Top 7 Best Bean Bag Chairs in 2020 Reviews

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Bean Bag Chairs have come a long way since their neon green vinyl and gritty bean bag form. They aren’t just for kids anymore, and the lounge technology used to improve your comfort just keeps getting better. Today, you can get more for your chair, and it will cost you less than a recliner from Lazy Boy. Now is the time to find the Best Bean Bag Chairs of 2020 and why? Because of the nationally beloved football season, the coming snow days, the warm spring, and the active summer. Bean bag chairs are useful all year round, durable and you won’t have to spend a fortune for a comfortable seat.

Nothing beats cuddling up next to your significant other with a cold one to watch the next big game. In fact, we have a few ideas on what you can do with your next bean bag chair of heaven. We promise these chairs will be difficult to get out of, and we promise you won’t want to.

Now, bean bags are luxurious, affordable, and perfect for the whole family, whether it’s date night, family night, or you’re reading your favorite book solo on the weekend. They’re easy to pack, cost-effective, and people always enjoy them during a big get together. You’ll find a variety of styles and comforts depending on your budgets, but today’s bean bags are mostly made with the most comfortable materials from suede to corduroy to shag to black denim. You’ll find that every single one we list here will cater to your desired comfort.

List of best Bean Bag Chairs in 2020

No bean bags were harmed during this article, and all of them were proudly made in the USA. If you were hoping to read an article about vinyl bean bags finding their way back, we’re sorry to disappoint you on this one and to be honest; nobody likes those on a hot day in the summer. This list of bean bag chairs are so comfortable, you’ll be getting stuck in them like Monica Gellar eating pizza. Now get ready, get a running start and dive right into bean bag heaven with this Amazon list of the Top 7 Bean Bag Chairs of 2020.

#7  CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

CordaRoy's Chenille Bean Bag Chair, Charcoal, Full

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One of the reasons this bean bag chair is so great is because this one isn’t filled with “beans.” This bean bag doubles as a mattress and a comfy chair, which is basically the dream. To achieve a comfortable bed for the guest you have coming over, just unzip the cover, pull out the soft mattress, give it a few fluffs, and voila! Sleep on this like any regular mattress to get a good night’s sleep. And when you are ready to revert to the bean bag chair form, stuff the mattress back in the cover and zip it back up. The CordaRoy Chenille Bean Bag Chair is made with patented CertiPUR foam and comes in the standard mattress sizes, Youth, Full, Queen, King, or a King Sofa with two mattresses inside. And if you want to use sheets, Standard mattresses can fit your standard bed sheets. This all-in-one bean bag comes in many colors, and you can alternate covers depending on your mood. This weighs just 35 pounds and comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee

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#6 Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

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This bean bag brings a whole new meaning to the word “chill.” Ideal for the basement game room or your children’s bedroom, this is an easy bean bag to maintain. It is double stitched for extra strength to reinforce your weight and keep from tearing and the cover can be removed and easily washed in your machine. Inside, they are packed with a durable foam blend shredded to perfection. This material gives it a comfortable form, soft edges, and a durability that won’t last with your average vinyl bean bag. This is the perfect size for both children and adults and weighs less than 60 pounds. Choose from a variety of colors to match your home décor.

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#5 Comfy Sacks 5-ft. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, Black Furry

Comfy Sacks 5-ft. Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

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Upping the ante from the last two bean bag models, the Comfy Sacks Bean bag is made from a durable memory foam that will resist permanent compression and maintain its soft and squishy feel for long periods of time. Like the others, this cover comes off, is machine washable, and comes with a child-safety zipper which keeps everything in place. The cover is also super furry if you like an even softer feel. Depending on which cover you choose, you can lounge in quality fabrics like micro-suede. Its five-foot long dimensions leave enough room for one adult or a few children. Those who purchase this are eligible for a five-year warranty in the case something terrible happens. But it’s comforting doesn’t come without heft. This bean bag will be rather heavy but still under 60 pounds.

