two cameras. Moreover, the F360 has a 1080 HD camera which rotates 180-degrees with a 120-degree viewing angle, a built-in battery, wide lens, and night vision capability. Its 3.5-inch display monitor/screen has the built-in preview feature, built-in speaker, and microphone, as well as TV, HDMI-HD output. A looping feature lets old recordings be automatically replaced. It is easy to use and install and is backed by 1-year warranty.

    5. HDE E336 Water-proof Rear Vehicle Backup Camera

    this backup camera model, designed at only 1-inch in size on either side, features support for 420-lines of resolution, is waterproof, and works at a pixel resolution of (up o) 828 by 686. It includes a night sensor, as well as an IR-sensor for reviewing the camera’s quality and how it oughts used as necessary. It is a quality car rear-view camera, no doubt.

    4. Optix RVC910IR Car Rear View Cameras

    This is a cube-shaped mini rearview colored camera offering a wide view angle of 165-degree. It comes with 480 TV lines with candid guidelines in vivid green, red, and yellow, and also an infrared lighting for aiding night vision, and it’s meant to in conjunction with–not a replacement for–the rearview and side view mirrors. Waterproof, it comes with its own surface-mounted bracket, making it fit to use not only on small but also commercial RVs and trucks. It further features 7 IR illuminators and a light level sensor. It is quite simple to install and is covered by a 1-year warranty.

    3. TadiBrothers-53575 Wireless License-Plate Camera

    This is a waterproof camera reputed for its ruggedness and durability. It is a 640 by 480 resolution camera featuring a 120-degree viewing angle, with its 5-inch, 1024 by 768 resolution screen/monitor offering top quality viewing, and transmitting via a standard 2.4GHz. This camera provides night vision with a range of 25 ft in the dark, and 65 ft range in daylight. One big advantage of this quality camera is that it even perfectly operates in negative 40-degrees-Fahrenheit, making it a top choice for guys living in cold/winter weathers. TadiBrothers further features one of the most supportive customer services in this industry, just in case you have a disturbing issue.

    2. Yada Digital–BT53328M-1 Wireless Backup Camera

    the black-and-white Yada Digital and Wireless Backup Rear View Camera offer digital transmission, with a great 110-degree wide lens-range. A waterproof model, it has a 50 ft operating distance and greatly transmits on a 2.4GHz—same as if using Bluetooth. It further provides night vision plus distance grid, meaning fewer problems with depth perception. The IP67 camera attaches easily to the rear license plate, with the 4.3-inch TFT-monitor hooked to the windshield using the suction cup, and is powered through a plug into the car’s cigar lighter. This model comes backed by a 1-year warranty.

    1. Rear View Safety Wireless RVS 091406 – The Best of Car Rear View Cameras in 2017 is Here:
    The Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2017

    it is a 0.8lb digital wireless and the waterproof camera that can send images 70 ft away and with a 130-degree viewing angle. It features a 4.3-inch color MT9V136 monitor—not HD—with 250 pixels, and plugs very easily into the car cigarette lighter. It also has infrared lights meant for night vision, suction cup mount, and also On/Off-grid lines. It activates only if you engage the reverse gear, making it energy efficient. You can also wire-connect it to the car’s running lights if you need the image be seen continuously, in which case you will need a longer cam cable. It is shock resistant up to 10G, with the camera having the IP68-rating. It is covered by 1-year complete warranty.

    That is it. The top 10 best car rearview cameras in 2017 reviews for those whose cars are yet to be equipped with that important safety feature. There may be other models on the market, but why not buy the best quality ones as highlighted above.

  2. Old Version of this article:

    Once reserved only for luxury cars, car rear view cameras are becoming standard equipment on cars at a modest price. Nearly over 15000 injuries get recorded due to unintentional back-overs in which most of them involve infants or children. In this case, having camera systems installed at the back of the car has shown to be effective than normal sensor systems that beep when any object/person is detected.

    Nowadays current car owners are installing the reverse camera on their older cars. They quickly understood the importance of it. They eliminate your blind zone so that you don’t need to turn back again and again. Also, they keep the kids and pets safe as the back part of the car shows you directly what’s behind the car. Furthermore, they provide respite while parking as well as reversing in busy traffic.

    List of Top 10 Best Car Rear View Cameras in 2017

    So for choosing a perfect rearview camera that has features like Automatic System Switching, Mirror Image Capability, and Wide Angle View, we have jotted down top 10 car rear view cameras for keeping your car as well people around the streets safe and secure.

    #10 Tiker Car Rear View Backup Camera

    This reverse backup camera is produced to suit all types of vehicles and is one of finest in the business. It has infrared 8 IR LEDs with Low Light Level that provide unmatched night vision. Also, it has 170o adjustable viewing angles with good quality off glass lens. The product has been manufactured with advanced technology like NTSC TV system with 420 TV lines resolution, waterproof (IP68) design, high definition color CCD, which is very user-friendly. Furthermore, the camera is very durable that can withstand any adverse weather condition. The installation is super easy- Just mount the camera, adjust the lens to the best position, connect power wire with vehicle DC 12V power system and connect the Video output to the display in the vehicle.

    #9 Esky EC170-08 Car Rear View Backup Camera

    The company claims to serve the needs of the worldwide clients. The design is very solid with a stainless, stylish and polished surface. The camera is waterproof which increases the durability of the camera. Also, the Superior color camera with built-in distance markers are very useful in dark places and therefore, solve the issue of bad car view effect. Like the previous one, it has 1700 wide visible range with NTSC TV system. But the imaging device of HD color CMOS provides much clear and better picture than later. The resolution available is 628 x 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels. The rear camera comes with 4-step very easy installation. The seller provides 12-months replacement warranty with lifetime support guarantee.

