Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers in 2019

Sports & Outdoors / Monday, November 18th, 2019

The above ground swimming pools are very common. When you have such a pool, you have to take full care of it especially when the weather is not conducive for usage. A pool cover is a must so that the dust, dirt, and debris do not make the water and the pool damaged. Apart from dust, the snow and the sun can also damage it in many ways. There are high-quality above ground pool covers available with a snug fit for all seasons and all circumstances. The following is the list of the top 10 best above ground pool covers in 2019.

List of  Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Covers in 2019

#10 Buffalo Blizzard Round Winter Cover

 Buffalo Blizzard 24-Foot Round Winter Cover for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

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The lightweight construction of this pool cover is suitable for the above ground pool cover. The blanket is also highly economical. Moreover, this cover is reversible. The blanket has the 4-feet of overlap to fit most of the top-rails without any chances of stretching or ripping. You can install this cover within a few minutes. The grommets after every 3-feet with vinyl-coated cable provide a strong grip over the pool.

This pool blanket also works as a barrier between your pool and water, snow or high wind. Furthermore, the double-stitched and triple thick hems with UV-resistant nylon threads make the pool cover a sturdy protector for the pool. The UV stabilization helps to remove the growth of the algae in the pool during winter. Even, the blanket prevents small dust and dirt particles from ruining your pool. This extremely durable pool blanket lasts for a longer time. The cover permits easy cleaning.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Double stitched and triple thick nylon hems.
  • Reversible colors and highly durable material.
  • Economical, lightweight, and easy installation.

#9 Blue Wave Round Leaf Net

Blue Wave 24-ft Round Leaf Net Above Ground Pool Cover

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The pool cover matches well with the round-shaped above ground pool with the maximum diameter of 24-feet. The bottom layer of this cover also comes with the heat-sealed seams to keep the water warm. Moreover, the bottom helps to block the growth of the algae during the winter season. The blanket is ideal to keep your pool clean during the winter days. The solid mesh construction of this cover effectively catches the dry leaves and small branches.

The blanket also precisely traps the dust and dirt. Furthermore, the mesh design is highly resistant to water and weather. The leaf net with an accurate weight withstands high wind. The blanket with 3-feet overlap easily fits most of the top-rails. The robust cable and winch tightener allow a stress-free installation. The polyethylene material construction makes the blanket a long-lasting protector for your pool. This durable pool cover comes at a cost-effective price.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Thick underside to prevent algae growth.
  • Seams are heat resistant for durability.
  • Extra feet overlap, cable and winch available.

#8 Blue Wave Solar Blanket

 Blue Wave NS110 8-mil Solar Blanket for Round Above-Ground Pools,

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The pool blanket comes with insulating thermal cells to retain the heat of the water of the pool on cool and cloudy days. This cover also has a UV-stabilized polymer layer to prevent the formation of the algae in the water. Moreover, the blanket is strong enough to withstand the damages caused by the UV radiations and chemicals. The premium-quality 8-mil solar blanket utilizes the passive heating ton heat up the pool water up to 15-degree Fahrenheit.

This pool cover also helps you to prevent the chemical evaporation of the pool up to 95%. Furthermore, the reduction of evaporation process is very safe for nature. The blanket is suitable for the round-shaped above ground pool. This cover perfectly covers up the pool with the highest diameter of 18-feet. The blanket is resistant to water, wind, ice, and snow. Apart from that, this pool blanket works like a leaf catcher.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Traps heat and keep the pool warm.
  • UV-protected material to prevent UV radiation.
  • Prevents water and chemical evaporation.

#7 Blue Wave Gold Round Winter Cover

Blue Wave Gold 15-Year 33-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

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The pool cover involves the best in class, wear and tear resistant material construction. This blanket also comes with the UV stabilization to prevent the chances of the formation of algae during winter. Moreover, the knitted polyethylene material is resistant to water and weather. Even, this cover saves your pool from snow, ice, and wind. The vinyl-coated cable of this pool blanket strongly holds the cover against the pool.

The heat-sealed seams of the blanket also help you pool to maintain the cleanliness. Furthermore, this cover comes with proper durability. This blanket is suitable for the round-shaped aboveground pool with the diameter up to 33-feet. The long-lasting cover comes at a pocket-friendly price. You can stress-freely install this pool blanket within a few minutes. This leaf catcher provides accurate protection against winter. The grommets at a certain distance keep the cover in the proper place even in high wind condition.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Protects against snow, sun, and wind.
  • Tear resistant material for durability.
  • UV stabilized and has 15-years warranty.

#6 Blue Wave Bronze 8 Oval Pool Winter Cover

 Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 18-ft x 34-ft Oval Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

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Made of heavy-duty polyethylene material, this pool blanket has the 4-feet overlap to fit the maximum top-rails. This cover also provides proper protection against winter. Moreover, the above ground pool blanket effectively protects the pool from the damages caused by snow, ice or wind. The UV stabilization of this leaf catcher prevents the formation of algae during winter. Even, the cover easily catches the dry leaves, twigs and small seeds to prevent your pool from getting dirty.

This pool blanket is also perfect for the oval shaped above ground pools. Furthermore, the cover ideally fits the pool with the maximum dimensions of 18X34-feet. You can protect your pool from dust and dirt as well. With the help of the winch tightener and a heavy-duty cable, you can easily install this pool blanket. The cover is highly economical, and the robust construction of this blanket last for a long time.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Rugged polyethylene coating and scrim.
  • Can withstand worst winter scenarios.
  • Prevents algae growth and has heat sealed seams.