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#4 Jaxx Giant Bean Bag Sofa, Black Denim

Jaxx Giant Bean Bag Sofa, Black Denim

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The Jaxx brand is getting tons of action for its oversized bean bag chairs ideal for any lounge heaven. This 7-ft. beast could double as a bed, if you wanted it to, and can comfortably fit up to three people! Filled with a very fine shredded furniture grade polyurethane foam, it also has a Microsuede cover in whatever color you desire. Ease your mind, because this cover is also machine washable and child safe. But you will need some man power to move this around; this bean bag sofa is 80 pounds. If you love the comfort and you love binge watching Netflix, this will be the best bean bag chair to buy. This guy takes up a lot of room so be prepared to make space for this one when it arrives in the mail. Sadly, this doesn’t come with a warranty and if that’s important, make sure to go with the chairs mentioned earlier.

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#3 Jaxx 6-Ft. Cocoon

Jaxx 6-Ft. Cocoon

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Just because it’s a little smaller than the 7-ft. sofa doesn’t mean it’s not packing the same comfort. The Jaxx Cocoon is called a cocoon because it allows you to nestle in lounge nirvana like a woodland creature. This pad is the perfect place to crash on a lazy weekend. Weighing just 52 pounds, you can move this chair to any place in your home with ease. The type of shredded polyurethane foam inside gives you a comfortable support while lounging around. The cover is high-quality Microsuede, easy to wash, and comes with a child-safety zipper. This bean bag can sit like a sofa, or you can turn it on its side and sit in it retro bean bag style. Choose from a variety of colors to help you accessorize, and get ready to take some great naps. Beware, adults say this style of chair is more pleasant for adults and less pleasant for children.

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#2 Fugu 5-Ft. Bean Bag

Fugu 5-Ft. Bean Bag

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If you’re looking for the retro bean bag style, this bean bag won’t fit that profile. Fugu decided to ditch the old-school Styrofoam beads we were all used to growing up, and into shredded foam into soft and comfier strands. They chose not to use recycled foam materials like their competitors. They claim quality foam to be their main ingredient for comfort, and if you don’t believe us, just look at the reviews. There are 42 cubic feet of quality foam packed inside, which is enveloped by a double layer construction Microfiber external cover. This also makes it easy to wash. Amazon doesn’t divulge the weight of the product, so you’ll have to buy and try. Fugu opted out of providing a warranty, but with reviews like these, who could argue.

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#1 Sultan-Corduroy Pitch-Black Cord

Sumo Lounge - best Bean Bag Chairs

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And last but not least, the bean bag chair to rule them all, the Sultan-Corduroy Pitch-Black Cord. Perhaps they named it Sultan because it makes you feel like royalty in a palace. This has the same style as your retro bean bag chair but has the best polyurethane comfort money can buy. This chair comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee, and they will give you a few hundred bucks off the competitor’s price just to get you to buy. Lounge like a Sultan knowing you saved the most for your comfort. A little shorter than the rest of its competitors, this bean bag chair reaches up to 5 feet and probably won’t fit two people comfortably. But not to worry, that means this is perfect for both adults and children. This manufacturer has promised their bean bags to stay full, fluffy, and never go flat, so you never have to cash in that warranty. Wash your Sultan-Corduroy easily by unzipping the Microsuede cover in one easy motion.

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So, skip the thousand-dollar recliners and go for better and more affordable relaxation with these Top 7 Bean Bag Chairs of 2020.

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  1. For archive online – Old version of this article

    Bean bag chairs provide more comfort that any other chairs, even sofas. You can use a bean bag chair for several purposes, like when watching TV, using your laptop, reading a book, playing games, or simply relaxing after a busy day. For those seeking the maximum comfort of a chair, this articles is full of vital information just for you. The following are the top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2016 reviews. Read on to discover your favorite model and, of course, buy it.

    the Big Joe 98 inch is one of the best quality bean bag chairs available today. It is, in fact, the classic model improved. It features vibrant colors, a durable SmartMax Fabric, and hyper-comfortable UltimaX Beans for the best comfortable experience resting in it. it is designed for the smartest lounging you may need. The SmartMax Fabric is tough, water and stain resistant. it is double stitched and has double zippers for extra safety and strength.

    9. Chill Bag Bean Bag Chair

    This is a 5-foot chill bean bag chair perfect for your child, teenagers, and/or college students who fancy playing video games and/or watching favorite TV programs and movies. It is an ideal addition to a family room, basement, or dorm, large enough to accommodate 2 small adults but great for 1 adult. It is called a bean chair, but there are no Styrofoam pellets or beans here. It is made of the softest and high quality shredded foam such as is used in making high-end couches. It measures 60 by 60 by 34 inches and weighs 55 lbs.

