Top 7 Best ATV Tires in 2018 Reviews

Automotive / Friday, April 13th, 2018

You probably didn’t know this, but you could actually save hundreds of dollars purchasing ATV tires online rather than visiting your local 4×4 center. It’s no surprise that for your next outdoor excursion you would choose an online store to upgrade your tires and make sure you have the traction for the action. Buying online and through Amazon, you’ll get all four tires together at one price, or tires sold separately for a discounted price. And no matter what the price is, you are still getting some of the best tires out there!

If you’re in the market for the best ATV tires, research some of the world’s most popular tires made by the most notable brands. Start by looking at brands like Kenda, Carlisle, or Sedona. But if you are still trying to budget well, you can follow the reviews, make your own assessment and still find a good deal on decent ATV tires. Don’t waste another minute worrying if your tires will make it through your next adventure.

When searching for your next round of ATV tires, you’ll want to watch out for a few qualities that are necessary during the buying process. Personal safety is an obvious quality and should be your top priority, especially if you’re the leader on this excursion. You’ll want something durable and impenetrable while you’re out off-roading on heavily rugged terrains. You’ll want something stable with a good tread that can handle any terrain in front of you, including sand and mud. And don’t forget, you’ll need something stylish too.

List of Top 7 Best ATV Tires of 2018

No need to research for hours trying to find the perfect tires. And don’t wait until the last minute to buy. Right here, find all of the information you’ll ever need about the Top 7 Best ATV Tires of 2018. You can find these brands and tires on Amazon and purchase with your Prime Membership.

#7 Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire, Set of 1

Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire, Set of 1 

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This is the cheapest option for your next ATV tire if you are short on time and haven’t done your research. Although we recommend you don’t ride too hard until you research the best tire for your vehicle. The Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire still has an impressive amount of quality. One 16×8-7 tire is sold separately, so keep this in mind when buying. ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles, and Fun Karts, will be the most compatible with this tire. This brand and model of tires are designed to give you the most power and increased traction control while driving. But the footprint design was created with the general use in mind.

#6 Sedona Rip Saw, Set of 4

Sedona Rip Saw, Set of 4 

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If you are looking for a deep tread pattern that is aggressive and tackles the road in the best way, the Sedona Rip Saw tires are the right choice. The tread is 1 1/8 inch deep and designed to increase traction, thanks to the pattern that wraps well to the sidewall. This basically means this tire is ideal for deep and muddy terrains if you are ever stuck in a thick situation. Experience a smooth and stable ride with a 6-ply radial construction that helps absorb the impact of tough terrains and trails. Satisfied customers have commented not only on the durability of this tire but the longevity. This full set comes with two 26×9-12 and two 26×11 -12. With this set, you are guaranteed to get all the bang for the buck and save hundreds to boot.

#5 Wanda ATV/UTV Tires, Set of 4


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With most ATV tires on the market, you’ll experience a 0.5” tread, but with the Wanda ATV/UTV tires, you’ll get a deeper tread of 0.79”! It may not seem like much of a difference until you find yourself stuck on a trail too hard to get out of. Conquer the open road with a top notch handling tire that can navigate through dirt, mud, sand, woodland, and rocky areas. This model of Wanda tire spins even better on desert terrain. Resist punctures and abusive abrasions with a heavy 6-ply nylon construction and added shoulder lugs to the rim and sidewall. This model of tire comes in a variety of dimensions depending on the model of your ATV and UTV. Make sure you research the size of your tire thoroughly before purchasing.

#4 Kenda Bear Claw K299 ATV Tire, Set of 1

Kenda Bear Claw K299 ATV Tire

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They call it a bear claw because of the handsome and aggressive tread marks it leaves behind.  What makes this tire different from its competitors is the angled knobs that allow it to cut into terrain for optimal traction. The lugs are centered on the tire which gives your ride more stability, extra traction, and even better control. Also equipped with this tire is a rim guard that protects your wheel from minor or major dings and dents that could compromise your driving ability. These tires are also 6-ply rated and extra tough meaning the puncture resistance is much higher. On Amazon, this tire comes sold separately from the set, so buy accordingly.