#5 Pool Mate Forest Green Winter Pool Cover

 Pool Mate 3724-4-PM Forest Green Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

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Constructed with superior quality polyethylene material, this pool cover provides effective winter protection. This blanket is also ideal for the above ground pools. Moreover, the leaf catcher precisely covers up the pool with the maximum diameter of 24-feet. The polyethylene blanket with UV stabilization efficiently prevents the growth of algae in your pool. The cover with its perfect design holds all the decaying leaves, small, and debris with ease.

The moderately weighed blanket also comes with the 4-feet overlap design for a quick and simple installation. Furthermore, the cover keeps the dirt away from your pool. The grommets are attached every 4-feet of the interval for a secured grip. The heat-sealed seams of this blanket make it the long-lasting item. The cover is highly resistant to high wind. This pool blanket does not easily tear or wear. You get this ground pool cover at a cost-effective price.

Reasons To Buy –

  • High-quality polyethylene for all weather conditions.
  • Prevents algae growth on both sides.
  • Easy installation and seams are heat sealed.

#4 Blue Wave Silver Round Winter Cover

Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

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This pool blanket efficiently protects your pool from leaves, debris and other rubbish in winter. The woven texture of this protector also keeps the small dirt particles away from your pool. Moreover, the cover is made of high-quality polyethylene with higher scrim count. The UV stabilized pool blanket easily withstands the harshness of the outdoor environment. On the other hand, the polyethylene material is extremely resistant to water, snow, and dust.

The cover is also sturdy enough to endure high wind. Furthermore, the robustness of this pool blanket makes it resistant to wear and tear. The extra 4-feet added material of this cover helps you to blanket up the pool easily. The long-lasting vinyl-coated cable provides a strong grip over the cover. You can effortlessly put on the blanket of your above ground pool within a few minutes. This pool cover is the ultimate money-saver and comes with a prolonged lifespan.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Full protection against sun, snow, and wind.
  • UV stabilized and tear resistant.
  • Cable and winch of heavy-duty quality available.

#3 Robelle Premier Winter Pool Cover

 Robelle 3421-4 Premier Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools, 21-ft. Round Pool

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The main advantage of this pool blanket is that it is resistant to UV rays. This leaf catcher also has the construction of sturdy and commercial-grade polyethylene to last longer. Moreover, the blanket perfectly covers a pool with the diameter up to 21-feet. The accurately weighed blanket does not blow off with the wind. The 1.5-inch of long-lasting bindings of this leaf catcher easily withstands the wear and tear. The 4-feet extra material of this cover effortlessly allows secure fitting over the pool.

This blanket also helps to keep the debris, dust, and dirt away from your pool. Furthermore, the polyethylene material is resistant to water and weather. This above the ground pool cover comes with a higher scrim count for added stability. The grommets at the center of each 4-feet for securely holding the blanket with the pool. The weather-resistant cable of this pool cover allows proper installation. This item comes at an affordable price.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Full protection against wear and tear.
  • Premium polyethylene and scrim.
  • Extra material for secure fitting.
  • Comes with 15 years warranty.

#2 Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover

 Intex 15-Foot Round Easy Set Pool Cover

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Made of premium-quality vinyl, this pool blanket effortlessly protects your pool from leaves, debris and other rubbishes. This cover is also perfect for the round shaped pools. Moreover, this catcher provides snug fitting around the corners of a pool. The blanket is ideal for the pool with the diameter of 15-feet. The vinyl cover comes with drain-holes to prevent the water from clogging the surface of the blanket.

This multi-functional vinyl cover is also ideal to prevent the rain, dust, and dirt to damage your pool. Furthermore, this blanket has robust 7-gauge vinyl construction with rope ties to have a tight grip over the pool. The rope tightly holds the cover even in the high wind condition. The pool blanket allows simple and quick installation. This durable vinyl cover lasts really long. This pool blanket precisely collects leaves, branches, seeds or debris. You do not need to spend many bucks on this item.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Drain holes for preventing water accumulation.
  • Snug fit over the edges for strong wind.
  • All-purpose cover for all seasons.

#1 In The Swim Round Leaf Net Cover

 In The Swim 28 ft Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover

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This above the ground effectively blankets the pool with an area of up to 28-feet. The knitted polyurethane cover is also sturdy enough to withstand all weather condition. Moreover, this leaf catcher efficiently keeps the dry leaves away from your pool in the winter. The properly weighed blanket does not move away with the wind. The fastening loops with wire cables and metal winch prevent the cover from misplacing.

The pool blanket is also ideal the round pool. Furthermore, the leaf catcher is sturdy enough to last years after years. You can easily install this leaf net with no time. The mesh perfectly prevents the leaves and debris to spoil your pool. The knitted design of this cover allows proper airflow to reduce the chance of tearing. You can easily take off and clean this pool blanket. The leaf cover works great in high wind area. You get this leaf catcher at a pocket-friendly price.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Prevents decaying of accumulated leaves.
  • Premium polyethylene knits and seams.
  • All accessories available for a snug fit.

Conclusion –

You have to keep the size and shape of your above ground pool in mind while buying a cover. All the above-mentioned top 10 above ground pool covers in 2019 are of high quality and highly durable. You have to go through the product descriptions to understand their features and specifications. Different ones are for different seasons though there are some for all seasons as well. Choose the one that fulfills all your requirements to get the best value for your money.

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