    8. Cozy Sack 6-Ft Bean-Bag Chair

    This is one of the best comfortable chairs to sit on, anywhere. It is filled with quality, softest virgin urethane foam ever. This foam excellently springs back to normal size after each and every time you use the chair, not going flat like low-quality models. The chair will sooth your body perfectly. You can select from as many as 18 decorator colors. The cover material being made of 100 percent polyester, it feels like suede, with all its seams double-stitched, while its zipper is a #5 YKK for added strength.

    7. Comfort Research Fuf 6-Ft Media Lounger

    If you a most comfortable nap, a place to perfectly relax as you read your book, listen to your favorite music, or watch your movie, this type of bean bag chair provides you the best experience you never get tired of, thanks to its super-soft as well as durable fuf foam which will re-fuf again and again for great custom comfort, always. Moreover, this lounger comes covered in durable but soft fabric that assures you of a cozy and comfortable experience whenever you lie on it. It is a great addition to your basement, dorm rooms, bedrooms, and even family rooms, by simply placing it on its side to get something like a lounge or placing it upright to get greater back support.

    6. Premium Cozy Foam Filled Cozy Bean Bag—Large, Grey

    Premium Bean Bag Chair by Cozy Sacks features a child safety lock zipper, and can comfortably support two adults. What is greatest about this comfortable chair is that it accommodates both kids and adults, providing special lounging experience to all. The size and shape of this bean bag chair can be easily changed to offer greater comfort sitting to its users, excellently conforming to their sitting position and weight. It restores to its original shape after every use and features a durable Microfiber Shell, double stitched cover that is simple to spot clean.

    5. Oversized Lavender Dot Bean Bag Chair

    Relax in comfort and style with this bean bag chair from Flash Furniture. It makes a comfortable and stylish addition to your room. Thanks to its oversized design, you can use it alone or with your spouse and/or kids enjoyable. It has a removable slipcover for easy cleaning. The slipcover is also machine-washable. Fr its comfortable yet lightweight design, you easily can move this chair from place to another and rest on it comfortably. Its beads are securely contained using a metal zipper.

    4. Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Ft Bean Bag Lounger—Large, Orange

    This Chill Bag 6 feet Lounger is the ideal size for 2 large adults which can be used as a couch or a lounger in which you stretch out. For its larger size, this special piece of furniture has become a popular choice for family rooms and home theaters. It always is the first seat to be taken during any family party or gathering. There are neither beans nor Styrofoam pellets inside, but the highest quality and softest shredded foam to provide a totally special lounging experience. It measures 72 by 48 by 34 inches and weighs 70 lbs.

    3. Sofa Sack – Bean Bags Bean-Bag Chair, 5-Ft—Cinnabar

    By Sofa Sacks, this 5-ft bean bag chair is the ideal piece for any child, teen, or the college student who wants to lounge comfortably while and when playing their treasured video games or following TV series. 2 small adults, but perfect for one adult. Although known just as a bean bag, you won’t find any Styrofoam pellets or beans inside. Instead, the material used in making this chair is the softest, highest quality foam (shredded) to offer you awesome experience when lounging. It measures 60 by 60 by 34 inches and weighs 55 lbs.

    2. Big Joe Bean Bag—Limo Black

    This chair is not just big, but also comfy, fun to use, and simply sweet. It can be whatever you need it to be. When you lay it flat, you are looking at a great crash pad, ideal for a restful Sunday. Throw it on its sides, and this bean bag chair transforms into a 2-person love-seat. Propping it up on its ends gives you a bean bag throne. Anything you decide, this model is ready to rule. At the end, it easily slips under a bed or even behind a settee for easier storage. It is no doubt a favorite.

    1. World’s Best Bean Bag Chairs – Take Ten Classic Lounger

    This is a classic piece of comfortable and super-soft living room quality furniture. It features a great size to accommodate adults, couples, as well as families. It can fit two to three kids. It has a high-quality fabric cover that is stain and pet hair resistant, and machine washable, and which has a gliding jumbo zipper and rugged handles. It boasts up to 50 percent more foam-filling than most other bean bags. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.

    According to your personal preferences, you can select one bean bag chair among the above highlighted top 10 best bean bag chairs in 2016 reviews to fit your comfort and lounging needs. It is always to focus on more on flexibility, comfort, price, and safety while buying a bean bag chair, and the above models meet those standards, perfectly.