#3 ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

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Meet your compact automotive needs with one of the most recommended tires on the market. If you need a replacement for your OEM tire, this would be the ideal substitute. Sling mud with the best of the best using this mud terrain tire suitable for all conditions. Among the many ATV tires, you have to choose from, this tire was engineered to be the lightest of them all. The ride is smooth and easy with the center treated contact area. Like its competitors, it features angled shoulder lugs that improve mud traction and 6-ply rating for quality durability. This tire fits a variety of Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, and Yamaha models from the years 2009 and 2010. To bring it all together, this tire also features an extended-wear rubber compound to improve the tire’s life expectancy. This tire also comes in a variety of sizes depending on your ATV.

#2 Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire, Set of 1

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire, Set of 1

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It’s called the all trail for a reason. With a 4-ply construction, this tire can live a longer wear life than most tires and works best on hard surfaces, grass areas, and dirt terrains. This is a lightweight and durable tire perfect for security vehicles, maintenance vehicles, general transportation, fun karts, or vehicles that are hauling light cargo. For a tire suitable for all trails, the tread isn’t as aggressive as most but can conquer most easy trails without a problem. On Amazon, you can purchase by the tire and in a variety of dimensions depending on the ATV you have.

#1 SunF A033 ATV Tires, Set of 4

SunF A033 ATV Tires, Set of 4 

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The tread on this ATV tire has a more aggressive design than any one listed before it. By far, this is one of the most popular tires on Amazon and has one of the world’s most popular ATV footprints. They fit most ATVs on the market, making them a very desired product. The design was created by a team dedicated to meeting their customers demands and needs. These tires are compatible with models like John Deere, Bombardier, Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki off-road vehicles, ATV Quad Motorcycles, and more. For this model, the thread exceeds the Wanda tires tread depth. The SunF tires have a 0.82” tread depth meaning traction will be unbeatable. With thread like this, feel free to drive through the most rugged of mountain terrains all with the extra assistance from the shoulder lugs that protect the rim and sidewall of the tire. If you’re looking for the best tire in all areas, the SunF A033 ATV tires are the best choice. You can get all four on Amazon for a lower price than your in-store competitors.

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In all, if you are looking for a versatile tire that will fit any adventure on your horizon, the SunF, Carlisle All Trail, or ITP Mud Lite, may be your best bet. But it depends on your journey or the type of work you need to get done. The more research, the better. Since this is such a close race between these exceptional ATV tires, we recommend reading the countless o reviews to help you find the most suitable tire for your next experience. Find your tire, drive hard, and be safe.

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6 Replies to “Top 7 Best ATV Tires in 2018 Reviews”

  1. Old Version of this article
    When considering online purchases of the best ATV tires, customers are looking for excellent traction, good fit and stability while driving in extremely conditions. The tires can make a huge difference in how well the vehicle performs. When things are going well with the tires, it is not uncommon for owners to discover that the traction is much improved after they changed to new tires.

    The new products listed here are offered by some of the most well-known tire manufacturers. Prospective customers shopping online will need to input the year, make and model of the vehicle they plan to use with these tires in order to determine the fit before making their purchases.

    10. BFGoodrich Off-Road Mud and Terrain Tire, Model: T/A KM2 (265/70R17 121Q)

    Lots of cars and trucks are located in rural spots where owners need them to do double duty on the road and off. For this reason, one example of a good tire, though not for a typical ATV is included here.

    These tires are designed with a rim protector which offers extra protection against common hazards on the road. The tread is computer-designed to reduce noise while on the road. There are 3-ply guards for the carcass made of polyester to help withstand bruises and punctures. These tires are made with traction to provide security when rock climbing, while driving on slick surfaces, and in deep mud, rocks and dirt. Customers who have purchased them notice considerable improvement over their previous tires.