    #8 AUTO-VOX Car Rearview Mirror With Car Rearview Backup Camera

    This masterpiece has built-in Bluetooth with hands-free calls that provides safety while driving. The rearview mirror perfectly matches with the vehicle body and equipped with 4. 3’’ display screen. The screen is anti-glare which feeds clear image at any circumstances due to auto adjusting brightness. Also, the product comes with dual video input that can display reversing camera as well as car DVD player. The model is highly compatible with most of the car models, especially with Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, etc. The mirror and the camera are very easy to install- within minutes you can view the image of the rearview camera in your rearview mirror.

    #7 AUTO-VOX Dual Lens Rearview Mirror With Car Rear View Backup Camera

    This product integrates all the functions of Dash Cam and Car-Reverse System, which will save car space and is very economical. Its unique feature is the ability of automatic shift of images as you change the gear. When the car is at D-gear, the front view will display on the screen and when the gear is shifted to R, the rear view will occupy the full screen. Also, the Anti-Dazzling 4. 3” white screen will help you to look at mirror comfortably, thus ensuring safety while driving. The product comes with free 32 GB Micro-SD, which is installed in Car DVR that will automatically start recording if there is a shock around the car.

    #6 Esky Universal Car License Plate Frame Mount Rear View Camera

    This backup camera has a metal frame with a chrome finish that gives this model a sleek look. It is perfectly compatible with any car and becomes invisible once mounted. The camera has wide 1700 viewing angle macro lens, which can be physically adjusted and provides a mirror image. Also, the lens is flexible which provides large viewing area to eliminate almost blind spots. The infrared 8 LEDs and Olux F2. 0 provide excellent and night vision. Thanks to IP67- compliant weatherproof design, the camera works smoothly even in adverse weather condition. The display has built-in distance scale lines with advanced trapezoid electronic ruler function. The camera supports NTSC video system with high sensitive color CMOS image sensor.

    #5 Chuanganzhuo Car Rear Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

    This product contains a 4. 3” TFT LCD monitor and a backup camera. The multi-purpose monitor will start automatically and will display the feed from rearview camera when you are reversing the car and will change back to normal after backup. The monitor is of high quality, easy to carry and provide good durability. The camera is waterproof and can be easily installed under the license plate. Moreover, the camera feeds HD color CMOS image with 420 TV line resolution, PC7070 image sensor and wide viewing macro lens. For convenience, the manufacturer has also provided distance scale line. The monitor supports Car DVD, VCD, STB and other video equipment and runs on ultra-low power consumption.

    #4 AUTO-VOX Cam1 HD Car Rear View Backup Camera

    This camera is best suited for Trucks and RVs. It is installed with waterproof standards of IP69. Therefore, no need to worry about fog and mist on the camera during the rainy season or changing your rearview camera every 2 months. Also, they are fitted with 6 high brightness LEDs that will turn on/off according to the environment. Even in full darkness, the digital HD image processor will provide excellent night vision. The lens is structured with 6 layers of glass, thus providing outstanding image quality resolution up to 900 TV lines and 1700 wide-angle range. Easy to install, this product requires no drilling hole nor will block information on your license plate.

    #3 AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Kit With HD Rearview Mirror Monitor

    The 3rd Place goes to this model that has the wireless parking assistance, which dominates the traditional complicated cable routing. The camera ensures stable and HD image up to 100-meter acceptance range. With 6 high brightness LEDs will automatically adjust according to the environment. Digital HD image processor with IP68 waterproof standards ensures a comfortable drive at any weather and time. Furthermore, there is no need to charge the monitor separately. Just plug the car charger into the car cigarette lighter and the job is done. The rearview mirror is customized with an auto-adjusting brightness that resolves the issues of dazzling or glaring. The 4. 3” LCD monitor displays quality image and perfectly match the features of your car. This model is suitable for most cars, vans, trucks, RVs, etc.

    #2 RVS-770613 Backup Camera System

    The runners-up of our list go to Rear View System’s RVS-770613. The system comes with mammoth 7” TFT LCD monitor, which resolution of 800×480 that provides a super sharp image. Also, there is 3 channels multiplexer that means apart from a rearview camera you can install 2 addition cameras and can view them together. The camera is completely waterproof with the latest IP69K rating. The built-in microphones in camera and built-in speakers in the monitor will help you to transmit visual as well as audial information. Moreover, it is fitted with staggering 18 infrared lights, which will display image up to 50FT in complete darkness. Other features include auto dimming which automatically dims the monitor brightness accordingly and 1300 of the ultra-wide angle that ensures no blind spots.

    #1 Esky EC135-05 License Plate Car Rear View Camera – Best of Car Rear View Cameras in 2017

    The undoubted winner of the list is Esky EC135-05 model. 7 infrared LED lights that give best results in dark space and ensures safety while driving. The camera comes in multiple pieces to allow specific placement to the car. The camera is backed by 0.25” color CMOS image device that provides detailed and seamless image resolution of 420 TV lines. Furthermore, it provides 1350 of wide viewing angle that will provide a full of everything behind the car. The installation is very – within 4 steps and few minutes the rearview camera will start working. The manufacturer provides 30- days money back guarantee, 12 months of replacement warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

    Apart from these, there are several products available in the market that can fulfill your needs. Don’t forget that reverse cameras help in preventing injury and death. They save you from any car damages and provides safety to you as well as to the passengers. Therefore, regardless if your car comes with the rearview camera or not, they provide a good addition to your car and are very economical as well.

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