  2. old version of these article
    “Why a Bean bag chair?” This is a simple question one would ask a state they come to make a decision for a one. A simple answer to this would be the fact that it is more comfortable and fashionable than a traditional chair. Bean bag chairs reflect a modern way of living with the incorporation of design and decoration value they add to one particular space, either a house or an office. If you are looking for a bean bag chair, here is the best place where you can find not only just a wide range of most popular products but also detailed quality review for each product that would inform your decision wisely.

    Buyer’s Guide to Bean Bag Chairs

    Before moving on to the review, I believe you should know what to look for when you are buying a bean bag chair. The bullet points below will guide you through overall recommendation on selecting the best bean bag chair that is most pertinent to your personal conditions:

    Safety and Security: Please beware that the bags are most vulnerable to fire and it would do more harm to you. Therefore, choose the one with materials that are more resistant to fire. Of course, every bean bag burns but there are some that burn slower than others. Leather would be a nice example for this case.
    Durability: you may also learn that kids love bean bags so much that sometimes they would dive into it with their full body weight (well, some adults do that so). Hence, please look for a more hard-wearing fabric that would sustain the high level of energy and presses.
    Double the stitches, double the durability!
    Back support: First thing is that it serves more purpose than a flattened one as you may find it more enjoyable for various activities. Second, it is very helpful for people with neck and back spinal pain. It is also very comfortable for women with pregnancy or nursing their young infants.
    Size: There are various available sizes for your choice ranging for the one for babies to a group of adults. The most common one used by the adult is the 37-inch bag. The bigger the size the more space it takes up.
    Stay away from bags which are made from faux leather as they are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and quite unfriendly to environment and health.
    Choose the right filling that fits your condition: The common filling materials available are chipped foams, polystyrene beans, beads, and foam. There might be also some other variety of popcorn, rice, and green peas, but the polystyrene one is probably the best one as they could endure frequent compression while maintaining their soft and coziness.
    And here are the top 15 Best Bean Bag Chairs on the Market Right Now:

    #15. Large Bean Bag Chair 6 Foot Cozy Beanbag Filled with 48 lbs of Premium Cozy Foam

    This is a very cozy bag that lives to its brand providing both comfortable and relaxing experience. Taking up 6. 5’ by 4. 5’ the bag is made from carefully handpicked virgin urethane cozy memory foam that provides best coziness one could wish for. Adding on top of this, the foam helps the bag returns to its original shape very quickly that you hardly notice. All the seams are double stitched that crack opens the key to more durability with an additional child safety zipper #5 nylon. You can pick this bean bag from a variety up to 15 different colors. Users who are experienced with this are very positive for the products in terms of how they could fall asleep soundly throughout the night. It is also recommended for your pets. The only down part is that it takes up a bit more space while it takes a few days to get to its full fluffy sponginess but the quality worth the wait.

    #14. Cozy Sack 4-Feet Bean Bag Chair

    From the same producer and brand, Cozy Sack, this one is smaller with 48 x 48 x 27 inches dimension, weighing 42 pounds, and it takes up a bit smaller space of 4. 5’ by 4. 5’, yet the experience is quite indifferent. This bean bag chair is able to accommodate 2 people with nice back supporter fitting much for your movie and relaxing activities. The inner side is filled with softest virgin urethane foam that would spring back into its original shape and size after usage and it will not go flat over the very long period of time. The outer side is made of microfiber materials, double stitched and attached with protective liner and child safety zipper. The unique quality of this bean bag is that the cover could be removed and machine washed. The product also comes with a vacuum pack that helps expedite the time to get it fully fluffed. This 4-feet bean bag chair is available in 20 different colors and stripes.

    #13. CordaRoy’s – Tan Chenille Bean Bag Chair – Full Sleeper

    Sized at 42 x 42 x 32 inches and weighed just 31 pounds, this Tan Chenille is a transformer bean bag chair serving 2 functions. It could be used as a chair for one adult while being convertible into a standard full-size bed for two people. How incredible it is! The 2-in-1 product is made with sturdy changeable and washable cotton cover with the fill of premium super soft shredded foam. Besides the lounging comfort, it gives within a house, this bean bag is also recommended for travelers due to its multi-function flexibility. One of the known disadvantages for this bean bag chair is that when it is turned into a bed, there is loose in the fluff that you may feel the floor as you sleep on it. However, the softy-cozy feeling when you are using it as a chair is beyond imagination. You can pick this back from 6 ranges of eye-popping colors.