    9. Powersport Bundle, Full set of ATV Mud Tires, Model: Maxxis Zilla

    This set of 4 tires are the ultimate option for replacing stock tires. These are 27 by 9 by 12 for one end of the ATV and 27 by 11-12 for the other end, and are designed as mud tires. They offer rugged and durable wear for owners wanting more. The tread depth is 1.19 inches and the tire diameter is 12 inches.

    8. Duro Knobby Tire, Model: HF240

    These tires are compatible with front or rear tires that are sized 22 by 11 by 8, with a rim size of 8. The tires are 2 ply, and they are for ATV and UTV vehicles. They are designed for sport use. Customers who own them have used them on an off road golf cart, a variety of three wheeler brands, several ATV brands, and a lawn tractor. The majority are pleased with their purchase.


    Part of the Most Wished For Amazon list, these tires are designed with a directional front to keep the vehicle stable. The knobs extend entirely across the width of the section to give better control in mud, dirt and extreme surface conditions. Of the customers who reviewed this product, 84{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} gave it a 5 star rating. Most mentioned the exceptional traction and stability these tires have. They are compatible with a specific set of rim sizes, so potential customers should check the online shop by vehicle function to check for compatible fit with their existing vehicle.

    6. Full Set of Interco ATV Tires, Model: Swamp Lite

    This full set of four ATV tires are 27 by 9 -12 and 27 by 10 -12. Customers who purchased them like them for their aggressive use capabilities in any kind of terrain. Their tread is designed to work well in mud, dirt, sand and will give plenty of traction when needed. Eighty-two per cent of owners gave them a 5 star rating. They are the luxury upgrade for many stock tires.

    5. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9

    The majority of the 94 customers who left reviews for this ATV tire used their purchases to replace worn out tires on their tractors. They are owners who need to drive their tractors through all kinds of bad weather keeping their fields in working condition, and often riding through muddy trails and snowy woods to work. Of those who left reviews, 88{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} gave these tires a 5 star rating. Most felt that changing out the stock tractor tires to these ATV versions helped them get their work done while keeping them riding in a stable and safe way.

    4. 2 New WANDA Go Kart ATV Tires, Specs: 145/70-6 4PR P361 – 10187

    This brand offer a variety of sizes and treads for many vehicles. This particular model features widely spaced deep and directional tread bars specifically added to push through mud. The mud shedding ability of these tires is what is to be noted. The 4 ply nylon construction helps to resist punctures and road abrasions. These are tubeless, with a rim depth of 7.6/32 and a rim width of 4.5 inches. Customers who own these tires gave them a unanimous 100{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} 5 star rating.

    3. Sedona Mud Rebel Rear Tire

    This tire is all about the quality of its tread. It advertises angled lugs designed to maximize the amount of grip available on difficult terrain. There are additional sidewall lugs added to improve the amount of traction available when encountering deep mud. The tires are said to be puncture resistant. The company refers to its unique tread design as being aggressive. This tire is to be used in the rear position on a rim size of 10. The tires size is 22 by 11 by 10, the tire ply is 6 MR221110 and it is designed for all terrain ATV and UTV use.

    2. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

    This brand of ATV tire is listed as the #Best Seller in ATV/AT Tires, and it is available in many specifications to fit a wide range of vehicle years, makes and models. Customers appreciate the reasonable price, ¾ inch lug, and the durable rugged capability to move easily through mud and muck without trouble. Of the customers who left reviews, 91{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} left 5 stars. The majority of owners like these tires. Some are delighted that they are a Made in the USA product. Others were a bit upset that the photos show two tires when only one is sold for the price shown.

    1. Kenda ATV Bias Tire, Model: K299 Bear Claw – The Best ATV Tires in 2016

    Not only are these ATV tires in the Most Wished For list, but they are also featured in the Best Sellers list. With hundreds of customer reviews, and 85{fb6dbafde8b07077c47190f01cc66a00f2a1889c1c1e7dc76005cbe93156625a} of those being 5 stars, this popular brand has a wide variety of designs and sizes to fit many vehicle makes and models. The specifications differ for various vehicles, so checking the fit online before purchase is mandatory. Customers who left positive reviews noted that these are durable and rugged for all types of trail riding. Customers who left negative reviews did so because the tires run small or don’t fit as expected. Some also were not happy with the tread depth, feeling that it was too small.

    For many ATV owners, the most important qualities in new tires include the amount of traction they will have when riding on difficult surfaces. While some tires do best in mud, others do well in all sorts of off road conditions. Most owners of these brands were happy with the stability and ruggedness that came with their new tires. Surprising uses for ATV tires included vehicles such as golf carts and farm tractors. The key to satisfaction was almost always based on how well the tires fit. The most important consideration cannot be repeated enough: measure existing tires and rims carefully to get the best fit for the newly purchased tires.

  2. The tires are really tough. These sorts of tires are normally used in the bikes. All these kinds of tires have various tires so as to have the ability to encounter distinctive obstacles while driving. No wonder it’s regarded as the best all-terrain tires available on the market.

    Tires chance to be a favorite subject, given the perpetual demand for transportation. These tires are created for certain terrains and are created by a range of quality brands. Picking out the correct tires for your ATV car or truck is simple if you understand what you are interested in finding, there are a number of vital points to think about so as to create the best selection, doing an incorrect selection can kill your fuel economy, decrease performance and possibly damage your automobile.

    When you choose the form of tire you wish to go with, make certain you get a good collection. That fashion in which you’ll know what tire is right for you. There are various varieties of such tires to serve various off-roading needs.

    Don’t forget that each kind of tire is made for a particular application. ATV tires are made for assorted purposes. They come in different kinds and each kind usually specializes in one type of terrain. These ATV tires are a lot lighter than the normal trail tires are. When you discuss mud ATV tires, you’re basically speaking about tires with an entire bunch of traction.

  3. In a variety of ways, tires are believed to be the most critical purchase for your car. When these tires excel in mud, they’re not generally intended to be utilized on most surfaces and are not going to achieve fantastic results. They are more familiar with flat surfaces. They are meant for mud and snow only, and because of the way they dig in will not work well and may cause damage to other types of terrain. Mud Tires deliver additional traction but won’t provide a smooth ride on hard surfaces. This 6 ply mud tire have a special center tread contact which supplies a smooth ride. There might not be an ideal” mud tire but we’ll try to assist you to locate the very best one for you.

    With an important quantity of stress put on the tires, it’s essential for the tires to be strong, durable, and is able to resist direct impact damages. Quadboss ATV Tires are very durable and are thought of as the ideal puncture resistant tires available on the market today. They are able to manage the toughest terrains with features such as the dimpled lugs. Affordable ATV tires could still provide you with the quality you are searching for, based on its capacity to manage the hardest and oddest terrain and its durability. Choosing the most appropriate tire for your ATV doesn’t need to be overwhelming! The very first step to selecting the perfect ATV tire is knowing the kind of terrain you’re going to be blazing across in your ATV.

  4. The tires aren’t restricted to merely race cars nowadays. These sorts of tires are normally used in the bikes. All these sorts of tires have various tires so as to have the ability to encounter unique obstacles while driving. It’s simple to find discount ATV tires online provided that you know the best place to look.

    In regards to tires, the most significant attribute is the tread. Wonderful tires truly do make a difference. Decent Year Tires are famous for their quality and dependability.
    If you’re unsure what type of tires your ATV requirements, we will be able to help you find the proper ATV Tires to take you wherever you have to go. ATV tires are made for assorted purposes. When you attempt to buy blemished, discount ATV tires, you might not even have the ability to discover the imperfection, even when you look really tricky for the blem!

    There are an excellent number of tires in the marketplace and it is rather simple to become overwhelmed at the sheer number of alternatives available from other brands. Our choice of ATV tires includes something for everybody, regardless of what terrain you are going to be traveling.