    #12. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large

    Here comes the twelfth one and it goes again to the Cozy Sack, and of course it is another superb 6 feet been bag chair. It is quite wide in is width as normally consume a bulky space of 6. 5’ by 4. 5’. Despite, the large size, it is one of the most comfortable product that proved very comfortable because of its microfiber cover which can be easily replaced and removed for washing. The filling material is even more fascinating that it is made of softest urethane you can find which turns the chair into many shareable forms depending on your size and weight. Unlike any traditional bean bag, this one is turning back into its shape at a barely noticeable speed and no matter how long you sit on it, the shape remains intact. The seams are protected with double stitches with a child safe protective zipper. You may choose from 18 decorative colors and stripes.

    #11. Chill Bag – Bean Bags Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, 3′

    This is most suitable compact bean chair for one young adult. It is the best functioning for one’s relaxing activity such as reading books, watching movies, and playing games, etc. The idea of having a pair of them together would be nice for two people to enjoy their individual space while feeling contented and relaxed from the super soft micro suede cover filled with furniture grade memory foam blend. The cover could be removed at any time for a change or wash and it is effortlessly dried. Given its sleek size, the chair is one of the good consideration for traveler’s pack. The down part of this small compact bean bag chair is the ability to grow to its full intended size. One more thing, it might be a little bit too small if you are tall or a big build type person.

    #10. Sofa Sack – Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet

    Covered with incredibly soft and ultra durable fabric, that feel so smooth to the skin, and filled with the softest and most comfortable foam that lasts for its lifetime, the Sofa Sack bean bag chair offers very great comfort. The furniture is well-known for it soft, yet tough fabric cover that is very durable against ages. The size of 5 by 5 by 2. 5 feet make it host to at least one child or adult and it is recommended for the family room, basement, or home theater. Given this big size, it makes itself the best reading spot in a relaxing environment. It receives a name of “Big and Comfy” from most users. Coming to the color of choice, you wouldn’t have to bother with that at all as there are 15 various eye-catching colors for your pick.

    #9. Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large

    Measuring at 60 by 48 by 30 inches and weighs 45. 8 pounds, the Cozy Sack 5-feet bean bag chair puts you into a very relaxing and super comfortable feeling either alone or with your friends. Adding one or two small pillows on to it would grant you extra chills to your comfort. The chair is able to accommodate 2 people since it is wide in width up to five feet. The outer material is made of microfiber cover which is unattractive to dust and pet fur yet very smooth and soft against your skin. The filling is supplied with selected softest virgin urethane foam which, as you probably have known, is 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} polyester made to feel like suede. Like all other Cozy Sack products, the seams are double stitched with child safe protective zipper (No.5 YKK) which requires extra strength to loosen.

    #9. Cozy Sack 3-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Medium

    The 8th product in the row goes to the Cozy Sack at the size of 3-feet which consume at most 3’ by 4’ of your room space. At this size, the chair is the best fit for one person and the quality is ultra convenient. Picking from 21 different color and patterns, the chair provides more comfort and coziness beyond its dazzling outlook. The super soft materials of memory urethane foam would make you or mostly your kids want to dive into it at all time and the double stitched micro fabric outer cover would be very durable to counter your weight. Once you wake up from it, the foam will do its super fast work to turn back into shape in less than 3 seconds. One disadvantage found with this bean bag chair is that at the older age, its shape might loosen a little and might take a bit more space.

    #7. Classic Bean Bag Chair

    Making its first debut in early 2013, this classic bean bag chair retains its popularity till today. The unique feature of this chair is the small compact and lightweight at 29 by 29 by the 29-inch dimension at a weight of 4. 5 pounds. The chair comes with a full back support in ergonomic seating position which is good for reading, playing video games, watching TV, and relaxing. The cover is made with vinyl fabric and doubles stitched seams that boost up the durability. One negative quality that user experience with this product is the stuffing issue that some people feel it is a bit overstuffed. With the removal of beans makes the experience best again, especially for infant and young kids.