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    Basically in addition, it depends upon hair type. You hair will not just be silky smooth. however, it will have that wonderful sexy shine that you’ve always desired. Therefore, if you’re thinking of growing hair in a hurry for a coming event or because you don’t like your present short hairdo, I would recommend that you start no less than a month prior.

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  6. Old Version of this article:
    ATV stands for all terrain vehicle. These ATV tires are designed for driving on many types of surfaces, including concrete, grass, sand, mud, rough terrain and dirt. These low-pressure tires make excellent work vehicles for farmers and the agricultural fields. These sport and off road tires are great for having fun in the outdoors. Their versatility allows the driver to access areas inaccessible to other types of vehicles.

    Understanding the Types of ATV Tires

    There are two basic types of ATV tires, bias, and radial construction. Bias tires are best when used on rough terrain or steep hillsides. These tires provide a rough ride and are not recommended on flat or hard surfaced roads. The tread on bias tires wears out quickly but is easier to repair and less expensive than radial construction tires.
    Bias construction is not as stable as radial tires and has poor fuel economy. Radial tires are best used on flat roads or traveling at high speeds. The have a smoother ride and the construction is more flexible, so fuel economy is better. Radial tires are easier damaged than bias and are more expensive to repair. When maintained and used properly, they will last a long time.

    Things to Consider Before Buying ATV Tires

    When deciding which tire to buy, it is important to be certain you choose the right one for your needs. By changing the type of tire you use or switching to a differently constructed tire, it can drastically change your ATV’s performance. Terrain type is a decision that is crucial to the enjoyment of your ATV. If your tires are used on the wrong terrain, they will wear out quickly and may cause damage to your ATV. Damage to your tires and wearing too quickly will cost you a lot of extra money. Always remember, different construction types allow tires to function better or worse in different terrain types. Be certain of where you intend to drive your ATV before deciding which tires are best for your needs.

    Below are the 7 Best ATV Tires for 2017:

    #7. GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire

    The GBC Dirt Devil Bias ATV Tire is an aggressive tire with a V tread pattern designed for ultimate traction. This tire provides reliability and excellent handling.

    This tire is manufactured by GBC Motorsports and has a weight of 1. 8 pounds. The product dimensions are 22 by 22 by 8 inches with an aspect ratio of 9. These are a bias construction tire with a rim diameter of 10. The speed rating is B and the tread depth is 0.63 inches.

    Due to the heavy duty construction and 6 ply rating, this tire is one of the most puncture resistant tires available today. The unique tread of these mud ATV tires provides self-cleaning. This gives better bite and prevents clogging. These tires work well in mud, hardpack, and loose terrain. The strongest terrain for these tires is dirt. While they function in sand and mud, the lugs are so close together that they don’t clean out fast enough for sticky mud. While driving hard pack, the tires wander a little at high speeds.

    #6. Maxxis M917 Bighorn Tire

    Another of 2017’s best tires is the Maxxis Bighorn Radial. This tire features extra lugs on the shoulder for sidewall and rim protection. This tire is suitable for desert, dirt and rocky terrain.

    These radial construction tires are manufactured by Maxxis and have a weight of 20 pounds. The product dimensions are 24. 3 by 24. 3 by 9. The rim size varies from 12. 7 to 14. 8, depending on tire size.

    The radial construction offers a smoother ride and greater traction. These tires feature an extra wrap around tread for rocky terrain. The tread pattern and wide footprint assure exceptional traction. The large shoulder lugs help protect the sidewalls and offers an excellent ride with quality and comfort. These tires are expensive and pricey to fix when in need of repair.

    #5. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

    The Carlisle Field Trax ATV tires feature an open thread. This allows you to get your work done without causing damage to the turf. These tires are perfect for use on lawns, fields, and golf courses.

    This tire is manufactured by Carlisle and has a weight of 29. 8 pounds. The dimensions are 25 by 25 by 13 with a 9-inch rim size. The size is 25 by 13. 9.

    The tires non-directional tread pattern will supply more than enough traction wherever you go and are puncture resistant. The Field Trax is available in 2 or 4 ply construction depending on the size and offers both front and rear tire replacements. Spinning tires on wet grass is no longer a problem with the Carlisle Field Trax ATV. These tires can also be used as replacements for John Deere Gators and are manufactured in the United States. On hard smooth surfaces, this tire would have problems with turning. Although these are a great tire for grassy areas, they will not perform well in mud, steep terrain, hard surfaces and sand.

    #4. Kenda Executioner

    The Kenda Executioner ATV Bias Tire has an aggressive 4×4 riding terrain tread that is designed to meet the needs for deep down traction. That makes these mud ATV tires perfect for muddy terrain.

    This is a Kendra tire with a weight of 56 pounds. The product dimensions are 24 by 24 by 10 with a section width of 12. They are biased construction with a 12-inch rim.

    The Kendra Executioners have reinforced knobs to reduce the risks of rollover at low pressure and improves ride comfort. Increased tread life and a dimpled tread surface mean better traction in drier conditions. With a 6 ply rating and a 2+2 casing, improved handling and more puncture resistance is achieved. Gives a very bumpy ride on hard packed surfaces and can cause some damage to the grassy terrain.

    #3. Kenda Scorpion 2 Ply 22-10. 00-8 K290 ATV Tire

    The Kendra Scorpion K290 tires for your ATV are both versatile and affordable. This is an all terrain knobby tire.

    This tire is manufactured by Kendra and has a weight of 10. 8 pounds. The items dimensions are 18 by 18 by 9. 5 with an 8-inch rim size. The section width is 18 inches with an aspect ratio of 9. 5. This bias tire has a speed rating of F and a tread depth of 0.5.

    This tire features a design of unique knobs for added stability and a predictable ride. It is available for front or rear in an affordable package. It is puncture resistant not only in the tread area but the sidewall as well. This tire has also been compounded with a special tear and snag resistant material to extend tread life. Also features a built-in rim guard to protect your rim, and keep dirt from wedging between the tire and rim. This tire is lightweight with an easy rolling tread. These tires are 2 plies, so they are not as heavy or resistant as the 4 ply. They can’t be used on the highway.

    #2. ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

    The Mud Lite ATV Mud Terrain tire is a 6 ply mud tire. These off-road ATV tires will sling mud with the very best of them. This is the industries first Xtreme Terrain radial tire.

    The Mud Lite tires have a weight of 14. 81 pounds with a dimension of 26 by 26 by 12. The rim size is 12 inches and they are a 6 ply tire. They have a 3/4 inch lug.

    These off-road ATV tires feature an extended wear rubber compound for longer life and better value. This 6 ply mud tire has a unique center tread contact that provides a smooth ride. This is a lighter, tougher tire with a very reasonable price. The super aggressive tread design has deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve excellent traction. The Mud Lite tires ride smoothly and find more traction than bias-ply tires. This is because of a larger contact patch. While these tires excel in mud, they are not generally meant to be used on most surfaces and will not achieve good results.

    #1. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

    The Kenda Bearclaw K299 is an aggressive mud and snow tire. This is a tire designed to get the job done and is available for both front and rear.

    These tires are manufactured by Kendra and have a weight of 17. 4 pounds. The item dimension is 25 by 25 by 9. These tires have a rim size of 12 inches with a size of 25×9. 00-12.

    This is a tough, durable and aggressive tire. Featuring angled knobs that dig into the terrain for maximum traction, this tire functions well. Also, features a center lug for extra traction and better control. The side lugs are offset and cupped for positive cornering. This rugged 6 ply construction resists punctures and has a built-in rim guard to protect your wheels from dents and dings. These tires are meant for mud and snow only, and because of the way they dig in will not work well and may cause damage to other types of terrain.

    Whatever you are interested in doing with your ATV, the tires are of extreme importance. Decide how you want to use your ATV and get the tires that match where you will be going. Good tires open a whole new world of exciting, outdoor adventure.

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