    #6. Chill Bag – Bean Bags Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair, 4-Feet

    This 4-feet chill bean bag stands among the top quality product of its family. It is said to be great for an adult and perfect for your kids from the combination of super soft micro suede cover that can be removed and machine wash at ease. The inner side is filled with softest furniture-quality shredded foam protected by a safety break-away zipper which prevents leakage of foam. The dimension is 48 by 48, by 30 inches and its weight just 45 lbs. These makes it fitting most to a living room and basement. The expansion from the first time of unboxing makes it at the forefront as it normally takes only 24 hours to get fully fluffed while other products may take a while longer.

    #5. Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon – Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults

    The Jaxx 6 feet cocoon is designed for its full function and stylishness. It could be placed right in the middle of the room and serve as a bed or it could be nestled into a corner of the room and serve as a chair. Due to large size, it creates a room for two adults when used as a bed. To turn it into a chair with plenty of back support for you to sink into, you simply just turn it over and everything is done. Cleaning would not be a trouble for this one as it has a removable cover made of micro-suede that can be put into washing machine indoor or anywhere. All seams are double stitched with additional childproof zipper. The shredded polyurethane filling foam is very outstanding that make this Jaxx very cozy and relaxing for a lounging.

    #4. Oversized Light Pink Dot Bean Bag Chair

    The convenience and relaxing experience with a comfortable lightweight design at a very affordable price make this oversized dot bean bag chair stands out the 4th. What else could one wish for when we need a small enough bean bag chair to sit, relax, read, watch TV, play a game, etc. This one will do all these things with its special design for a full back support seating. You may want to have one of these in your family room, bedroom, or dorm room. The outer cover can be taken away and put into a washing machine. The product is stuffed with high-quality cotton which is the only down part of this great glossy bean bag chair as it may not last longer if compared to foam type filling materials. However, that worth the price.

    #3. Chill Bag – Bean Bags Bean Bag Chair, 5-Feet

    For most relaxing cozy time to watch TV, Video Game, and reading, I would recommend this Chill Bag. This is one of the top best selling bean bags in 2017 with almost 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} customer satisfaction rate. People reported having their stress reduced after throwing themselves onto this chair. Ideally, the product could go with anybody, ranging from young kids to adults, and most important of all, it has rooms for at least 2 full grown people. For smaller kids, they may be able to host up to four of them. It fits very well in the family room or basement of your house. The cover is made of the famous material known as micro-suede that is nasty against fur, dust, and dirt but very friendly to your body and skin condition. Double stitches are made on ever seems to make sure that it is going to last for a very long period of time and ensure strong presses and energy. The bag is stuffed with softest shredded foam, unlike any other Styrofoam pellets or beans that got shabby in just a few months, which is extremely soft, pushing the quality to a top notch. The color choice of the cover is more than I could remember. From a diversity of 26 colors, you may not find it hard to pick your favorite one.

    #2. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair Multiple Colors, Provides Ultimate Comfort, Great for Any Room

    What a comfortable moment putting myself into this Big Joe bean bag chair. The product promises to envelop you into an ultimate luxury relaxation, and of course, it truly does what it says. The most unique of this Big Joe is the superb back and arm supports than second to none of the other bean bags. With a size of 32 by 25 by 28 inches, you can place this comforter almost anywhere in your house and it is mostly recommended for reading activities, so having one of these in your study room or library would be so nice. The vibrant of its skin color makes it is even more attractive. The stitches are made double and so are the zippers to ensure more strength and safety.

    #1. Chill Bag – Bean Bags 6-Feet Bean Bag, Giant

    Here comes the last one standing of the review!

    Like the aforementioned 5-feet Chill Bag, this one serves a better purpose as it has more rooms up to 6 feet wide which give you a full body stretch experience, not to mention how cozy it is when you are in sitting position. You could fit 2 more of your friends in this chair while you can enjoy the lounging and comfortable experience together. Rated as the out most popular seller of Chill Bag, it is large enough to fit two large adults. It is a very good idea having this to replace old fashioned chair or recliners. At a size that big, you can just do anything with it including a freestyle relax, watching movies, reading books, or playing video games.
    All in all, these are the top choices of bean bags in 2017, hope you may find them helpful and informative for your personal choices. The key things to remember are the safety, durability, size, and materials. That would help you a lot in comparisons. Do feel free to browse around for more reviews and other products.

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